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Mindscape, The

The mindscape, mental plane, or world of thought, refers to the macrocosmic or universal plane or reality that is made up purely of thought or mindstuff. 185 more words

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[Review] Balance of Power

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You have ignited a nuclear war. And no, there is no animated display of a mushroom cloud with part of bodies flying through the air.

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Are There Universal Existential Truths?

Assuming that we know what truth is and how to find it, the question then arises, are there universal existential truths? In other words different people derive different ‘truths’ from same experience of reality. 54 more words


That's me

You see that tree over there?
You see that kid playing?
You see the house over there?
Do you see the pot plant?
That’s me. 8 more words


Soliloquy on Pain

A certain level of pain is necessary for the proper evolution of our thoughts. Sometimes, you can listen to somebody express his or her thoughts and can tell whether those particular thoughts or ideas have undergone much evolution or less evolution. 20 more words


Nature or Nurture

The Nativists argue that nature (the genetic coding) is responsible for a persons behaviour and overall performance in life. The Empiricists (not to be confused with the scientific methodologists) argue that the external environment is responsible for the individuals personality or behaviour through a process called conditioning. 239 more words

Personal Observation

The Influence of Power on Moral Truth

According to Nietzsche there is no moral phenomena, only a moral interpretation of phenomena. This means the morality of an action or a deed is in the interpretation of that deed, making morality subjective. 588 more words