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Dear Datu Andal, you beautiful man

I will not lie to you because you are not a liar, and every word, every syllable that drips out of your full, luscious lips is filled with wisdom and witticisms so vibrant and noble no one should even think about doubting you. 334 more words


Dear Lady with the Scales and Blindfold

Well, it looks like someone is spitting on your face again.

Normally, I wouldn’t care. You’ve been spat on, mocked, beaten to a pulp, raped, heaped on with so much scorn and obscenities that I frankly don’t know how to feel about you anymore. 672 more words


The Mindanao Massacre

The Maguindanao Massacre should unanimously be condemned by society, considering the brutality, ruthlessness and wanton disregard for human life that was displayed by the perpetrators. Killings brought about by political motivation is already despicable by itself, but to include innocent bystanders, especially journalists, is something that is beyond diabolical. 457 more words

Ruffy Biazon