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Good day, sunshine...

Perception is the only reality that matters. It informs absolutely everything. When I was drinking, I lived inside a mind full of fear and loathing. Naturally, this was reflected everywhere in my life…short temper, paranoia, disdain, gossip, depression, anxiety, self-doubt, perhaps even self-hatred. 972 more words



To a man who always feel lost in his own chaotic mind, perhaps mindfulness is the necessary balance.

Watch my own breath, watch my own thoughts, watch my own ache and pain. 21 more words

March 2015

Después de un tiempo uno aprende.

Preciosa reflexión sobre la vida de Jorge Luís Borges.


“Después de un tiempo, uno aprende la sutil diferencia entre sostener una mano y encadenar… 538 more words

Constelaciones Familiares, Psicología, Terapia Gestalt, PNL, EFT

Where separation ends...


Strolling under vast skies of blue

one’s self disappeared into everything new

Running through thick fields of green

one saw oneself in everything seen 7 more words


Art for All - and Zentangle

I strongly believe that art in its widest sense should be available and accessible to anyone.  Many people may not have tried anything creative since they were at school.   166 more words

Why I need my Soul Sister... like I need a Soul.

Everyone needs a Soul Support… Like I have a Soul Sister, and a wonderful husband and a sister and so many people who are, have been and will be a part of my soul. 624 more words


Blind Optimism

Pessimists see the glass as half empty. Optimists see the glass as half full. Realists see half a glass of water.

So here is a debate for you, feel free to comment in the comment section below; but which is best? 245 more words