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Naruto's Four Tail! Sasori's Puppets - Naruto Shippuden 438

Naruto Shippuden 438 continues with the terrible filler arc that interrupted the final battle involving Naruto, Sasuke, Madara and others. Tsunade dreams on as Naruto gets some help some help from Jiraiya but ends up transforming into the Four Tail after this seal is loosened a little. 513 more words


Surviving A War - Jiraiya

Along with being one of the grandfather characters of the Naruto series, Jiraiya is a perv with a love to drink some sake. He is a strong character who trained many, such as Naruto, Minato, Nagato, Yahiko and Konan. 85 more words


Tsunade's Infinite Tsukuyomi - Naruto Shippuden 432

Naruto Shippuden 432 begins Tsunade’s Infinite Tsukuyomi with an interesting twist as Naruto’s parents are alive and that Itachi hadn’t killed any of the members of the Uchiha. 530 more words


Why Naruto should be considered as the best Anime of all time.

Naruto,as a manga and anime, has won millions of hearts all over the globe.The story about ‘number one hyperactive knucklehead’ ninja rising from all odds to cherish his lifelong dream of becoming the Hokage (meaning ‘Fire Shadow’) of his village inspired one and all to NEVER GIVE UP (As Naruto always repeated). 1,085 more words