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Petrichor - The smell of dust after rain

You ever notice a certain smell during a rainy time? It’s not from the grass, not from the soil as it hydrates itself, and not from the frustrated individuals who forgot an umbrella. 210 more words


Victoria Day - Obvious, yet maybe not

I’m not sure how much we might remember from school (Elementary, High School, Possibly College), but I wonder how much is actually remembered in regards to the odd holidays that schools would have. 179 more words


Sooner than Later or Later rather than Sooner?

Have you ever wished that you learned something sooner? or that you could show something that you just learned to your younger version?

Jokingly, I could go on about how much of a paradox it would be if we were to change our timeline – and make a bunch of Doctor Who or Back to the Future references – but there is some truth to such a ridiculous statement. 148 more words


Habits getting us into trouble

Have you ever slept on your side only to find that your hips hurt? Crack a joint and then feel sore for a while? Cross your legs while sitting and find that your legs have gone to sleep? 229 more words


The desire to be someone else

Ever wish that your life was more adventurous? Or that your life was more normal or quiet?

Ever wish that you were more courageous or quieter? 198 more words


In the perspective of the generalized other

Do you have someone who can never quite speak correctly?

… Ever mishear what they say?

I know that they don’t mean it (usually), but when they snap, it kind of hurts. 218 more words



Sleepless Skies

Endless Nights

I dream with open eyes

Thoughts know no walls

They are hard to subdue

The mind wanders where it wanders

Amidst the silence of sleepy stars… 143 more words