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Shungite (2)

Like many rocks and minerals on this planet, shungite has been around for a very, very long time, over two billion years in fact and it’s known to contain something called  865 more words

Stone Mania

New Quartz 'Wand' For My Mineral Collection

A gift, this quartz ‘wand’ is 6″ x 1″ x 3/4″ (152mm x 25mm x 19mm). My daughter immediately picked it up, made some underhand Harry Potter move with it and abruptly vanished. 153 more words

Fifty Minerals That Changes the Course of History, by Eric Chaline: A Review

There should be a good deal to like in a book that promises to review the minerals that have changed the course of history. Minerals, and mineralogy as a science, have led to countless developments in human history, and there are many interesting stories to tell about how our understanding of the things which come from beneath the earth have led to humanity’s present level of modest technological comfort and advancement. 1,504 more words

Book Reviews

Minerals: Nature's Fabulous Jewels, by Arthur Court & Ian Campbell, with Photographs by M. Halberstadt: A Review

As someone who is renewing his somewhat desultory efforts to write a popular book about mineralogy, I’m always interested to find a book that I didn’t previously know about in this rather esoteric genre. 1,041 more words

Book Reviews

Remembering Dr. Paul Tucker

When I first took the job of Curator of Geology at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences, the Geology Collection and I were housed off-site in Cary, NC, about 20 minutes from the museum proper. 1,005 more words

Research & Collections

Haiku: Ollie's Holy Cross

Ollie’s holy cross,

Reconciles Christ and crystal,

Immanence in rock.

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