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Minecraft (PE) - Pros and Cons

What’s up guys, Bandoboy here with a Minecraft (PE) Pros and Cons Post! Minecraft is one of the most popular games ever. You cn build anything, fight zombies, explore, craft, and more! 31 more words


CivilizationCraft 2.0

Netizen et al. have officially announced the release of Civilization Craft 2.0, with the closed beta beginning as of this morning. Along with the official post… 772 more words


Mine-draft a suggestion to Mojang

It’s a voxel-based game.
Is it Dwarf Fortress?
It’s got real* graphics.
Dungeon keeper?
It’s first-person.
Minecraft! 859 more words

Putting Victoria out of her misery

Since this is bugging Victoria so damn much. This is the tower, I know it looks all terrifying and daunting, but what’s with the flames? Is it some massive pillar of diabolical events? 107 more words


Minecraft Update 1.0

After having given up on survival mode, now all that we do is spend hours of our valuable time building nonsense in creative mode. I’m far too lazy to spend hours searching for resources okay? 92 more words


Minecraft: Wanderlust Reloaded

I wish I had the words (and time to nail down those words) to describe why I’ve been spending most of the past week in Minecraft – sandboxing and crafting around on one screen, while the other screen plays a DVD or a Youtube video of a tabletop adventure laden with story. 1,277 more words


Does everything need to be educational? #Minecraft

I skimmed over The Myth of the Minecraft Curriculum a few days ago and then was reminded about it again this morning due to a friend tweeting it my way. 347 more words