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What Your Stress Response Says About You

As a psychotherapist, I often hear people talk about how they just get so stressed out over the smallest stuff but they feel like they can’t control it. 508 more words

Walk Ahead


ow can I help others when others are busy worrying about the material belongings that will not serve them for life

? The answer is where my life begins. Walk ahead.

Soul Station


I had a lot of fun getting up to the challenge of getting 3-kids on the bus and the fourth to daycare. I noticed a weird unconscious stressor of knowing xzaavier will be crying to go their so postponed it by cleaning. 196 more words

365 Day Projects

3 Amazing Long Term Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation That You Don't Know About

Recent research carried out in the United States of America has found several more long term benefits of mindfulness meditation. These include:

  1. Decrease in chronic pain…
  2. 279 more words

Truest Home

Home is very much on my mind these days, and turning up in my reading, conversations, and other inputs.

I understand the pull toward home—hearing of people who face decisions about evacuating or hunkering down, returning or staying away, in the wake of natural disasters. 522 more words


An Introduction to Meditation & Mindfulness

“Living in the now, for a mature human being, is about appreciating the passing moment as a fundamental of existence, accepting whatever comes our way, whatever we cannot change.” … 693 more words

How To Meditate

Yoga and Meditation Improve Brain Function and Energy Levels Confirm Researchers (Video)

Guest Contributor Alton Parrish

Practicing brief sessions of Hatha yoga and mindfulness meditation can significantly improve brain function and energy levels, according to a new study from the University of Waterloo. 385 more words