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Illuminati Civil War Witchcraft

At present there is a civil war occurring within the Illuminati. Illuminati families are fighting each other with witchcraft spells in order to advance in the organization. 99 more words


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”Matka wcale sie nie zgadza – zwyczajnie poddali kobiete hipnozie i tym zaskarbili sobie wladanie nad jej osoba.”

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a wiec tak jak myslalam – she is control

pytalas o A58 – hmm, to co mi sie przytrafilo przedwczorajszej nocy wskazywaloby na A58 albo na kogos kto reprezentuje te sama szkole.. minionej nocy osobliwa energia przybrala na moment ksztalt zlotego dysku… noc wczesniej czarny wir i zloty napis… czuje po prostu aby o tym wspomniec..

Mialam wczoraj troche zartobliwie dodac, ze o tym dysku itd pisze miedzy innymi na wypadek gdybym pewnego dnia wyparowala z lozka… a z samego rana zauwazylam taka wiadomosc:- i mysle, ze cos w tym jest:

Illuminati Civil War Witchcraft

Mind Control: Samsung Site Wipes Your Memory So You Can Re-watch TV Shows

‘Unspoil me’ uses hypnosis to erase memories of show, allowing you to watch for the first time

Adan Salazar | Infowars.com

Samsung has launched a website promising to wipe your favorite TV series from your memory so you can watch it again seemingly for the first time. 494 more words


Mindful Running - is it THE bible for runners?

This week I finished reading the book. Check out the video below for my review on it.

It’s not THE mindful running bible for me. I found I lost interest at points as the anecdotes were very similar and then there were some exercises and tips that I naturally incorporate in my runs anyway. 120 more words

Positivity, Mindfulness


Cultocracy note :

Several articles for your perusal , all connected .

AI can Read Emotions

Ohio State University

“The study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences…

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Brain Implants - The Internet of Things

Cultocracy note :

More and more articles regarding neural implants and brain computer interfaces are appearing in scientific journals and mainstream media publications .

The articles aim to soften up the public to what are essentially crimes against humanity .

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State Surveillance & Control

Part 1: Behavioural Therapy

Fact: Parasites can force insects to kill themselves.

It sounds like science fiction, but that’s only because human’s haven’t worked it out yet. Parasites have perfected incredibly advanced mind control techniques – with some pretty morbid consequences. 319 more words