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Mommy Monday

I saw online the other day that a Reddit user asked his wife what was on her mind, so she drew a picture, showing him how women can have about 50 thoughts all at the same time. 34 more words

How Do You Take Notes?

Recently I began taking classes that are in lecture form, so I have to take notes.  Up until this point in my life I’ve never had to use notes to study.   608 more words

Working Mind Map

Since WordPress does not seem to support embedding Popplet maps, I will continually add new images with a date and link to the active map. 13 more words

Grad School Explorations

Assignment 3 - Brainstorming

Having formed an outline idea for Assignment 3, and having done some initial research, I thought it wise to clarify my intent and to do some thinking about how I might actually go about creating this series of images in line with the Intent. 734 more words


Visualized Technology

You already saw some octopus-like images here? They are called Mind Maps.Mind mapping is a widely used powerful technique to visualize information particularly suited to visualize technological topics. 284 more words


3rd Grade Self Portraits & Goal Setting

I have a tough group of 3rd graders this year.  Not to say that mine are more tough than anyone.  Simply, they’re tough.  The class rosters, as we later learned, put some kids together that basically fuel each others fire.  551 more words