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Assignment 6: research and preparation

I’ve spent most of this last week trying to wrestle the subject area of my critical review (in short: overcoming the limitations of the still photograph for narrative) into some kind of shape, as it is potentially a little sprawling. 488 more words

Research & Reflection

Architecture poster assignment: Mood boards and mind maps

When we were first given our poster assignment, one of the first tasks we had to do was to record our initial ideas using mood boards and mind maps. 54 more words


First assignment:"London festival of architecture" poster

Our first assignment is to create a poster for a festival of architecture taking place in London.

The first task in the assignment is to do some research on different event posters from london and take inspiration from their use of visual communications (layout, composition, colour, etc,). 57 more words




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  1. [ツール] – [テンプレートの設定] – [マインドマップスタイル]を選択します
  2. [マインドマップスタイルテンプレート設定]画面が開きます。コピーできないマインドマップに適用されているテンプレートを選択します
  3. 左メニューの項目全てを、上から順にクリックします。([マインドマップ] -> [トピック] -> [エッジ] -> [境界] -> [トピック間リンク])
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A2 Exam: Using Conventions from Real Media Texts

“Explain the most significant ways in which your media productions were informed by your understanding of real media texts. Refer to a range of examples in your answer to demonstrate how this understanding developed over time.” 2,558 more words

Theoretical Evaluation Of Production


Esta semana el ejercicio que se nos pedía consistía en establecer nuestro territorio y los agentes que intervendrán en el proyecto. Para ello utilizaremos un tablero de… 221 more words

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A Voyage of Discovery

Guest Author  Paul Harris  explores how lessons might best unfold.

A lesson is a journey.

A lesson is a journey. But a rather special kind of journey: more a…

1,018 more words
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