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Gear Review: Heroshark Viper Mesh Glasses

So, Let’s get one thing straight… Ballistic Lenses will always be a better option than mesh. No exceptions, No ifs, No buts and No maybes. The only thing that mesh offers above ballistic lenses is their inability to fog. 950 more words

Acceptance vs Giving up

Acceptance is one of those sucky things you just have to deal with in life and one of the big parts of growing up and that horrible thing we know as, ‘adulting’. 914 more words


“Every time I get that critique, I tell myself, ‘Oh, that’s their job,’ and I get to work immediately on my job.”

Carol S. Dweck, …

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Today's Quote

Life is the most difficult exam. Many people fail because they try to copy others – not realizing that everyone has a different question paper.


The benefits of water fasting

Or: Why I ate nothing for 6 days

Recently, I decided it was about time to give my body a break. Unhealthy eating, too much food had consumed it too much, it was about time to let it recover for a bit. 2,724 more words


6 Fundamentals We Need to Achieve Goals and See Results

Since I began my journey in a lifestyle change, I have had quite a few people ask me how I did it.   How did you lose the weight?  2,178 more words


Stress and its Source (Part 3)

In this final entry on internal stressors, let’s examine these sources:

  • Unclear goals
  • Lack of resilience
  • Inflated sense of self and ability
  • Minimizing opponents

Note, again, that all of these stressors are really made up of beliefs and expectations within a competitive mindset. 569 more words

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