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Tony Wyss-Coray: How young blood might help reverse aging.

August 27, 2015

Tony Wyss-Coray studies the impact of aging on the human body and brain. In this eye-opening talk, he shares new research from his Stanford lab and other teams which shows that a solution for some of the less great aspects of old age might actually lie within us all.

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Our universe may be a Matrix-like computer game designed by aliens, says NASA scientist

August 17, 2015

Everything you have ever done or will do could simply be the product of a highly-advanced computer code.

Every relationship, every sentiment, every memory could have been generated by banks of supercomputers. 967 more words

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What the Next Generation Needs to Thrive in Exponential Times

July 27, 2015

By Peter Diamandis

How do you raise kids today during these exponential times?

Should they learn a second language… in a world of instant translation? 1,084 more words

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Harvard-Singapore team unveil potential Parkinson's cure

July 19, 2015

A team of international scientists announced a medical breakthrough in Singapore on Thursday that could improve millions of lives: existing anti-malaria drugs have the ability to treat Parkinson’s disease, according to new research by Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and Harvard Medical School’s McLean Hospital. 363 more words


Is the brain a computer?


Gary Marcus recently caused a bit of a storm in the Twittersphere with his New York Times article Face It, Your Brain Is a Computer… 6,232 more words


In 'Self/less,' a man cheats death by transferring his mind to another body — here's how close we are to making that reality

July 16, 2015

In the new movie “Self/less,” which comes out Friday, July 10, a wealthy man dying of cancer (played by Ben Kingsley) cheats death by transferring his consciousness to the body of a younger man (Ryan Reynolds). 1,095 more words