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Green Hands Brigade

#DesignThinking in Action

ICYMI.. this is how it all started: HMW start a recycling program at our school?

A fiery group of 7th grade math students want to make a difference at their school, so they have decided it’s time to put the words into action. 287 more words

Design Thinking

Math Is Hard

I Hate Math!

Math is hard for middle school students. Too many young minds believe they will never be good at math because numbers and logical thought processes are simply too complex to grasp at first glance. 845 more words

Design Thinking

Thinking not making

So far on this course I have done a lot of thinking and not much making.  I have used a lot of mindmaps because there is so much possible information and so many possible routes to take for the research I want to do that some form of structure is necessary.   20 more words

October 2015

The #HMW Questions

Plant An Idea

It all started innocently enough. I said to my 7th grade math class:

Please don’t crumple your papers when you put them in the recycling bucket.

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Design Thinking

Slow down you move too fast - Literature reviews

I met with a small group of BSc (Hons) students today to talk about their dissertations. Eight thousand words to select and craft in just over 6 months instills a sense of urgency, and, I’m encouraging them to ‘slow down.’ I could see the disbelief and panic etched on their faces as they’re keen to get going. 528 more words


Scrap Booking Your Thesis Thoughts

Much of the advice about doing a PhD and in particular the ‘writing the thesis’ part involves doing mindmaps, network diagrams, scribbles, drawings – any type of visualisation technique that will allow you to break from the 2 dimensional linear-word-on-page and get out that 3 dimensional understanding that you have of your research. 540 more words

Quadrant Exercises

First Quadrant:

Possible Ideas:

Final Quadrant: