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Heart Health and Resilience: Managing Stressful Travel

I remember the days when travel was fun. Looking forward to flying, going somewhere new, bringing new treasures back home. Now it’s long lines for security, small middle seats on overbooked airlines, diminished travel rewards, and overpriced hotels that consider cleanliness a chore.  1,115 more words


Old Dog, New Meditative Tricks

Just recently I received a very important lesson in meditation. I’d like to have big, neon-lights flashing and dancing showgirls gesturing towards this point. I’ve been meditating for many years and the lesson came from 2 of my sisters who have not.   993 more words


The tongue.

As a kid I used to always hear:

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”


they do.

They really really do. 21 more words


How to Deal With Difficult Situations/People

“In order for you to insult me, I would first have to value your opinion.” – Anonymous

It is how we cope and react to extenuating people, situations and circumstances that impacts our lives the most.

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Dr Elizabeth Sparkes :The Mindful Toddler - Huffington Post UK

One way of preparing yourself for meditation is to relax your mind and body by selecting a focus for concentration. This technique establishes your concentration skills, and helps you understand ways to control your mind from wandering. 180 more words


Research Digest

As an aspiring Health psychologist, not to mention a “forever student” :)

I have to keep myself updated on what’s happening within the fields of research. 191 more words

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Valentine’s Day Is Not Life Affirming, But I Can Be

By Puja

I am not a fan of Valentine’s Day. If you are single you are made to feel incomplete and unloved. If you are not, this is the one day of the year (outside of your birthday) where someone is forced to shower you with affection, platitudes and gifts (and you reciprocate) as a societal “norm.” What makes February 14th such a stressful time? 542 more words