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All progress in the ego gradually eliminates the individual from his herd

By ‘progress’ I mean advancement, growth, strengthening etc. This ego which in common language is referred to as ‘the self’ has a very short existence. In fact the very sojourness of our world is the ego metaphorised. 319 more words


Chapter 5, Part 3

Gradually pulling Faye out of her disorienting spiral through her mental plane was Josh’s voice. It was gentle, yet carried a hint of scornful pity. Even without the use of her additional sense in the confines of her tampered mind, the empath still had keen insight into the auditory cues that would indicate the state of someone’s mood. 746 more words

Word of the Day Writings-Week of November 18th, 2016

I swear, the guy who sends the words out lately has been on a rampage after Trump’s election, and it shows in this week’s words as well. 827 more words

Prose & Poetry

Mindscapes #1: The Group vs The Individual

It was as an individual that you were introduced to the world. Since that day, however, you and I have been coerced by stealth into a designated form of collectivism. 469 more words


Concerning the Philosophization of the Emotions

No psychical activity is as dangerous and self harming as the philosophization of the emotions. To philosophize the emotions is to obstruct it’s path, to preserve its wounds and prevent the individual from training the emotions to successfully deal with life’s daily pains. 192 more words


Anna (Mindscape) - Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)


When a young girl claims everyone is against her, will you believe what she says, what you see, or what everyone else believes?

Review (with Spoilers) 778 more words


Is nature self animated?

When stepped on in front, an earthworm tries to change direction of movement. When stepped on at the rear it immediately speeds up.That way it mitigates the probability of being stepped on again (Nietzsche). 443 more words