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I lay,
Tossing and turning,
Not for want of sleep, but for you.
I shut mine eyes but silhouettes of your body
And feelings you stir in me I see. 42 more words


MindStorm Music Decides to Release "SHINING" soon.

This is dope music putting Ghanaian Hip-Hop on the map,from MindStorm Music

it will be out for everyone to enjoy this awesome  I klnow you all cant wait to listen, download,lip-sing and share with friends   and its dropping this

Wednesday, 30 of September 2015.


LEGO Digital Designer

We’ve been using LEGO Digital Designer in our Computing lessons. It’s free so you can download it at home for your laptop or PC. Make sure you get an adult to help you. 28 more words

Class 4 News


I slowly take off the little vestments,
This sweltering heat affords me,
Languidly bringing my naked form
To lie on the somewhat cold tiles.
Tiles which mat the floor but soon grow… 97 more words


M Is for Telepath

My folks tell me I’ve been writing stories since I was in 2nd grade. Do I remember that? No, but the first stories I do remember writing were fanfic (really, really amateur fanfic) set in comic book universes, mostly X-Men. 916 more words

Science Fiction

Bumps and Rides

There will be potholes along the journey.
Bumps along the ride.
Some of you may fall off the wagon,
some of you may die.
And it’s hard to imagine faultless… 280 more words


Hello Barbie: the cyberdoll connected to internet

Article after article, step by step, we try to underline the mutual contaminations between the real world and the virtual one (internet). Our web’ sociological analysis… 923 more words