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Inside my kitchen

Growing up, I lived in a house of religious recyclers. I never really understood why it was so important, I just knew that I should do it. 3,260 more words


going too fast

Something that hasn’t yet gotten all the way better as I recover from this concussion is my ability to multi-task. One thing that happens now, that I consider a big improvement, is I notice when things are going too fast and I (usually) have the forethought to pause. 317 more words

Mindful Living

Embracing Happiness

This past weekend I’ve spent some time meditating on things that makes me happy. A conversation with my best friend triggered a storm in my mind. 224 more words

Mindful Living

Challenging the "Comfort Zone"

It is often said that life begins outside of one’s comfort zone. I both love and hate this. Yes, it does have a ring of truth. 310 more words


Making The Most Of Messing Up

Today didn’t go quite how I had planned.

I had planned a day trip with our son to a geology shop and museum in a nearby town. 322 more words

Let's Talk & Track to Prevent Diabetes: Back to Basics Lifestyle guidelines

1. Eat fresh food, whenever possible. Plan & prepare meals ahead of time weekly, freeze as needed for future
2. Don’t eat anything your great grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food… 113 more words

Diabetes Prevention

Cultivating Intention and Making Things Happen

I wrote in January’s Monthly Note* that I’m not one to make resolutions, nor am I one to choose a word for the year.  While both can be wonderful practices, they’re presently not my cup of tea.  468 more words