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My Explanation of Mindfulness Meditation

As written for my cublet:

My beautiful cub, as you read through this and the articles I’ve shared, one of the most important things is to breathe and let go of any stress/tension you feel building because of the instructions. 1,775 more words

Writer's Life

Spring as a Practice

“The trees are coming into leaf /Like something almost being said,” writes the poet Philip Larkin.

Spring really does spring, doesn’t it? Walking outside these days is like walking into a big green, murmuring party. 512 more words

Five Reasons You Don't Have to Worry About What People Think

We worry a lot about what people think of us. We worry what they think about our fashion choices, our looks, the things we say, our level of success, and our particular interests or hobbies. 2,193 more words

Love For Ourselves

New Season, New Opportunities

I am really pleased to announce that I am about to expand the mindfulness support group!

I have been liaising with Bristol’s last remaining female only shelter and from mid-April I shall be running a four-week trial version of the Mindfulness support group there for the shelter’s staff and clients. 219 more words


Go Blue in April!

April, as in every year, kicks off World Autism Month. In addition, the ninth annual World Autism Awareness Day on April 2nd marks the UN sanctioned “Light It Up Blue” worldwide campaign. 277 more words

It's Not What the Teacher Says...

It’s what the student hears.

It was a short mindfulness session.  About 20 people showed up for one hour of instruction.  What is mindfulness?  Why would I want to practice this?  682 more words

Mindfulness Meditation

Five Things You Can Do When Your Day is Horrible, and You Hate Everything

All of us have days that are the absolute worst. We might wake up feeling awful and miserable, and we have no idea why. Sometimes, on the other hand, we know exactly why we hate everything , but we still do not have any idea what to do about it. 1,824 more words

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