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“Danger. If you meet it head on and without flinching you will remove the danger by half. Never run away from anything. Never.” W. Churchill… 339 more words

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Intimidation As A Tactic

“Humans usually don’t want to hurt another human. It’s inefficient and dangerous. Whether the human seeks respect or fear or status or money, it is much easier and safer to scare someone into submission than to beat them into submission.” SGT RORY MILLER in Facing Violence. 970 more words

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Rank Does Not Matter!

“If you are not putting everything you are doing under stress and exhaustion you are learning self defense techniques, not self defense.” M. Slane

I have blogged on this subject several times. 704 more words

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Gotta Have Mental Toughness

I haven’t seen Survivor in years but there was a time I wouldn’t miss an episode. One of my favorite challenges each season was when they would see who could be uncomfortable the longest. 749 more words

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Run Forrest, Run!

When there was trouble Forrest ran! This was a brilliant tactic as it kept him safe (even kept him from being fried in ‘Nam). When I give lectures on self defense the first thing I tell people is “don’t be there…don’t go to stupid places with stupid people to do stupid things”. 632 more words

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Overcoming Roadblocks: Moving Forward To Success.

Entrepreneurship indeed offers the ultimate risk and reward experience. However, becoming an entrepreneur is never easy. It takes a lot of guts, perseverance and patience to make it. 278 more words

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