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In digital detox

I am on vacation so I am re-posting something I wrote around this time last year which I still think is relevant.

It’s official – half of us are addicted to our internet-connected devices and a third of us have attempted to kick the addiction.  147 more words

Engineering Soapbox

Technology causes deflation

Technology enables us to do more in a period of time.  A classic example is the washing-machine that requires you to do little more than load your dirty clothes and switch it on rather than laboriously wash, scrub and rinse each item repeatedly.  244 more words

Engineering Soapbox

Try to do something for 30 days

Ever try to get rid of a bad habit? Or try to create a good habit?

Right around the same time that TED Radio Hour posted their 100th episode “A Better You”, I started to challenge myself to break a bad habit for the month of June. 163 more words


A tale of two children

For the past 7 months, I’ve been tutoring English to students of age 11-16 at the weekends. When I took this job, I thought I would enjoy it – I always loved English at school and I like working with and being able to inspire and motivate young people. 940 more words


Have Mind Will Travel

One of the benefits of a devoted mindfulness practice is that we develop stronger attentional control, become more adept at shifting focus intentionally and sustaining concentration through distraction when appropriate. 376 more words


Digital Detox

I work in a big tower in the heart of the Financial District in New York City. I ride up and down the elevator numerous times throughout the day. 703 more words


Girl with A Flare Skirt

A girl with a flare skirt glances,

Looking through the glassmade window,


Wind blows, passing the windowsill in silence.


The girl with a flare skirt keep staring, 172 more words

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