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5 myths of meditation that stop you from meditating - Debunk them now!

I know, I know… meditation can feel like a snooze fest for some of you and an absolute miracle to others. There’s a lot of misconception surrounding meditation, because most of us imagine meditation as sitting in one place for hours at a time while chanting “om”. 814 more words

Guided Morning Meditation

This guided meditation is designed to help you start your day with a a more positive, calm and above all mindful outlook. The soothing male voice guides you first through a short relaxation session and then a simple exercise to help you maintain a state of calm awareness throughout the day. 16 more words

Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation for Opening and Calming



A quick, simple and effective meditation led by Buddhist Clinical Psychologist Tara Brach.

With her calm, soothing voice Tara guided you in the process of quieting the mind, first by focusing on the breath, and then letting go of all effort, and just resting in what is.

Guided Meditation

Snow Day Reflection

There are different kinds of realizations. They are not always lightening bolts but sometimes soft and slow, as if snow were quietly falling and settling. Softly and slowly, as we relax into our practice and our life, we can come to see and feel the way we habitually treat life as an enemy to be overcome. 437 more words

Come dance a meditation – Ecstatic Dance in Honoka‘a, HI

Let’s dance! Ecstatic Dance. It’s “a moving meditation that develops a direct body-spirit connection,” and is not as odd as it sounds, though it does have guidelines. 817 more words

Learnng New Things

Meditation: immune booster, stress reliever and anti-aging

The concept of the mind having influence over the body has been debated for centuries and has been the subject of interest in fields ranging from biology to psychology. 889 more words

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Mindfulness Support Group 6 Week Trial: Week 3 - Review

The session started with a few hot drinks and a short introduction to the plan for the meeting, a session focused on the Breathe.

I think I got a bit carried away with how well week two went and should have rehersed that part a bit more as I was a bit of a wittering fool. 709 more words