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Caribbean Evidence - Setting up the Scaffolding

During my teaching years, if you asked me about the evidence for evolution, my first thought would have been of the Biston betularia moth, that changed its coloration during the Industrial Revolution. 465 more words


Design Brief

My design brief and theme is based on a term I have coined ‘Clinical Sanctuary’. This theme is a melding between my influences as a Podiatrist and my creative and artistic side; melding precision with style. 213 more words


The Writer's Pensieve

Allow me start by saying if you don’t know what’s a Pensieve,¬†who Dumbledore is, or have no familiarity with the Harry Potter universe what so ever, then you might want to start by clicking this… 1,079 more words

Blog Post

Invention Day #1: A Portrait of My Mentor

This week students are working on their Portraits of Their Mentors and so of course I am working on one too. These pieces should include physical description of the mentor as well as narration of a single emblematic event, showing what makes their mentor so special to them. 447 more words

College Composition

Tools for a Research Project Part II: Writing

Haven’t read Part I yet? Click here.

Microsoft Word

Everyone knows at least some features of the MS word. But I will only discuss those which people often overlook and make a mess out of their documents. 1,113 more words


Dangerously tangled

Right now, I aim to enhance my PhD project plan and in this work I’m desperately seeking structure. I have lots and lots of articles (and they’re continuously increasing), on my desk, in my backpack, on the toilet, on the bedside table, even in my laundry. 149 more words