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Does your mind wander?

I remember when I used to work at an office job and had to sit at a desk for nine hours a day and do paperwork, handle phone calls, manage schedules, etc. 474 more words

The imagination should be allowed a certain amount of time to browse around. – Thomas Merton


Hi there!

It was a quiet humid morning and Lin was sitting
in his desk wondering what to tackle next.
It was one of those mornings that not only he… 555 more words

Engaged Life

3 Strategies to Improve Focus: PART 2

Mindfulness Strategies to Improve Focus

1. Develop Attention Anchors.

Having a tangible way to bring your mind back to the present can help you stay on task. 295 more words


Writing Routine

Writing Routine

Hope it sticks.

· Clean desk, or move all the shit on your desk to the table.

· Feel grateful that you put some things away – especially the important stuff. 193 more words


Illusion of self

A few weeks ago, I wrote that some neuroscientists believe consciousness arises from the synchronous firing of assemblies of neurons .  Since these assemblies exist for only a fraction of a second before triggering other ones that replace them, this implies that what you think of as ‘yourself’ is actually a continuously changing collection of connected neurons in your brain, or as VS Ramachandran has described it ‘ 446 more words

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ADHD and Mind Wandering

For those who enjoyed the Day Dreaming article featured on this site last year ( When A Child Daydreams, Where Do They Go? ), you might be interested in listening to Professor Philip Asherson talking to Claudia Hammond on… 141 more words

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