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Mindmaps and flowcharts

Out of the suggested mind mapping tools and flowcharts I decided to give Coggle a test. It looked rather nice for a free tool. Turns out, it is. 276 more words

Making Learning Visible: Doodling Helps Memories Stick

Reading this article this morning reinforces the value of mind maps as a method of helping my Year 12 classes consolidate their learning for the HSC this term. 6 more words

Teaching Ideas

Mindmaps and Flowcharts

While instructing my students in Sociology, and especially when taking them through an answer discussion, I use a marker to etch a crooked sort of map on the board. 146 more words


Thing 14: Mindmaps and Flowcharts

Any tool that can help students learn more effectively is something which I am keen to look into, evaluate and adopt. Whenever I need to help students revise a topic, I tend to sketch mindmaps all over the board as I feel that this helps the student to visualise the different sections of the content and how these relate to each other. 320 more words


Mindmaps and flowcharts

Here is Task 14 – On mindmaps and flowcharts.

I have been using both tools in my teaching without realising it, albeit using marker pens on the white board instead of ready-made softwares. 207 more words


Module 2 Summary

For Module 2, we were asked to review a lesson on copyright information. We were to align the copyright information we learned (some new and some revisited) to a Mindmap. 117 more words