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In Gaming, How Complex is Too Complex?

I recently decided to develop a new video series for my YouTube channel Adults Only Minecraft. The series, titled Old Man Modded Minecraft, follows my adventures as I try to learn the basic and advanced features of a totally unfamiliar… 531 more words

Online Minecraft Game

Get ready to enjoy all cool Minecraft online games? Take time and land on Online Minecraft Game. What’s fun in there? About 200 fascinating and cool Minecraft games that can make you enjoy all day. 227 more words


Dyabolic Dylan's Guide To Gaming

Hi every body I just started this blog so I’m now playing Skate 3 and having a compition with my uncles.Right now I am winning!AND I WON YEEEAAAHHH!!!!!!!!


The Big G of Games

A few weeks ago I attended a webinar where James Gee presented on the Big G of games. It is always a pleasure to listen to James Gee and consider the aspects of gaming that he unpacks. 356 more words


Minecraft-The game of this age

So, now that I’m on Spring break, I’ll probably be posting multiple times a day, to make up for all of the days that I didn’t write. 492 more words


More on CivilizationCraft

It’s now been a little over a week since the CivilizationCraft 2.0 beta launch and there have been a few rather unsurprising developments in that time, the most prominent of which is that the beta really hasn’t been going so well. 382 more words


Minecraft Update 2.0

I don’t know what’s happening anymore. Let’s just shove buildings together and call this mess a town, yes?

Boom. Watermill. The buildings made of hay though, so if the skeletons start modifying their weapons to include flaming arrows, everybody’s going down. 63 more words