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New trends

Hello everyone and welcome to my mind.

I’m curious about how the collective current of thoughts is built these days. Generally speaking, we are all part of a common sense society in which we accept to behave and embrace certain codes. 152 more words



What is a burden? Burdens can be heavy loads or a worry that you don’t share with others. You can carry a burden, someone may be a burden to you or at times you may feel your a burden on someone else. 633 more words


You shouldn’t have to feel embarrassed about how you feel, about how your mind works. You are you. You feel i’m your own way. Instead of making people feel ashamed or embarrassed, let’s start helping people.

My Life


The man in the seat in front was picking his teeth with what looked like a straightened-out paper clip.  Head bent forward over the green canvas bag on his knees, he appeared to be engrossed in this exercise, even obsessed by it. 2,058 more words

Help, I need somebody - Help, not just anybody

What is going on?

In the wake of things, it has become painstakingly obvious that self-sabotage is my biggest flaw. What do you do when you realise you are your own worst enemy? 540 more words

The Real Key to Success

We need to understand how we can present ourselves to the best advantage and to know what role the ego plays in our life. Your unknown is God, and the self is otherwise considered to be the known. 2,521 more words