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An invitation

When life does not in any way add up, we must turn to the part of us that has never wanted a life of simple calculation. 125 more words



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I was so deep in meditation right now that if the phone hadn’t vibrated on the table I would have probably been late for work. 169 more words

Find Your Way Back

So, where do I start? Maybe with a hello since it’s been a minute with this time being longer than usual. It seems so long ago when I last got on WordPress to write a blog post. 1,344 more words

Cancel your gym membership and subscribe to yourself.

Changing my focus has allowed me to not only achieve my health goals but maintain them. Working as a personal trainer, the focus was on losing weight, gaining muscle, becoming thinner and fitter. 1,927 more words

Quickwords Vol. 11 - Have a drink

Welcome to Quickwords. They won’t be quick, but they’re here.

Take a seat,

Never before have I heard those floorboards creak
Not a whisper 443 more words

When Problems Become Idols

I was reading a devotional book the other day, and it talked about how sometimes we let problems and worries take over; they become idols to us. 30 more words


Reaching out from the void

‘Depression is an incapacitating disease that has a tendency to recur and can become chronic. Sometimes the experience of a depressive state seems to create a groove in one’s whole being.’  Martine Batchelor… 907 more words

Personal Growth