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Minecraft Game Play: Tips & Tricks To Fight Creepers and Build New Worlds

Hi! I’m BonBonBing! I am a gamer girl living in the United States. On this blog and through YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and my web site, I plan to share my love of games through game play videos, fan art, music videos and more. 62 more words


How to make Herobrine in ps3

This is a way to spawn herobrine in ps3. Things u should bring is: 4 Redstone Torch,8 Gold blocks,Nether Rack Flint and steel. This one is only use for ps3,XBOX and PC. In Xbox, Herobrine is invisible.


New Video Posted: Parking Garage Build

I ended up changing to a new city because I was getting really tired of dealing with the biome changes. So, I started a new world on superflat. 137 more words


Last Story of Legendary swords

The last Sword. A sword like this look like its made of Emerald but its a Smite Dust Sword or “Enchanted Armorable sword”. The sword is highly containable sword. 10 more words


Other Cool sword Stories

There are lots Ideas of Swords. Minecraft craft stuffs is cooler. There are Two Swords made out from Miscallenous. Sword Made out from lava. Swords like this have Good Quality of the Damage, while The sword made of Water. 13 more words


NetherRack Sword

The Ultimate Section on the
Nether sword. Did you know? That only obsidian is from nether but Nethe rRacks too. It can Craft to a sword,pickaxe,Axe,Shovel and Hoes. 33 more words


Emerald Crafting

This is all about Emerald Crafting. There is a new Update of Diamonds. Red and Dark Blue Emeralds. All of them can be useful for all of you MC Fans!. 13 more words