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Character Growth 7 - Mental Attitudes, Personal Beliefs - Approach to Life and Priorities/Beliefs

Approach to life

The way people approach their lives needs to be reflected in your characters lives to make them real. There are the quiet ones that are seldom fully noticed as they stay on the periphery of life; observing; speaking only when they really need to as they keep their head down and just get on with it. 2,030 more words


Character Growth - Mental Attitudes/Personal Beliefs 2 - Personal Philosophy

 Personal philosophy

This is about how you feel life is and how you want, or need, to live it. It is as important in your character’s lives as it is in yours. 1,226 more words


Choosing the Book

I Firstly glanced through the books and chose to look more closely at Robinson Crusoe and Frankenstein. Once I learned more about Robinson Crusoe I felt like this was the book I wanted to do because of how it relates to a true story from years ago whereas Frankenstein is fictional. 380 more words