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Azurite and Malachite [PROCESS]

This is how I imagined Azurite and Malachite as Steven Universe’s characters… And yes, I know there is a Malachite in Steven Universe but I din’t know that when I imagined this two so I drew them. 79 more words

Arte Digital

A curious structure: a leaf or a crystal?

If I would ask you what you see in the picture above, some of you might see a leaf, a fossil leaf that fell from its tree 50 millions years ago. 658 more words


Broken Crystals

Every now and then, I write a short post on a long-dead geologist whom I had never heard of before, but have discovered that it’s their birthday anniversary. 484 more words


Chimneys and smoke at the bottom of the sea: signs of a fire below!

One of the most spectacular features of geology (at least to me) are black smokers. They consist of hollow conduits where hot, nearly boiling fluids exit the oceanic crust. 755 more words


New Apophyllite and Quartz Specimens

Formed from mineral-rich hot fluids in igneous rocks, beautiful apophyllite is a popular mineral to collect because of its multiple colors, large crystals, abundance and relative low cost- it’s often the young collector’s step up from quartz. 153 more words

The Crystal Society; An introduction

Many strange stories can be heard on university benches during coffee breaks. During my undergraduate studies, a friend used to make fun by saying: “Minerals are devious and have their own secret organization that will rule the world one day”. 948 more words


Salty Flows on Mars!

Post contributed by Lujendra Ojha, Georgia Institute of Technology.

Recurring slope lineae (RSL) are dark, narrow features forming on present-day Mars that have been suggested to be a result of transient flowing water. 660 more words