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The power of Vulnerability

April 2017 felt like shaking back into our bodies, onto the earth body, moving, freeing, releasing. Showing the courage to allow the waves to wash over us and showing up fully. 63 more words

Standing still to let our roots grow stronger and connect to our hearts more deeply.

Feeling grateful for another wonderful evening in sisterhood! Rooting ourselves on mother earth, welcoming each other with a hand massage, saying ‘yes’ to life, meditation in movement, singing and sharing from the heart. 69 more words

Just For Today

You don’t have to let your sorrows go. Just let your sorrows be. As Ram Dass said, a snake doesn’t shed its skin all at once: it goes around for a while with the old skin half on. 191 more words

Only You can Validate YOU

The title says it all. Only you, yourself can validate your motives, desires, the way in which you live your life. There’s not one person, situation, anything that can stop you unless you let said person or situation do so. 34 more words


The Minimalist Process and Repurposing

“Uncommon thinkers reuse what common thinkers refuse” – JRD Tata

Recently I’ve been reevaluating my possessions as we head into the holiday season. Not that I expect gifts from anyone, but as we head into the new year, I want to enter with the things I love and want most. 365 more words


Taking Care of Ourselves

We had our first evening in November 2016 on the theme of Taking Care of Ourselves. Our intimate circle of 4 women felt so supportive and honest. 156 more words

Coming Back to Our Senses

We had yet another beautiful evening exactly a year ago, December 13th 2016. Thanks a lot for creating this loving, peaceful atmosphere! It felt to me like changing into an entirely different rhythm. 69 more words