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Angus Menuge's ontological argument against naturalism

(Note: this is NOT the ontological argument, which I do not use, and do not recommend. This is the ontological argument from reason, and it’s a good argument which I would use in a debate. 770 more words


Tales from the forest of yesterday

I was LARPing this weekend. It is an activity that has given me an arena to play with different pieces of myself. Explore extrapolations and exaggerations of character in a mostly socially safe setting. 439 more words


These Photos Have Gone Viral Because Everyone In The World Has A Dirty Mind

Have you ever looked at something and had to do a double take. Then you realized it wasn’t what you thought it was.

It happens all the time. 31 more words


Wishes -Pt2.

There are a lot of us who wish we’d find someone to talk to about anything, a deep conversation about everything.

Everyone loves a good conversation with someone or a friend about each other’s day or how life is going, but does anyone wish to have a deep conversation about consciousness or the universe or about the beauty of life?

280 more words

Building Fences

A few weeks ago on a Sunday morning I shared the story of Elias Nour.  In 1927, with a roped tied around his waste, he was lowered down the face of Stone Mountain to rescue a little boy who had fallen and become stranded on a ledge.  468 more words

Personal Growth

These 12 Riddles Will Blow Your Mind!

We all love a good riddle. We have been doing them since we were kids.

They are plain fun, and make you think.

What gets wet when drying?  11 more words