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Jay Dyer w/ Catherine Austin Fitts: Top 10 Mind Control Movies

Source: JaysAnalysis.com
Jay Dyer
April 30, 2016

Catherine Austin Fitts invited me on the Solari Report for a lively conversation covering mind control, movies and the transhumanist agenda.  65 more words


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Flat Earth

Flat Earth

 A 50-Point Case for the Flat Earth


Like many others, I entered the flat Earth debate because I wanted to debunk this insane theory for the sake of my conspiracy-minded friends. 

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Flat Earth


The date of May 1st has come up in many conversations in the last few months. In fact we planned for this day. But not in the ways you might be imagining. 1,706 more words


Psychotronic Torture & Control - An Introduction

By Cultocracy

The best way to understand electromagnetic waves is to think of an ocean’s waves . Some waves in the ocean are big , some are small , the size of the wave is called the amplitude . 1,679 more words

Mind Control

The Enemy

The enemy arises
from withered pages
So long ago
silent, stealthy warfare brought
a new world of antipathy
Stirred within the ego’s walls
Here where poisoned raindrops fall… 240 more words


All I Need is Love

There is an idea in acim that can ‘appear to cause’ some confusion. Does God have anything to do with this ‘projection’… called ‘life’… ? If I am projecting all of it… where does God come into ‘providing all my needs’? 485 more words

A Course In Miracles