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**The Third Practice**コーチング練習三人目

I also had the second practice but since I did this third practice today, I'm writing this first. (before I forget this feeling)


Today, I had a dinner w my co-worker who introduced me to Coaching one month ago. 699 more words


**The First Practice**コーチング練習一人目

It’s been two weeks since I took the basic course of coaching skill.

I am now working part-time for my teacher. Instead of all my secretary works like planning events, making documents, and going to see the seminar room, I get some discounts for her course. 546 more words


Let's tweet!!

Hello, my fellow contributors!

There’s not currently being much activity on Daring to Live in Love! lately — we’re all busy, I know, & we have our own blogs to keep up with.  340 more words

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Week 8: COMMUNICATION -- No blah blah

For the final of the 8 Week Challenge, I had a long screed written, but upon re-reading it the next day, I realized it is just indulgent blah blah. 293 more words

8 Week Challenge

Week 7: GRATITUDE #2 -- In spite of myself

Been having trouble with this one — though ordinarily, I practice gratitude with verve, vim, verily with VIGOR!! I’m just so tired of being grateful for things that I don’t really want. 461 more words


Week 7: GRATITUDE -- Great big set of clues

How interesting it is that this post, which has been percolating to the surface for a few days, coincides so nicely with the 7th week of the… 476 more words


Week 6: the new doctrine of M.A.J.

Herewith another rumination on the 6th topic of the 8 Week Challenge, JOY ……. & perhaps a reason for why Joy is so difficult to find …………. 975 more words