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Framed Prints: Mindscape and False Life

I finally printed Mindscape and False Life and framed them! Here’s what they look like:

I’m pretty happy with how they turned out. I’m submitting them to the show Overclocked tomorrow morning; hopefully they’ll get in!

Project 3: Mindscape

The main image for the final project in 3D Modeling! It’s not done yet – many things still need the be textured and the castle needs to be built, but this is sort of close to how the image is supposed to look when complete. 277 more words

3D Modeling Project 3: Mindscape

Project 3 is a visual representation of my own mindscape. The idea of a mindscape is the place of imagination where all mental processes take form. 243 more words


Sand and wind bit his ankle as he quickly ascended the Light. The steep overlooked a vast emptiness, the sun commanding all of the sky as their Emperor. 783 more words

Are you living your own reality?

Are you living your own reality or you are living those of your parents or friends? I’m saying this because it seemed 90% of everything I learnt right up to the age of 20 was not observable fact. 207 more words


Development 2.2

In exploration of waterlandscapes /Medium: watercolours on canvas

After the digital ipad paintings I incubated my friend’s room, started on some hands on experiment with the previous selected colour palette. 94 more words


Development 2.1 After images

Development and quick sketching practices on landscape in our mind, medium:  iPad digital procreate

Strzeminski once said in the process of seeing it is not important what the eye seizes mechanically but what man becomes aware of in his vision.

150 more words