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God is near. He promises that if we lay everything we are concerned about before him, God’s peace will guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. 518 more words

Marc Kinna

"Pseudonym: Case 2"

When I awoke, the first thing I noticed was the pounding deep within my brain. My bedroom light had been left on during the night, and when coupled with the sunlight streaming through the window, it surprised me a bit that I hadn’t woken sooner. 2,915 more words

Mind Control Technology. Ultra Science Ins and Outs.

Hypnotism and it’s related mechanisms and Tech…

…have been updated.

A recent FOI Request provided documents which detail the strange Science of…

Mind Control Technology. … 4,296 more words


Report: Obama Pleads With Jay-Z to Prevent Other Hip Hop Artists Meeting With Trump Democrats terrified of slipping support amongst millennials | Paul Joseph Watson - Infowars

Unconfirmed Tweet.

Former President Barack Obama has reportedly asked Jay-Z to encourage other hip hop artists not to meet with Donald Trump following the firestorm of publicity over Kanye West. 264 more words


Ethiopia: This One Was Born There

It is a hard thing for me to own … that my father was a white supremacist … that he even murdered black men and women in ritual ceremonies … making me watch and participate.  1,058 more words

Child Sacrifice

An App Called Autopilot

I’m going to just cut straight to the chase. I found an app that lets me skip time, kind of. I know, crazy right? I wouldn’t have believed it either if I hadn’t experienced it for myself. 2,919 more words