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The Unusual Weather & Influence of Media

Ever watch a movie where the setting consists almost entirely of rainy environments? Ever see such a movie where bad things happen?

There’s something about a rainy morning in autumn that gives me a bad feeling. 153 more words


The giving tree, cut down

“If all you wanted was love,

why would you use me up?

Cut me down,

Build a boat and sail away?

When all I wanted to do is be your giving tree,

266 more words

Schools - keeping with traditions and new trends? 

Ever notice that many schools are founded around the 1960s? Ever notice that, even with the newer schools, that the buildings are sometimes “old-looking”? Ever notice that these as hooks would try to renovate the building to “keep up with times,” by renovating the rooms, replacing the technology with the kind that costs hundreds of dollars, with hundreds of buttons? 431 more words


These Words...

As I write with all my heart and all my might
I think perhaps these words won’t even see the light
or catch the sight of eyes searching for something… 96 more words



Build it up to break it down
break it down to build it up
Sit still
Move around
all is necessary
safe and sound
worry and doubt… 79 more words


Adventures of Thought

Thoughts, they seem to rule me….

I have too many thoughts spiraling through my mind (sigh)! They run up and down and all around squealing with glee. 719 more words