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Mind-Body Connection

This area of the Wheel of Health relates back to the inner ring of Mindful Awareness. It focuses on mind-body practices that can help you be more present and enhance your physical, mental and emotional health. 846 more words


Space Oddity was a hit for the late singer David Bowie with its popular lyrics “ground control to Major Tom.Take an opportunity to revisit the song and really listen and if you’ve never heard the song, definitely check it out. 1,066 more words


5 Surprising Benefits of TRE

Do you ever feel like you can’t slow down? Or relax and enjoy the moment? Have you ever thought to yourself that perhaps you are just an anxious or “stressy” kind of person? 1,388 more words


Horses: Healers of the Mind and Body - Article 3

Today’s fast life styles and media based environments have not only negatively affected the way that we socially interact, but they have also grossly affected trends of outdoor activity resulting in world-wide obesity among people of all ages.  1,269 more words

Human-Horse Interactions

One Week In...

We are officially one week into 2018 and while I wasn’t consciously aware of making a resolution, I find myself recognizing my intention to make 2018 the year of connecting to myself.   378 more words


Candace Pert, the scientist who discovered the endorphin molecule, coined the word bodymind to describe her perception of how inseparable the physiology of the body and the experience of thought and emotion are. 207 more words


How Our Emotions Affect Our Immunity

So I’ve succumbed to the horrid flu virus that’s going around. To be honest I’d been feeling a little smug believing I wouldn’t get it. I can’t remember the last time I’d had flu as my immunity was good – mainly because of my continued diet of eliminating gluten, dairy and sugar for the past 30 years. 674 more words