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Gone walking

Background and lock-screen pictures have become a feature of modern life.  Your computer and mobile device were probably delivered with some pre-loaded scenes from nature and some of us personalize our devices by up-loading photographs taken on holiday or a recent excursion into the countryside.  234 more words

Engineering Soapbox

Why choose just one?

In the recent year, I’ve started to take up coding classes, learning to code in C++. I also dipped my foot in Mandarin and also in Calculus II. 138 more words


Too much!

Ever find that you bought way too much stuff? Or that you want everything possible? And then the moment when you can’t find the one thing among the many  211 more words


Shitty Poetry

Sometimes when my brain is full, I try and write some shitty poetry to get it out of my head.  I call it shitty poetry, because it is a combination of stream of conscious psychobabble and ill-flowing prose that really makes no sense to anyone but me: 187 more words


A listening presence

Today I have tried to have a listening presence at work with a colleague going through some stuff. My mind constantly runs off into thought and when I am in conversations I am often distracted and thinking ahead about my own mental to do list, or worrying about what to say and trying to pre-empt the conversation. 169 more words

That missing feeling...

I don’t mention it anymore… Not meaning it is gone.

Regularly, I scroll through the pictures taken back then, as if my memories weren’t crystal clear still. 123 more words


Does your mind wander?

I remember when I used to work at an office job and had to sit at a desk for nine hours a day and do paperwork, handle phone calls, manage schedules, etc. 474 more words