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The Acetylcholine Hack

I’m hacking a very prominent neurotransmitter (in the body but not necessarily in pop culture) in my most recent experiment. This hack has been prompted by noticing a few people whom I regard as highly intelligent using this hack in their daily activities. 466 more words

Mind Hacking

Self Hacking

Have you popped a pain pill (opioid) to relieve pain?
Ripped a cig while studying or stressed (or both)?
Taken shots at a party (or before a party)? 530 more words

Mind Hacking

Caustic Soda Issue 1 Available at Villainous Lair Comics in San Diego

The limited run, mag-sized version of issue 1, Caustic Soda is now available at Villainous Lair Comics in Normal Heights. Drop by and pick up a copy and support your local comic book shop! 9 more words

Marathon of the Mind: How to Get Ahead Emotionally, Physically, and Professionally

I was once criticized by a disgruntled former colleague in grad school for my tendency to take long walks instead of sitting in class. It was a comment I ignored, but I noticed Einstein and many other intellectuals tended to eschew norms and daily routines, preferring to literally run with their thoughts and catch up with them, including how the American Constitution was written during long walks and discussions. 4,181 more words

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Pelajaran Pertama dari MindControlSchool.Com, ternyata seluar biasa ini …

Manipulasi Pikiran, Propaganda, dan Hipnosis terselubung untuk membuat siapa saja mengikuti apa saja keinginan anda, seperti yang telah dilakukan dan dibuktikan para pemimpin besar seperti Adolf Hitler??? 497 more words

Art Of Deception

Pelajaran Pertama Segera Disampaikan ... Bersiaplah !!!

Sebentar lagi saya akan menyampaikan rahasia-rahasia Hipnotis yang tidak pernah diajarkan sebelumnya, rahasia memanipulasi pikiran orang lain agar mengikuti setiap keinginan anda, dan menjadikan mereka berada dalam pengaruh anda. 32 more words

Art Of Deception

Psychological Warfare

Human Beings are stupid by default ! Human Stupidity never fails to amaze any one. We do very very stupid things , unknowingly of-course. This article is about how hackers or any one can tap into the human mind and take advantage of it in every way possible , usually called exploitation. 1,449 more words

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