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Bumps and Rides

There will be potholes along the journey.
Bumps along the ride.
Some of you may fall off the wagon,
some of you may die.
And it’s hard to imagine faultless… 280 more words


Hello Barbie: the cyberdoll connected to internet

Article after article, step by step, we try to underline the mutual contaminations between the real world and the virtual one (internet). Our web’ sociological analysis… 923 more words



Oh the joy of planning a birthday party for the modern American child…  This month I happen to be planning two.  The Princess is having her party b.c she is a December baby and wants a party for her friends before the year is out.   55 more words

Well Intentioned Disasters

5 really cool Lego Mindstorm machines

It’s pretty amazing how advanced stuff you can develop with Lego Mindstorm. These are five robot favorites!

Cool machine that folding a paper plane and launches it… 42 more words

In English

Lego Mindstorm EV3 firmware change

I bought my Ev3 last summer and it has always been my plan to replace the original firmware, with something more programming based. Having used leJOS before on my old RCX 1.5, I chose this. 64 more words


On Hugos and Nebulas, Part 13: Titles

Coming up with a good title for a book is the second hardest thing about writing. (The first? Writing the back cover blurb. Wow, I can write a 106,000-word, coherent, interesting story but the 106 words to describe it? 289 more words

On Writing

Pyjamma Day ... at last!

A year ago I posted our first blog. We had just given in our de-registration letter, had our half-term and were embarking on our new adventure together (well the twins joined us about a week later). 256 more words

The Adventure Goes On