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Why is Mindfulness important to me?

My hand scribbled furiously, trying to keep up with the speed of my thoughts.  The words Mindfulness and Meditation were seen scrawled across different parts of the page, with a flow of arrows mapping out a diagram with words like anxiety and  646 more words


What is it with Poets in the Woods?

I walked into the woods so unprepared.

My clogs and handbag with the tassles

were all I had to save me

from bears and the Canadian Lynx. 76 more words


Peace & Grudges

Today, while walking around the farmer’s market, my best friend in the world told me that she looks up to me for the most recent success in personal growth I’ve achieved. 480 more words


Wind Chimes

Today was a rough day full of withdrawal symptoms.  In order to solve the incessant restlessness I felt, I asked my husband to drive me to the local art gallery.  224 more words

Are you fed up????

Hey Little Self,

Someday or the other your going to get fed up and that is because you can’t act forever!

Someday you do want to just Be The Real You… 110 more words


It's Not About Me (or You)

In Matthew 25:31-46, Jesus states that those who will enter the kingdom of Heaven are the ones who looked after the “least of these,” and conversely, those who will enter into eternal punishment are the ones who ignored the plight of the least and lowly. 1,015 more words


Choices abound where we place our attention,,, above all else have a Curious mind!

In Al Siebert’s book, “Surviver Personality”, one trait survivors shared was a curious mind.
If we are to use our cognitive engine, why choose to wander, to ruminate on what if’s or negative thoughts. 76 more words