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trust the journey

life has a strange way of circling you around where you’re meant to be. taking you through the scenic route, through awkward paths and side roads; hovering around the ultimate destination until finally it’s settles. 20 more words


Practice Pieces: Spacious Grounded Walking – Tai Chi Style

I was introduced to this mindful walking practice a few years ago on a weekend retreat by Tai Chi teacher and long-time meditator, Alan Smith… 403 more words


How to Find Your Happiness


Lisa Firestone

How To Find Your Happiness


We’ve all seen some version of this scene: the child at the playground, covered in ice cream, wearing a tiara. 1,281 more words


African drumming and highly sensitive people (HSP)

Today I had the good fortune again to join in with a Drumbeat session run by the gorgeous John. We are running sessions for mental health and wellbeing in a rural town and having a bit of a ball in the process. 335 more words


7 Flaws That Make You Absolutely Amazing


7 Flaws That Make You Absolutely Amazing

Alexandra Harra


I’m full of flaws. Actually, I’m brimming with imperfections: I’m a terrible liar, a hopeless romantic, and an awful singer (to my mother’s dismay, who was the Brittany Spears of Europe in her youth). 889 more words


Where The Rubber Hits the Road ...

Today I begin the delivery of yet another 3-day seminar.  I slept well.  My bags are packed.  I am as ready as I will ever be and as I poured my morning coffee, preparing to start the day, the message came in loud and clear … 375 more words