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Food For Thought

you should know that in life, one sometimes have to sit and evaluate his journey through life and try to plan ahead by doing away with excess or less relevant luggages. 152 more words

Food For Thought

Us vs. Them

My bedroom here in Phoenix is adjacent to a relatively quiet street. Yet every late evening and early morning, cars come flying down it with their engines revving and their music blaring. 775 more words


memory – muscle
thin vine curling
up the masonry.

breath, write.
drop – hold nothing,
but drop. empty
days and minds.


Day 16 : On being Judgmental

One day, I met one of my friend who is a pregnant, wanted to find someone in her neighborhood to share experiences, essentially looking for a like minded person to make friendship with. 514 more words



memories like sludge
mind dragged through mud
thickening, quickening
tears of blood
taste the bitter
spit the pain
tomorrow do it
all again


Inner Knee

Thank you for productivity… and clearing my mind which will finally allow me to rest.

The storms I endure will pass.

My mind is on overdrive with worry about so much that I can’t prevent or will forth. 125 more words