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A Mindful Letter from Bev

As I reflect on my upcoming one year anniversary of my own mindfulness practice, I want to pass on the latest letter from Bev Klug, M.A., LMFT, Director of Mindfulness-Based Programs here at Iowa about the upcoming Mindfulness programs this summer. 813 more words

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Guided Practice: 20-Minute Body Scan

One of the foundational practices of mindfulness meditation is the “Body Scan,” introduced by Jon Kabat-Zinn in the early days of his Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction courses at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. 25 more words


School Updates and Stuff

Coming up on the end of the trimester in a few weeks. I have my oral exam for Applied Healing Strategies Monday night–where I get a one-page write-up of where an unknown client is in his/her coaching program and I spend 15 minutes coaching him/her. 765 more words

Meditating has drastically improved how I am able to handle Chronic Pain

I posted back in September that I had completed a 21-day meditation challenge. Now I can proudly, and more importantly, gratefully, say I have completed a solid 6-months of daily meditation practice. 667 more words

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Six Ways to Practice Mindfulness for Better Communication

Mindful Speech:  Six Ways to Practice Mindfulness for Better Communication

A fight with one’s spouse, malicious gossip in the office, misunderstanding between friends, a frustrating phone call with the cable company representative: these are just some examples of our everyday stressful communications.  798 more words


Forgotten Letter to Myself on Mindfulness: A Snippet

Today I was a bit surprised by getting a letter in the mail–from myself. I had forgotten all about the letter which my mindfulness teacher, Bev Klug, ironically enough, had asked me and the rest of the members of the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) class to write to ourselves. 358 more words

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Looking for the most effective mindfulness based stress reduction techniques? Yes! Then Get Self development can assist you. Our goal is to provide the best online self development services to our readers, professionals, and members, etc. 280 more words

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