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OH what can we find in the mud of dreams?
The stardust fills the mind with stomach lust
Where the foraging of magic mushrooms pollute reality, fabricated consciousness… 95 more words

J.R. Schaefer

PODCAST -- John Adams Afternoon Commute w/guest Jan Irvin

Mar 16, 2015


Jan Irvin from gnosticmedia.com joins John and myself to discuss a range of topics-MK Ultra, The CIA, Stuart Copeland,Laurel Canyon, The Hippy Movement, Margaret Sanger, Aldous, Huxley,Gordon Wasson, Thomas Huxley, Scientism, Skepticism, Darwinism, Quantum Theory, Media Mind Control, Lifetime Actors, Psychoactive Drugs, Pharmaceuticals, New Age, Alan Watts, Theodore John “Ted” Kaczynski, The Culture Creation Industry, Birth Control, Eugenics, The Court System, Trivium Method, Logical Fallacies, Intellectual Defense, Vaccines, Measles Outbreaks, Ritual Abuse, The Multiverse, Neal DeGras Tyson, The Drug Culture, Nuclear Bomb Hoax. 9 more words


Who is James Casbolt (aka: Michael Prince) and is he credible?

James Casbolt who is also known as Michael Prince, has been an intriguing voice in the alternative media for a number of years. Casbolt has made regular appearances at the, ‘super soldier summit,’ where current and former mind controlled soldier assassins who work for various government agencies and private groups, share their testimonies about how they are programmed, to assassinate people and perform other exploits for their superiors. 1,858 more words


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