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Never touch anything with half of your heart.

Well…what can I say? My creative juices have been flowing of late but I’ve been channeling them into other endeavors, would you believe it?

I’ve been knee deep in work projects and among keeping this whole work life balance thing going, my creative writing juices have faltered. 574 more words


Harnessing A New Power

Let me kick start this article with one of the most meaningful quotes from the Dark Knight Trilogy- “To conquer fear, you must first become fear”. 1,343 more words


Thinksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday – Tis the Season to Figure Things Out

For Thinskgiving, I am grateful for my blessings; I love to list my favorite things, what makes them thank-worthy, and what little disappointments that come with them. 580 more words


Leap into the unknown

I didn’t plan to write anything today. As the other times. I didn’t plan to write anything I’ve written so far. But then there’s this feeling telling me, sit down, just start writing and let it happen. 492 more words


In the Hands of an Artist

As a photographer, how I set up my lights is paramount because lighting is key. It is my job to get rid of the unflattering shadows when shooting a portrait. 538 more words


Soul Searching Friday

Today’s question from Luna & Sol is all about solitude:

Am I afraid of being alone and if so, what prevents me from facing myself? 905 more words

Thankfulness-Deep and Wide

Happy Thanksgiving week to all. This year has been a journey for me. A journey to self-acceptance and love. I used to be thankful for only monetary things, but the troubles I have had over the past three years have allowed my perspective to change. 233 more words