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Kaguya's Sealed! Peaceful End - Naruto Shippuden 474

Naruto Shippuden 474 see’s the end of the battle and war as Kaguya is quickly sealed off, her power leaves her and all the tailed beasts return back to their normal form. 479 more words


The Seven Generations of Hokage - Leaf Village

The Leaf Village was the first to be created, it was the first to show its ability as a united village along with many other clans to create a peaceful nation which brought about many other villages. 91 more words


Question of the day. Kakshi or Minato!

Today my friend asked me the hardest well okay one of the hardest questions I have ever had to answer in my life. She asked me who I would pick if I had to chose between Minato and Kakashi! 174 more words

Thought Of The Day

Where Did You Get That Jutsu From - Minato, Naruto and Boruto

Minato, Naruto and now Boruto, we follows the Uzumaki line of men as they all seem to share something in common, a justu which is common to all of them. 87 more words


Naruto and Nagato! Village Safe - Naruto Shippuden 448

Naruto Shippuden 448 see’s a repetition with a few changes as Naruto gets chakra, transforms and defeats Pain, then sticks himself with a rod allowing him to trace Nagato, he goes to talk to him which somehow repeats and gets Nagato to leave the village alone just by what Naruto said. 166 more words

Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto vs Pain! Planetary Devastation - Naruto Shippuden 447

Naruto Shippuden 447 see’s the fight between Naruto and Pain begin, while the Leaf village is attacked by Pain and his Planetary devastation, we see the village trapped in one of the rocks floating in the sky. 224 more words