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5 Steps to a Simple Tea Meditation

The modern lifestyle has discreetly trained us to stay distracted, immersed in our smartphones and constantly check for updates, that we often fail to realise how impatient, preoccupied and restless we all have become. 550 more words


I did a lot of meditating this weekend

So this weekend I did a few guided meditations and it was really fantastic. I have been out of practice for several weeks but I had some opportunities this weekend when the house was quiet, there were no commitments or pressing matters and so I made the time to do it. 123 more words


“If you fight the pain, if you resist the contractions, you cause even more pain. I told them that labor is like life and life is like labor; sometimes the most painful experiences deliver the best things-new life, unexpected insight, the chance to stretch and grow. 480 more words

Mindfulness Meditation

The Need To Be Aware Of Our Thoughts

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We need to have an awareness of our thoughts. Many times we are thinking thoughts that we are not even aware of because our subconscious is very powerful. 408 more words


Warming Up for the Practice

I was teaching a workshop last week about cultivating a mindful classroom, and I had an interesting question posed to me by one of the attendees.  771 more words

Mindfulness Meditation


I’ve signed up on a 6 day yoga and meditation course. I thought it was going to be quite commercial, perhaps, mass produced and crowded. I found out today that it’s just me on the course at the moment. 362 more words


Want to be 10% Happier?

Dan Harris is a correspondent for ABC News, an anchor for the show Nightline, a meditation skeptic turned believer, and the author of the book… 205 more words

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