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Money, debt, science, vaccines, politics, beliefs and perception: Your entire reality is an elaborate manipulation

(NaturalNews) Think you’re a good judge of what’s “real?”

Think again. Almost everything you believe, perceive, think or feel is an elaborate manipulation:

SCIENCE is conducted via INTIMIDATION… 77 more words


The Plan to Implement Widespread Mind Control In America

When I wrote the following words almost three years ago, I was met with extreme derision and accusations of being a crazed lunatic with paranoid laced conspiracy theories. 2,339 more words


A Brief Intercourse

Pulling the blue tarp | Walking the wet pavement | Long-legged star above | Worn, dirty sneaks below | Empty screens aft and fore | We shut down while it rains | Thomas tips back Nescafe | Lori tipples an old brandy | As Meagan nurses lil’ Pet’ | The rain fizzles out | Pulling the blue tarp | Walking the wet pavement… 260 more words


The News: mind control through "cognitive dissonance"

The News: mind control through “cognitive dissonance”

by Jon Rappoport

February 24, 2015


“When professionals broadcast one absurdity after another, they begin to see the effects are actually strengthening their own position of authority. 1,022 more words

Press Fraud

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To follow here soon will be more detail on the Trivium and the Quadrivium. We have to return to reasoning and the use of logic in the progression of science and spiritual matters. I always enjoy Jon's posts, this one hits home.  I'd like to present a more thorough overview of the learning arts as it provides a foundation for our study. No matter how old I may get, I consider myself a life long student.  I only wish these arts were taught to me in school rather than the disconnected classes designed for rote memorization and to produce workers just smart enough to produce and get in more debt.

The Flavour of Spite - Eleven

She responded so well, I am certain I am right. She dissociates so naturally it proves she is born for this. I struggled so much more than her, even given my relative youth, when Imogen began my trials. 857 more words


Episode 10 - Pseudoscience BS Show Notes

We kick off the first unabashedly non-clean podcast with a steaming pile of BS. Links to some of the stuff we discussed below.