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Being Humane

I had once written about being human. We have appreciated the fact that we are filled with imperfections. We make mistakes sometimes beyond our control and we would end up feeling depressed as we wonder why we did not stop ourselves from doing something so stupid and naive. 444 more words


Temari Pinks & Greens

Healing colors appeared in my field during a run of emotional-spiritual trugging during January-February. Slog, slog, slog. That’s what it felt like. Little brightness in any direction. 174 more words


How Ditching Multitasking is the Most Productive Thing You Can Do

Do you have a tendency to check your Facebook page while eating lunch or maybe answer work Emails while watching TV or text while walking from the car to the office? 465 more words


Mindful Jewelry Design/Making Classes in Los angeles

So I know I don’t talk much about my jewelry these days on this blog, but I am still fully active in making jewelry and have decided to bring mindfulness to the act of creating in the realm of metal arts. 83 more words


For The Living

You will never find the ideal place to be until you become the ideal place to be. You will never find peace or happiness until you become them. 79 more words


The Mountain Chooses

In the beginning I saw the end
and the path to take me there
I saw my mountain ahead
and the me that would make the climb… 124 more words