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20 Day Challenge 

​I’ve accepted a challenge to write one blog post a day for 20 days straight!

I was encouraged by a friend to get considerable progress made on my book and together we came up with this challenge. 32 more words


Is nature self animated?

When stepped on in front, an earthworm tries to change direction of movement. When stepped on at the rear it immediately speeds up.That way it mitigates the probability of being stepped on again (Nietzsche). 443 more words


What is normality?

I have been wanting to ask this question as far back as last year but couldn’t really find a way to frame it well. What is ‘normality’? 178 more words


Mindscape, The

The mindscape, mental plane, or world of thought, refers to the macrocosmic or universal plane or reality that is made up purely of thought or mindstuff. 185 more words

Key Concepts

[Review] Balance of Power

REVIEW # 00000000 00100001

You have ignited a nuclear war. And no, there is no animated display of a mushroom cloud with part of bodies flying through the air.

909 more words

Are There Universal Existential Truths?

Assuming that we know what truth is and how to find it, the question then arises, are there universal existential truths? In other words different people derive different ‘truths’ from same experience of reality. 54 more words


That's me

You see that tree over there?
You see that kid playing?
You see the house over there?
Do you see the pot plant?
That’s me. 8 more words