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Zombie Miner

Steve is in a dangerous situation; he has just landed on the zombies’ territories. Let’s help him build shelters to protect him from being attacked by the enemies, all players! 86 more words

Thomas turned 5!! 

My son, Thomas, turned 5 on May 19th. He got to choose where he wanted his party, who to invite and what the theme would be. 177 more words

Quickie: Block Jointing Mechanics

Since a good number of you may have been wanting to see how blocks are “jointed,” here they are; the BJMs. (Read the title from the second word from the left above if you missed what that meant.) 244 more words


Making Survival/Crafting Less Boring: Mad Vagrant Mode

If you go and look at Steam storefront right now, the land seems beset by a plague of crafting and survival games with zombies and pvp, like a writhing, homogenous flood of feculent maggots. 1,002 more words


Bored with Minecraft? Mod it!

Not every computer program lends itself to modification.  Binary programs are intentionally obscure.  Open source is one cure for this, and if you like doing the weirdest thing you can think of with your computer, having the human written code makes your life so much better. 177 more words


Watch "Family fun with minecraft #2" on YouTube

Video #2 in my journey
through Minecraft. In this video we are starting from scratch..new spawn…new world. First night we try to find shelter and some food. 9 more words