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It's Time

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Sudden Stop

This morning, on my way to a father event planning session, something caught my eye and I pulled into a Mom-n-Pop grocery store parking lot to have a look. 152 more words



So much time is spent thinking about what will happen tomorrow

that we barley experience today.

Mindfulness – Plain and Simple/ Oli Doyle/ p.9

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Friday Yoga - We start where we start...

I had to walk my dog in a different direction due to construction. Even though I’ve been walking her for years, she gets a little panicked when we wander too far from home or take a different route. 126 more words


Meditation brings together love, wisdom, compassion into one unified experience of Awakening

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Who cares?

Possibly one of the most misconstrued questions. An utterance that seems like it is designed to dissolve the wide-eyed enthusiasm of others. Looking past the demeaning tone that most people first think of, a genuinely great question is revealed. 362 more words


Cool stuff, check.

I’ve been mindful of wanting to both do more cool stuff, as well as appreciating the things I experience that are cool.

The night glow at the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta:
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