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Gathering the gold drops...

Nice nature walk today. And yesterday was snow all day long. Now this golden day. Colorado is like this in April. Listened to The Eagles. Witchy Woman. 282 more words




Today I read the most amazing article. It basically summarized that “where your focus is, that’s where your energy goes.” I used to focus on so much, from work to home life. 482 more words


Walking Unplugged.

Today I walked unplugged.

Today I heard the sound of my breath,

the dull click of my dog’s nails against the concrete,

the rustle of leaves as a squirrel scurried by, 54 more words

The Art & Practice Of Life

The flow of two: well being

Share this, share that
give that, give this
take a stand, give a seat
walk through, walk around
hear whatever, offer curiosity
inform, ask, inquire, learn, grow, heart open… 15 more words

Cluttered Closet

Handling Anger in a Healthy Way Part 2: Emotional Triggers

Call it irritation, frustration, despair, agitation, anxiousness, impatience…the list goes on. Anger masquerades as so many different emotions that it is sometimes hard to pinpoint exactly what we are experiencing. 621 more words


Mental Health; A Whole Body Experience

Just like depression is so much more than feeling sad, our mental health affects so much more than our mind. Sometimes I feel like it every movement requires superhuman strength; like I’m moving through pea soup and not just air.   262 more words

Shifting Perspective

Above me the sky is seemingly empty, an infinity of blue. No clouds, no contrails, at this moment no birds. If I focus my eyes differently it feels almost oppressive, pushing down, smothering, suffocating. 283 more words