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"Practicing What I Preach" 

I’m working on practicing what I preach. When you don’t feel good it’s difficult to get beyond it, and think of anything else. I find myself saying you’re a mess Connie, and the next thing I know something else goes wrong with me or I’m just not getting better. 198 more words


10 mins to Better Conversation Skills

Are you struggling at showing people you care about that you really do care. Start listening to them in a new way. This Ted talk really helps the mind explore some of the other perspectives to life, the people you talk to. 69 more words


Most Powerful of Forces

Love is the most powerful of forces. Allowing it to flow through you will shake and rattle the doors and windows of your soul. © 2016 Dennis Ference



Mindfulness: Sixteen Steps

Today’s blog post prompt  is “stairway”. One of the mindfulness exercises we do during our mindfulness meditation retreats is walking mindfully up a staircase, step by step, paying full attention to our inner sensations with each step we take. 185 more words


Welcome . . .

My name is Kayla. I graduated college at the age of 20. And the most difficult phase of my life has been this first year after college. 443 more words

Black Bloggers

Self Love is the way to find inner peace ❤️ Self Innovating ❤️ 

All my life I have been uncomfortable in my own skin and wished I was somebody else. Self hatred and self judgement was just me and I could even imagine how it would feel to actually accept and respect myself, let alone love myself ❤️ 489 more words

Why Our World Would End If These 10 Mantras Disappeared?

If you read the word “mantra” and think of a phrase that is repeated over and over again during a meditation session, you have a basic grasp of what a mantra is. 1,005 more words