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No Fear!

What makes us afraid? We often don’t fear the thing itself; people are not usually scared of heights, they are scared of falling and dying. The same is true of a fear of flying, it’s not the plane itself that bothers us but the fear of it crashing. 324 more words

How I overcame my Addiction to Smoking

I managed to lose weight so I used the same method when I wanted to stop smoking, or lets say, needed to stop smoking for at least 6 weeks, because I wanted to do a liver cleansing and other things. 482 more words

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How I lost 20 kg in less than 3 month

Before I start writing I have to warn you. My advise, based on my own experiences, is quite unusual. Also the harsh language I am using might not fit well with everyone. 500 more words

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Sunday Sermon, anyone? Secret Jesuit Teachings

The greatest cross in the world is to be without a cross’. These are the words of the famous Jesuit preacher Bishop Fulton J. Sheen… 99 more words


"Pseudonym CM: Differential Diagnosis"

It wasn’t exactly uncommon for Nicole to find herself taking on far more than she had the capacity to handle. Her talents, though powerful to an almost obscene degree, held little in the way of stamina or sustainability. 2,887 more words


The worst moment was the passport control for souls.
A treacherous and traumatic film.
Exploits abandonment issues to submit to gaslighting circumstances on earth.
Tells you that the dead are more important than the environment or even principals. 1,239 more words

Mind Control