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Geo-pic of the week: Pyrite

(FOV approx. 3 mm, photo by Stephen Stuart)

Pyrite, also known as Iron Pyrite (FeS2), is the most common sulfide mineral. Its most frequent crystal structure is cubic, as seen in the picture above. 94 more words

GeoPic Of The Week

Important Mineral abbreviation

Abbreviations should be logical and consistent and reflect established use .Mineral abbreviations should not coincide with atomics symbols if the native element does occur in nature. 273 more words

206 BC: The Jade Suit of Liu Sheng

The jade burial suit of Liu Sheng, son of the emperor Jing Di who ruled over the principality of Zhongshan during the Han Dynasty (206 BC- 24 AD), was constructed in the belief that the stone’s magical connection to eternal life would be passed onto the deceased. 60 more words

Door 7 - Wrapping up for Christmas!

This post by Florence Bullough originally appeared on Four Degrees, part of the EGU blogs network. 469 more words


Quartz in Oxalic Acid: Day 3

Day 3: I took my quartz out of the crock pot today!  And boy do they look great!  I put on the lab coat and the face shield again, except this time, I also had to wear sturdy rubber gloves so I would be able to pick up my quartz out of the acid.  152 more words


Quartz in Oxalic Acid: Day 1 and 2

Yesterday I put my quartz from the mineralogy field trip to Mt. Ida (Field Trip to Mt. Ida) in oxalic acid!  The reason for putting quartz in oxalic acid is to remove any red clay stuck to the quartz. 296 more words