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What the Next Generation Needs to Thrive in Exponential Times

July 27, 2015

By Peter Diamandis

How do you raise kids today during these exponential times?

Should they learn a second language… in a world of instant translation? 1,084 more words

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Harvard-Singapore team unveil potential Parkinson's cure

July 19, 2015

A team of international scientists announced a medical breakthrough in Singapore on Thursday that could improve millions of lives: existing anti-malaria drugs have the ability to treat Parkinson’s disease, according to new research by Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and Harvard Medical School’s McLean Hospital. 363 more words


Is the brain a computer?


Gary Marcus recently caused a bit of a storm in the Twittersphere with his New York Times article Face It, Your Brain Is a Computer… 6,222 more words


In 'Self/less,' a man cheats death by transferring his mind to another body — here's how close we are to making that reality

July 16, 2015

In the new movie “Self/less,” which comes out Friday, July 10, a wealthy man dying of cancer (played by Ben Kingsley) cheats death by transferring his consciousness to the body of a younger man (Ryan Reynolds). 1,095 more words


10 Post-Human Entities Who Could Inherit The Earth

June 27, 2015

Homo sapiens sapiens has had a pretty good run for a species confident enough to name ourselves the “wise, wise guys.” But we are reaching a point when we may sooner or later have to pass the mantle onto something else, maybe even something we create. 3,613 more words


Scientists Can Read Your Mind Using These Images Of The Brain

May 16, 2015

Scientists are now able to read people’s minds using MRI images of the brain that show specific patterns of neural activity.

In an experiment conducted by… 448 more words

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Humans 'will become God-like cyborgs within 200 years'

May 26, 2015
The amalgamation of man and machine will be the ‘biggest evolution in biology’ claims Professor Yuval Noah Harari

Wealthy humans are likely become cyborgs within 200 years as they gradually merge with technology like computers and smart phones, a historian has claimed.

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