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Digital detox

I’m in digital detox over the Christmas and New Year holidays.  So no post today.  Instead enjoy the picture or if you’re having withdrawal symptoms or want to know more about digital detox then read ‘ 26 more words

Engineering Soapbox

Hothouse Flower

Dong! Wednesday afternoon
schoolbell tolls for double English.
Today is plot and backstory.
Immersion in what-if’s and why’s
Tedious causality
What makes your characters click… 62 more words



I feel like I don’t know how to write anymore. I am either no longer able to gather my various, winding thoughts long enough to put pen to paper or I don’t even want to make the effort at all anymore… 355 more words


What Does Your Brain Do When You Aren’t Focused? It’s Busy!

I’ve been thinking a lot about brains lately. As I’ve been working on the next edition of Creativity in the Classroom, I’ve been reading neurological research about creativity and learning—an interesting challenge, to be sure. 345 more words

Creativity And Learning


Hi there!

Bo was a very successful 50 year old businessman.
He was married to a caring wife for ten years now
and was living very comfortably in a nice house… 612 more words

Engaged Life

Online survey study that investigates mind wandering, education, occupation, and creativity and how they relate to ADHD traits.

A most interesting email hits the inbox from time to time and the winner so far this week is this one…looking forward to getting the link to this study. 203 more words

There's something in the Wifi...

Looking at my phone and thinking about how upset I would be without wifi, I suddenly found myself thinking – how did I survive high school without Wifi? 248 more words