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Creativity strikes as the clock chimes once more in the dark room... (Slight Rant)

Why? Out of all of the times to be creative, why?? Out of all of the hours of the day, afternoon, and evening, why??? Why on earth am I getting all of these ideas now?!?!?!! 78 more words


Suddenly awake with tears, but no memory of what just happened

Ever wake up suddenly and then find yourself no longer able to go back to sleep? Or wake up in the middle of the night with tears in your eyes? 220 more words


My Thoughts, My Children

My thoughts scamper from my head
into the waters below
Dancing like fish
Flying through the waves, never sinking
My priceless treasures
Made for me… 90 more words


Too much sitting 

I’m in another airport, with my little backpack and my handbag, and the little knots of excitement/anxiety (I’m never entirely sure which it is) in my brow and the muscles of my neck I always have when I find myself at points of departure, and a low hum of ache in my lower back and the joints where the base of my spine meet my pelvis. 516 more words


"Imagine a world where nothing is impossible" (Review)

Frank Walker: “Why now? Why Her?”
Athena: “Because she hasn’t given up.”

A world where anything could happen, where people weren’t afraid to try things out or to fail.

303 more words

Rock-a-by baby🎶

Ever been on a plane? On a boat? Ever notice that a plane would go up and down on the way to its destination? Ever notice that a boat would also go up and down as it rode the waves from Point A to Point B? 144 more words


How did we do that last time? 

Quick – what did you do to survive last winter? Last summer? Last weekend? If you’re the kind to travel occasionally, what did you do during your last travel (bus/train/plane/boat etc.)? 117 more words