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Emotions were in place
I had a chip on my shoulder
Didn’t do it while in health
So I felt bad doing it while sick… 141 more words


Be the artist

Be The Artist (re-edited)

Do you live your life through movies?
Through good music or through books?
Do you fashion how you live your life… 379 more words


Book 25: All The Bright Places, Jennifer Niven

Wow. I am totally speechless…

I’ve read a lot of suicide books, but this one gave me a kind of sadness that doesn’t go away too soon. 510 more words


How to surrender?

Question : Due to my conditioning and fear, mind tries to perceive some ‘thing’ to surrender to. This stops me from actually surrendering. With this conflict, how to understand if there is any movement towards the center, or is it all at the periphery? 3,871 more words


Why you should be your own obsession.

I used to OBSESS over everything. I was an obsessive machine! Most would call it unhealthy, and it probably was. But I don’t think my obsessiveness was the problem. 560 more words


Work of Byron Katie

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