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Zagoran Energy

Boro Ivic waited watchfully for the vacuum-ship from Pozhega planet to dock at the giant station. He was the one and the only welcome for the off-world foreign geological expert hired to come to Zagora and help that backward society solve its crippling fuel and power problems. 2,734 more words


Rocks and Minerals (Smithsonian Handbooks), by Chris Pellant: A Review

I’ve spent a lot of time in my life with a variety of different field guides, especially mineralogy field guides. In fact, I’ve already reviewed the… 553 more words

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Rocks and Minerals, by Herbert S. Zim: A Review

The Rocks and Minerals Golden Guide was one of my first rock and mineral books when I was quite young, and it holds a fondly-lit place in my memory for that reason, certainly. 696 more words

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Mineralogy: A World of Law and Beauty

When you think of minerals, you may think of the breakfast components you read on the back of the cereal box. This blog however, is a discussion about minerals like garnet, amethyst, diamond, emerald, ruby, sapphire, opal, topaz, turquoise, and many others. 2,803 more words


The Boy Mineral Collectors, by Jay G. Kelley: A Wednesday Wreckage Review

Here’s the first Wednesday Wreckage, a new category where I critique a deserving / undeserving book that has raised my hackles, tickled my irritability, or otherwise annoyed me. 948 more words

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American Mineral Treasures, edited by Gloria A. Staebler and Wendell E. Wilson: A Review

It’s not always easy to meet fellow mineral collectors. For what used to be such an inclusive and welcoming hobby (or was that just how it felt to me?), a lot of people you meet — at clubs, in rock shops, at shows — are just that little bit stand-offish, almost as though they’re afraid that you’re going to come around and nick their best stuff. 814 more words

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A Day For Some Minerals, Part 1.

I woke up this morning and thought about minerals, quartz in particular.  Why quartz?  For one thing, about two out of every three steps we take will be on silicon dioxide, or quartz.   125 more words