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Getting my Head into Mind Maps

I’ve been interested in the concept of Mind Maps since I met someone on my very first accounting course when I was 19; clearly many more years ago than I care to disclose! 393 more words


Edtech Tutorial: How To Use Bubbl.Us To Create Amazing Mind-Maps

Bubbl.us is a fantastic website in which mind-maps can be created, shared and collaborated on.  I have used it many times with my class and they have always found it easy to use and visually effective. 365 more words


Peonies and Grey Sticks

Life isn’t always fair, right? Bad things happen to good people? Moments we long for do not materialise into what we hoped and thought they would; the metaphorical hole we find ourselves in feeling so overwhelming that finding our way out seems an impossibility. 758 more words
Mind Notes

Mind Map (Non)Redo


I decided not to redo my mind map because I’ve been very happy with my current organization for it. I organized my map around some major ideas within the class: Networks, Discourse, Rhetoric, and Theory. 78 more words

English 894 - Networks

Daily Guru: Jack Canfield on Mind-Mapping

I don’t remember the first time I learned of mind-mapping, but it stuck with me over the years and it works for me. Mind-mapping is essentially the chunking down of a goal or dream into actionable steps to help you achieve it. 147 more words

W5 Task One

Mind Map! I looked at the video ‘Smarthistory Art Historical Analysis, a basic introduction Goya Third May 1808 ‘


One idea that I’d like to look at is ‘scale of work’ as a formal property, in relation to the visual text of ‘An Inconvenient Truth’. 186 more words

Week Five

Mind Map GIS

According to the fifth assignment “Mind Map GIS” i have finished from my GIS Mind
Please feel free to comment and share your opinion and suggestions, 16 more words