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It's Official!

The following is a link to the training I have been exposed to and so grateful for the experience!


Somewhere along the way I picked up a phrase that I will not soon forget… 77 more words

Puzzle Of My Mind Is Broken

Puzzle of my mind is broken
Pieces scatter here and there
Pluck a piece to fit the puzzle
Put one there; try another here
Placement changes pieces don’t fit… 50 more words

Current Poetry

The secret of meditating successfully! ☺

Lots of us believe that meditation needs lots of effort on our parts. We keep on struggling to cease our ceaseless mind so that, in the end, we lose the very essense of meditation itself : stillness and serenity. 440 more words



I feel locked in
Driven in a corner
Trapped inside

Nowhere to go
Going crazy in here 28 more words


हम गुम हुए- बुल्ले शाह

की जाणां

की जाणां मैं कोई रे बाबा,
की जाणां मैं कोई | टेक |

जो कोई अन्दर बोले चाले,
ज़ात असाडी सोई |

जिसदे नाल मैं नेहुं लगाया,


When life gives you lemons...

So over the next two weeks I have two Chemistry Controlled Assessments, one Biology, one Italian, two driving lessons, an applicant day hundreds of miles away and absolutely no money. 283 more words