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3 Strategies to Improve Focus: PART 2

Mindfulness Strategies to Improve Focus

1. Develop Attention Anchors.

Having a tangible way to bring your mind back to the present can help you stay on task. 295 more words


Writing Routine

Writing Routine

Hope it sticks.

· Clean desk, or move all the shit on your desk to the table.

· Feel grateful that you put some things away – especially the important stuff. 193 more words


Illusion of self

A few weeks ago, I wrote that some neuroscientists believe consciousness arises from the synchronous firing of assemblies of neurons .  Since these assemblies exist for only a fraction of a second before triggering other ones that replace them, this implies that what you think of as ‘yourself’ is actually a continuously changing collection of connected neurons in your brain, or as VS Ramachandran has described it ‘ 446 more words

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ADHD and Mind Wandering

For those who enjoyed the Day Dreaming article featured on this site last year ( When A Child Daydreams, Where Do They Go? ), you might be interested in listening to Professor Philip Asherson talking to Claudia Hammond on… 141 more words

Reflective Writing


“Huge hills and mountains of casks on casks were piled upon her wharves, and side by side the world-wandering whale ships lay silent and safely moored at last.”

422 more words
General Irrelevance

Digital detox

I’m in digital detox over the Christmas and New Year holidays.  So no post today.  Instead enjoy the picture or if you’re having withdrawal symptoms or want to know more about digital detox then read ‘ 26 more words

Engineering Soapbox

Hothouse Flower

Dong! Wednesday afternoon
schoolbell tolls for double English.
Today is plot and backstory.
Immersion in what-if’s and why’s
Tedious causality
What makes your characters click… 62 more words