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Where Are All The Tears?

Why isn’t everyone crying, all of the time?

Why has this entire planet not yet been submerged forever by the tears that cannot be stopped? 161 more words


Eatbrain Records - Chris.SU - Solar Eclipse - [Review]

As one of the imprints in the forefront of blood rushing induced releases, Eatbrain Recordings sure have vibes on lockdown and anteing the game up with no holds back every single time and with a well choreographed assault move on your senses. 162 more words

Ultimately, thoughts, emotions and ideas are the only realities

In a complex social system, the effectiveness of one’s decisions is dependent on the decisions of others. In other words, for a trader to have a business there must be someone willing to buy. 242 more words


The Place of Light

It all started when…

Almost two years ago, I sat down to do some internal work within myself concerning my business.  My favorite tool for this type of visualization and manifestation is called Mindscape.  883 more words

All progress in the ego gradually eliminates the individual from his herd

By ‘progress’ I mean advancement, growth, strengthening etc. This ego which in common language is referred to as ‘the self’ has a very short existence. In fact the very sojourness of our world is the ego metaphorised. 319 more words


Chapter 5, Part 3

Gradually pulling Faye out of her disorienting spiral through her mental plane was Josh’s voice. It was gentle, yet carried a hint of scornful pity. Even without the use of her additional sense in the confines of her tampered mind, the empath still had keen insight into the auditory cues that would indicate the state of someone’s mood. 746 more words

Word of the Day Writings-Week of November 18th, 2016

I swear, the guy who sends the words out lately has been on a rampage after Trump’s election, and it shows in this week’s words as well. 827 more words

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