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Let's talk about the S***** word , baby!

So many of us spend a crazy amount of money making sure to introduce the right nutrients in our body; we scrub every inch of a tomato to get rid off all the nasty chemicals, we order organic everything for peace of mind, we skoll tons of mud looking juices and clay loaded potions looking for an answer. 1,143 more words


Recognition, Choice, Momentum, and Food.

It’s funny that I am posting about recognition and choice and how momentum plays a factor.  I haven’t posted in months.  I recognize that I like using this platform as an outlet for my journey, though for the last while I chose not to post.   224 more words


Happy scatterbrain

Oh my lordy lord, do I love being outside.  This time of year, I feel like I don’t even need a house because the weather is so magnificently perfect.  212 more words

Happy Day

Freud's Horse-drawn Carriage

I recently heard Freud’s theory of the human psyche conceptualized in a new way. There are different forces acting in one’s mind; these are understood as the id, ego and superego. 204 more words


Career change

I quit my job recently. I’ve had various comments from people about whether this was a pretty admirable decision showing a strength of character, or a pretty stupid mistake taking any security away from my situation. 848 more words