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Mind Maps and Homemade Stir Fry

As has been the case for the last few weeks today was predominantly occupied by revision, however today is the last day that this will be true for this year! 282 more words

My Backyard Is...

My backyard is blank. There’s pretty much nothing. I want it to be something. I walk through Lowe’s, and I think…

That bird bath is fabulous. 240 more words


Ways of saying "goodbye" in English


  • Bye! => very common way to say goodbye.
  • Bye bye! => it sounds very kiddish (more for kids).
  • Later! => Very friendly and casual way, more for men.
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New group, new ideas, new reflections

This week I’ve started a new group, Upper-Intermediate. There are many students in our office with levels of higher than B1+, or B2. That’s why we decided to create a new group and include those who… Who what? 549 more words


Mind Mapping A Speech

Want to make planning a speech easy and effective?

Try ‘Mind Mapping’. Mind mapping is one of the best methods for accessing your intuitive, creative ideas. 242 more words

Friday Tips For Speakers & Writers

An Artist Breaks Down 5 Types of Typical New York Women—Which One Are You?

Women these days are miraculous creatures. We’re smart, we’re goal-oriented, we make our own money, and we’ve certainly come a long way, baby. However, even though we’ve evolved into independent, room-commanding beings, we haven’t gotten away from our natural tendency to fall into tribes, albeit modern-day ones. 136 more words


Mind Map

This includes the various forms of Mind Mapping Software and Concept Visualization softwares. Then some more Lorem Ipsum et cetera…

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