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“Surrender yourself: let your story be told”

by H. G. Bennett Copyright H. G. Bennett 1.12. 2018
Before you grow too old and cold. ‘The book of SKI’ with tweet metered poetry for Spiritual Empowerment. 2,596 more words

Consciousness and Stem theory

The following ideas are meant to shed light on a timeless quandary about who we are. We experience the world with our five senses, we think and communicate both feelings and ideas, We think we are curious and say we are conscious but are we really though? 318 more words

Mapping connections of single neurons using a holographic light beam

November 18, 2017

Researchers at MIT and Paris Descartes University have developed a technique for precisely mapping connections of individual neurons for the first time by triggering them with holographic laser light. 957 more words

Mind & Brain

Why Are We Afraid To Make Choices.

Why are we afraid to make choices! I know I might sound like a bit of a fool, you might be thinking “I’m perfectly capable of making my own decisions” but trust me,  448 more words


Eckhart Tolle

Hola y welcome to another Nourishment for the Brain post! Apologies for lateness! The Great Midterm Season is upon us….

Now, when I learn about something new, I tend to fixate on it for weeks at a time (I refused to listen to anything besides Twenty Øne Piløts for most of last year).  608 more words


Kafka and Camus: More Prevalent than Ever

Welcome to the first Nourishment for the Brain post! Quick, five minute reads to start your week!

Now, perhaps, as you read the title of this post, you envisioned yourself as Gregor, waking up as a big bug like in Kafka’s… 677 more words

Nourishment For The Brain