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A Moment of Mystical Mindfulness?

I’d like to share a very surreal experience that happened to me the other day, something that I’ve vaguely felt before but it seemed much more pronounced than usual. 672 more words


‘Sometimes people invite us into a drama that is of value to us—we have something to learn in the heart of it. But sometimes it is of no value to us—someone wants to live out their stuff, someone wants a woundmate to join them in their trigger-fest. 109 more words


18 Jan. Sorry, Buddha.

My Monday evening’s sitting was a very special one. Worry and negativity took the best of me and I finished my meditation in a state of anger, frustration and agitation. 365 more words

Meditation Diary

What do you do when having a bad day?

Hey everyone, how are you?

Recently I’ve been having some really bad days, to the extent that I’ve not been able to get out of bed. 218 more words

Nanaimo Moon

light through darkness

and thick smokey fog,

like an eye that

watches over the Harbour City.

its beauty entrances

those it catches

with eyes peered upward… 63 more words

Conceive, Believe, Achieve

Beliefs are powerful. What we believe, we become. There is a famous quote by Henry Ford who stated:

Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.

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