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Reality Check - tumbling and left behind

Hey guys, back here.

Last week, I had a breakdown where I cried for a good 3 hours. My mind was going in circles.

Over the past 2 years or so, I had stopped taking Omega-3 vitamins (they look like pills, but they weren’t). 197 more words


Hmm.. waiting ...teenagers!

It’s 10:30 at night and your laying in bed and nothing good is on t.v. Your waiting for your teenager to arrive home because he is out with his friends but for some reason a good reason you can’t help what is going through your mind.. 118 more words

The power of being ALONE

I’m living alone for the first time in my life. Just me in a little apartment. Granted, it’s only for 6 weeks while I stay in Munich doing an intensive German course, but that’s still a pretty big change from what I’ve been used to my whole life. 789 more words


Under Close Observation

There is a door the mind takes you through when it wants you to collude with it to make things up, especially about you, other people, and what they think about you. 40 more words

Path To Being

Always be Thankful

Okay, so I know this sounds so cheesy and lame but I just cannot help but to always be thankful. It:s like, pre-wired in my brain to always think this way. 319 more words

Mind Wandering

Pebbles - where are yours?

The picture shows a little collection of pebbles and a shell that sits on the desk in my office.  There are similar collections in various locations at home and some of my coats have a pebble permanently in one pocket – there’s even a shell on the dashboard of our car.  178 more words

Engineering Soapbox


Am I in poor taste?
The product of fallacy and haste?
When life strolls by in everlong grace
I follow in her footsteps and fall on my face… 181 more words