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How To Meditate

by Sharon Gutterman, Ph.D.

In my last blog post for Awaken Everyday, I shared how I came to practice meditation. Now I’d like to share how to meditate. 555 more words


Try Mindfulness Meditation - On Me! Tuesdays 2/16 thru 3/22

Come by for all or one of these 7 weekly complimentary Introduction to Mindfulness Training sessions.  See for yourself why so many people are joining in with the… 218 more words

Mindful Solutions

3 Ways to Start Meditating Today.

Don’t stress yourself on this one. You can read books, take classes, find how-to videos on YouTube, and more to learn to meditate. Or you can sit down and start breathing – which, to me, seems like a much easier option. 524 more words

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39Meditate: Posture


Have you ever heard of ‘Laughing Yoga?’ It is actually quite hilarious. Get a group of people together and just start laughing. Try it at work today :-). 786 more words

40 days: Meditate

The past 4 months have presented immense change, and although sometimes tough to see, opportunity for growth.  While I’ve committed to other mental practices, formal sitting meditation was one of the first habits to fall from daily practice. 368 more words


Wobbling to Center

When I was still in my 20’s, I decided to give yoga a try. Maybe it was my age, but I had the idea that it was a bunch of gentle stretching and meditating. 989 more words

Breast Cancer

The Stillness

For a few weeks now, I have been doing sitting meditation as part of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course that I have been completing.

I expected to have trouble sitting still. 460 more words