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GEL 3050 Mineralogy/Optical Mineralogy

One of the first classes that I began in my Upper division coursework is one all Geologists must take, or be familiarized with. Mineralogy is a fascinating study of the properties of the Crystals, Minerals, Gems, and every scientific facet associated with it. 296 more words


The Cabinet of Lost Minerals

In 1810, Sir Charles Greville’s substantial collection of minerals were bought by the British Museum for a small fortune – £13,727. Along with the cabinets that housed them. 898 more words

18th Century

The February Birthstone – Amethyst

Welcome to blog post number two about birthstones (again, published in the last second). As you know I like to get science-y with these posts and probably use terms and jargons that you’ve never heard of. 943 more words


The January birthstone - garnet

So, it’s been a few weeks since my last blog post. I wanted to publish this particular one a little earlier but life got in the way and I definitely under estimated how difficult it would be for me to try to explain all of these science terms in an easy and understandable way, haha! 1,490 more words


Anime Spotlight #29

Come for the Gems; stay…for them, too.

Houseki no Kuni — “Land of the Lustrous” — is that CG-made Anime that actually doesn’t look like crap, for a change.  533 more words

Anime Spotlight

Geo-pic of the week: Pyrite

(FOV approx. 3 mm, photo by Stephen Stuart)

Pyrite, also known as Iron Pyrite (FeS2), is the most common sulfide mineral. Its most frequent crystal structure is cubic, as seen in the picture above. 94 more words

GeoPic Of The Week

Important Mineral abbreviation

Abbreviations should be logical and consistent and reflect established use .Mineral abbreviations should not coincide with atomics symbols if the native element does occur in nature. 273 more words