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Artists bless our lives
Making dull mechanics live
Make the backdrops shine



Digestible truth
Pieces small enough to swallow
Big enough to count


Those Were The Days

I took a bit of time this morning to ponder the wickets of my youth.  Those moments in time where your mind gloms onto and stores away for future embarrassment or contemplation.  686 more words


How Aviation could benefit from '3D Printing':NASA Aeronautics research

There’re more than three dimensions to the story of how NASA’s aeronautical innovators use 3D printing as a tool to help transform aviation in the 21st century.Exotic metals, advanced composite materials, elegant design engineering, savings in manufacturing, rapid prototyping, high fidelity models, and so much more are all part of the tale of what is more technically known as additive manufacturing.NASA, as you might expect, was an early adopter of the technology, using it long before a consumer could order an affordable 3D printer from an online store. 6 more words


Power seekers and their fools

Stupidity alone cannot last
It needs to be accompanied, supported
By mellifluous people
Copycats and fools
To keep stupidity alive

Especially it can be seen… 27 more words


About Me

I was lost. I am still a little lost. I have found an outlet for everything that runs through my mind. I can write about passions and life choices that led me to where I am today. 91 more words


Mum Writes Open Letter to Husband Who, Effectively, Won't Let Her Sleep...

His snoring isn’t the issue. Nor does he keep her awake, pestering for “wifely duties.” He simply won’t look after the kids. It’s possible he’s of the opinion that “Well, I’ve been at work all day and now I’ve to deal with this noisy thing” and that it’s “woman’s work.” OK, best stop there as, clearly, I’m putting words into this husband’s mouth, and we’ve not heard his side of the well-worn story. 1,105 more words