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What is Mindfulness?

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What is mindfulness?

Have you tried the practice known as mindfulness? It is when you play close attention to each and every thing. 203 more words

Mindfulness for Athletes: Practice session Tuesday Oct 11th at 7pm

My next Mindfulness for Athletes practice session is Tuesday October 11th at 7:00pm at my office in Sacramento. I have 4 spots open. If you are an athlete of any kind and you are in the Sacramento area, please feel free to join other athletes for an hour of mindfulness, Tuesday October 11th at 7pm at my office in Sacramento. 9 more words


Oto-pilot Modunda Yaşamak

Hayatımızın çoğunu oto-pilot modunda yaşadığımızı fark ettiniz mi? Sabah kalktığında gerçekten yüzünü yıkayıp yıkamadığını hatırlayan kaç kişi vardır? Ya da işe/okula giderken nasıl yürüdüğünü/araba kullandığını/otobüse bindiğini hatırlayan? 468 more words


Is tolerance to be passive?

There are some words that I’ve always found hard to use, hard to really understand, for example love, tolerance, forgiveness, peace.

I want to develop and become a better, kinder person and I suspect that to act out of love, tolerance and forgiveness is important. 537 more words

Personal Growth

Perspective: Are You Successful

For a long time, I thought being successful meant being rich and famous! And if I wasn’t rich and famous than I was a failure and that doesn’t feel good (and I want to feel good). 404 more words


Sunday Gratitudes #37

One day late, but only because I was without internet connection on a family visit.

“We are anxious. We worry. We think. We think some more.

721 more words

Addressing Your Anxiety

Hey guys! Today I wanted to write a quick post about anxiety. Since I finished grad school, my anxiety has gone done significantly (thank goodness)! For the duration of the past two years I dealt with insomnia, heart palpitations, and anxious thoughts and worries on a daily basis due to the intense nature of my grad program. 623 more words