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"Pseudonym: E.E.G."

“She turned you down!?” I exclaimed in shock.

“I couldn’t believe it either,” answered Esmeralda. “I told her to choose: that writing project or me. Was I being unfair to her?” 2,848 more words

Atak (Electronical Harassment) 27 lipca

27 LIPCA Ponownie mieli jakieś święto na WSI. Już w nocy zaczęli mnie naświetlać. Po tej nocy obudziłem się z bolącą stopą. Cały dzień szczypanie na ciele. 33 more words


"Pseudonym: Patient History"

The following day, Nicole agreed to Esmeralda’s proposal. She gave no indication as to why, so I decided not to press the issue either. I’ve always believed in the importance of trusting oneself; as Nicole is my other half, that means trusting in her judgment too. 3,122 more words