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Clothes - a cooperative Mindmap

A mind map may result very useful and effective to represent ideas,  concepts, word banks after a brainstorming session – for example. It is a… 43 more words


SimpleMind - the art of mind mapping

The mind is a curious place with thoughts on everything that makes us what we are. The idea of mind mapping is to note down important ones and keep adding related ideas, tasks, links and just about any material to it. 400 more words



Opening session slides

Mind Mapping task.


Anti-heroes & gangsters Teamwork activity

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Some Top Methods For Revision!

Revision can be a tricky task – how do you learn? Different people have different methods and capabilities when trying to learn a topic. Maybe you will find yours here? 675 more words


Using Mind Maps instead of character sheets

I hate character sheets

There, I said it. They can be fun to write out all of the details, but I never end up with something useful that helps me write my story. 2,072 more words

Words In Your Face