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Is happiness really meant to be… I say yes yes yes…We tend to find happiness, but it lasts only a short time…Why… Because of our subconscious thoughts getting the best of us…Why you are believing that your happy on one hand… and on the other…your negativity is breaking down your support beams on a New Foundation that you’re trying to build… This happens to everyone I know… This is too good to be true… That line is a joke… Nothing but negative vibrations that haunt you and tear down a good thing that you’re trying to build… we are very self-destructive to ourselves even when we’re happy we must concentrate very hard on maintaining our happiness and hold on close to what is dear to us that creates happiness… hold on to it like your life depended on it… we only experience great love once in this body… great love great love can come at any time and come from any direction and any form shape or fashion…people let’s be ready to receive this happiness… hug yourself and say right now and forever I will hold on to my happiness