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Two Step Walking Meditation

Metta in this Moment

Though we tend to tumble headfirst into the next moment out of sheer force of habit, we can train ourselves to pause in the midst of our busy days. 396 more words


today, mine is open

The circumstances put soul in me
And there ain’t no holdin me
I’ve got a heart made of gold in me
Hah, can you believe this is where I’ve been? 311 more words


75 Surprisingly Simple Pleasures to Brighten Your Day

A little trick I like to use to make my days much more pleasant is to find little, simple pleasures and sprinkle them throughout my day. 581 more words


How to Stop Your Own Suffering

When people ask what benefits I derive from my meditation practice, I find myself at a loss for words. Imagine that, me of all people not able to provide a sufficient answer. 833 more words


speaking engagements

Last weekend I spoke to a group of women about mindfulness meditation. I was nervous. So I did what any sensible person does when anxious about public speaking, I summoned Marsha Brady and envisioned the audience in their underwear! 342 more words

Mindfulness Meditation

Can You Accept Your Gifts (You Are, You Are...)

When you know
The soul of a stranger
Just by looking at her photo,
Or taste bloody glass
An hour before
Coming upon an accident, 592 more words