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Jesus Has a Dress Code

As almost all of us would have experienced in life, there are places with dress codes – golf clubs, schools, work places, and in all of these places, if we don’t abide by the dress code, we can’t access all that that particular place is offering. 762 more words


I was just talking about perspectives and changing them to optimize things yesterday. I got off the boat today and went to the library to work. 183 more words


Sermon "Sow to the Spirit"

“The Word Of Christ Church” sermon on May 22th, 2016.
Please send any Q & A’s about this sermon to:
Pastor will answer through email or during our sermons. 113 more words


Satisfaction is.

Setting clear: soul, body, people, mind, money & work goals.

Enduring a daily 5AM alarm & squeezing in productivity even on lunch breaks.

Reaching said goals just hours before heading out on my first trip of 2016. 10 more words


May 16, 2016

Do this. Go here. Say that. Stand there.

Nowadays any advice that is given to people is usually in the form of a command. Why do I have to be commanded to do something? 73 more words

La plateforme à rabais. (Pourquoi j'ai arrêté d'écrire)

Qu’est-ce qu’on ferait sans Les Internets? Publier moins de photos de langues sorties et ignorer l’existance du trendy #BasicWhiteGirl, certainement. Mais au-delà de cela, sait-on vraiment à quoi on ressemblerait sans la vaste toile dans laquelle on est tous entassés comme des moustiques? 681 more words



What is so surprising about life, and what also kind of constitutes its grace, is that our minds can be so pleasing to us. The way they use and remember and combine data is exciting, all of it so lovely if we let it, if we don’t cripple ourselves with anxiety, if we accept that alongside our brilliance also lies a lot of necessary darkness and unpleasant impulse. 137 more words