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Understanding Service Execution

We have been talking about the process of the guest cycle in Lodging.  Talking through what happens with the guest, the hotel, different departments, and managers. 66 more words

Tourism Education

Mindmap for project portfolio management

Project portfolio is a basket of projects, programs and other work performed to achieve strategic business objectives of the organisation.

Project portfolio management comprises of the following steps; 275 more words

The tool for every entrepreneur!

We all know that every entrepreneur should have the quality of creativity. However, we also know that often our creative juices run dry and we have no new ideas! 257 more words



The deadline for our current Call For Submissions approaches at the end of January…

For Issue #2 of The Still Point Journal, we ask contributors to imagine that their submissions are part of a collective Researcher’s Notebook in both a literal, and a broader, metaphorical sense.

280 more words

Taste Research

At first I thought that the brief was to do with the taste of food etc. However after research and the first few seminars, I found that it was more to to with class and culture. 79 more words

Green Hands Brigade

#DesignThinking in Action

ICYMI.. this is how it all started: HMW start a recycling program at our school?

A fiery group of 7th grade math students want to make a difference at their school, so they have decided it’s time to put the words into action. 287 more words

Design Thinking

Math Is Hard

I Hate Math!

Math is hard for middle school students. Too many young minds believe they will never be good at math because numbers and logical thought processes are simply too complex to grasp at first glance. 845 more words

Design Thinking