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Pre and post testing show reversal of memory loss from Alzheimer's disease in 10 patients

June 28, 2016

Results from quantitative MRI and neuropsychological testing show unprecedented improvements in ten patients with early Alzheimer’s disease (AD) or its precursors following treatment with a programmatic and personalized therapy. 946 more words

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Giant Artwork Reflects The Gorgeous Complexity of The Human Brain

June 28, 2016

Your brain has approximately 86 billion neurons joined together through some 100 trillion connections, giving rise to a complex biological machine capable of pulling off amazing feats. 684 more words

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Understanding Habits

Understanding habits and why we keep on doing what we do … beautifully written by the wonderful Jack Kornfield … https://jackkornfield.com/karma-habit/

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R.E.F.I.R.E to Rewire Your Brain

Brainplasticity, fascinating stuff!  This article outlines six R.E.F.I.R.E steps to Rewire the Brain, steps to teach an old brain new tricks … may be of interest to those who have anxiety, and/or depression. 6 more words

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Gut – Brain Health Explained

So, so interesting … the gut, mind, brain link explained very clearly with speculation that alterations in the gut microbiome may play a role in human brain diseases such as anxiety and depression. 9 more words

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The Timeless Wisdom of Viktor Frankl: A Manifesto for a Meaningful Life

“Typically, if a book has one passage, one idea with the power to change a person’s life, that alone justifies reading it, rereading it, and finding room for it on one’s shelves. 4,898 more words


The Brain vs Deep Learning Part I: Computational Complexity — Or Why the Singularity Is Nowhere Near

June 04, 2016

In this blog post I will delve into the brain and explain its basic information processing machinery and compare it to deep learning. 310 more words

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