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05-24. Iolite – cordierite #4

From a resource by T. Armbruster, study of an iolite crystal.



05-20. Tourmaline – elbaite #7.

From a resource by Nuber & Schmetzer. An elbaite from Zambia.

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Crystals, Rocks, Minerals, What Exactly Are They?

What exactly is a crystal, rock and a mineral?  This is something that many people struggle to answer when asked and I hope this article makes things a little clearer.   1,286 more words

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05-08. Tourmaline – dravite #2.

Dravite polyhedra and atom unit cell on a tourmaline background.

From a resource by Foit & Rosenberg – vanadium-bearing tourmaline.

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05-07. Tourmaline – dravite #1.

Tourmaline will be the mineral of week #19 & 20 of this – 52 grain of sand – journey.

Tourmaline is not a single mineral, but a group of 32 closely related minerals sharing the same chemical structure. 149 more words

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Nested Rings

The perception of present priorities change with time,  intrinsic and external factors, reshaped conditions. A gathering relevant to climate mutation and natural resources, stimulates interest to research anthropological and scientific literature, related to the topic. 1,061 more words

Geo-pic of the Week: Accessory Minerals

(FOV approx. 2 mm, photo by Corbin Cannon)

Accessory minerals are minerals found in igneous rocks that are not used for the classification or naming of the rock. 153 more words

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