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When you recognize a bridge
that can help you span the gap
to the next stage of your spiritual growth
stride onto it with courage and…

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Need to Be Right

In your inner and outer conversations
observe your need to be right
and you will get a sense
of the strength of your desire
for power and control.

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The Eightfold Path

Yesterday we discussed two common descriptions of the Four Noble Truths. In the other common expression of those Truths the final stanza is different from those discussed yesterday in that it tells you that the path to the cessation of suffering is The Eightfold Noble Path, which relates to the Truth’s daily manifestations. 784 more words

Ego, Consciousness, Thought

Mindfulness of God: Prayer

The techniques in these mindfulness essays keep God close at hand. Through prayer, we stay aware of God’s omnipresence, forgive as soon as we’re offended, and bless everyone and everything, thereby connecting to those around us, making it harder to hate and easier to love; and we humble ourselves, every moment, before the grandeur of life. 2,095 more words

Bible Essays


We have choice.

For some of us, negative thinking creeps in through our cracks, and we find ourselves IN IT, deeper than we thought. It looks different from time to time, person to person, but it is whatever is draining us … overwhelm about our health or work or inner life or our physical homes, concern about country and planet, fear about the present and the future, frustration about what we cannot shift, panic because it feels like too much to handle, ongoing worry that saps us slowly away, grief and resignation for things gone, or gone too far… these can become inner states that lock us out of a way forward, sunken and stuck. 499 more words

Energy Medicine


I saw happyness on a car number plate today while I was walking to the beach with my family. I had a flower behind my ear and the sun beating down on my shoulders and I felt so happy. 71 more words

2 Quote A Flower Daily - 4 Tulips

“Do just once what others say you can’t do, and you will never pay attention to their limitations again.”

~James R. Cook