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The List - Minecraft

Ahh Minecraft… the hours I’ve spent on survival exploring world seed after world seed. Endless caverns and vast expanses of land were my canvas to create whatever my heart desired. 515 more words


Top Minecraft Hosts

Who should you use to host your Minecraft server?

Today, I am here to show you my knowledge of Minecraft hosts. Like you, before purchasing a server I did months and months of research to try to find a perfect host for my server.  400 more words


Threat Meter Gauges Risk of Creeper-Assisted Suicide

If you’ve played even just a few minutes of Minecraft, you know what a creeper is. For those not familiar with the wildly popular sandbox game, a creeper is a monster that creeps along silently until it’s close to a player, whereupon it self-destructs by exploding. 254 more words

LED Hacks

Summary | 12-18

Strange week. I was barely coping with the work, and I definitely spent too much time in Minecraft game. It’s due to new update that has water stuff in it, sea weed, kelp, turtles. 384 more words


Minecraft as Anxiety Relief

Yes, you read that right. Even before I got pregnant, I have been using the game Minecraft as anxiety relief and here is why.

Distraction… 382 more words

Getting started with Digital Technologies

Partly in response to the new New Zealand Digital Technologies curriculum, my school is offering a Year 7 module for Digital Technologies for the first time this year. 2,012 more words


The Historical Story of the CACC Pt. 1 (MCPC)

Hi! So I was looking around on my creative world, and then I remembered about this floating… thing.

Anyways, if you remember my last post, I spawned many dogs and tied one to each fence on the post. 335 more words