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Daffodils in my garden danced to the wind.

Red tea on a winter morning as the fog chased around in play.

I sat warm with attachments. 27 more words

Abstract Art


This was one of the most successful yet vertical trips of one’s life because that is how accomplishments come and go and go and come. This is the point of contact for anybody who doesn’t figure to utilize a new toy. 312 more words

Abstract Art


I feel them rattle
Scurrying at the cellar
Gnawing and warping
Always at the edge of thoughts
When I am sober
When I am fully awake… 59 more words


The Relation of The Mind To The Body

Confusion arises whenever something exists but the source cannot be traced or is completely unknown. The mind, without which we cannot be conscious and for that matter we will not exist can be likened to a luminant object. 359 more words


Anna (Mindscape)

“I’m not a sociopath. Just smart enough to think like one.” – Anna Greene

Anna is a psychological thriller/mystery/science fiction (sort of) movie that unfortunately never quite remembers it’s supposed to be any of these things. 684 more words


Flood Light

Have you ever known someone for a really long time but never asked yourself why they get annoyed whenever the Sham-wow guy shows up on screen? 306 more words

Brain Mettle

Unleashing the Super Computer inside You

If I ask you which is more powerful: a super computer or the human brain, what would your answer be? Most people would say: “The super computer, of course!” 2,222 more words