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Giants cristals and others "Trésors de la Terre" currently in Paris.

La dernière fois que je suis allée sur Paris j’avais envie de quelque chose de particulier et l’exposition Trésors de la Terre à la Galerie de Minéralogie et Géologie fût exactement ce dont j’avais besoin. 792 more words


Through the microscope and into white water

Every so often my geo professors here will say something really profound in class and I try and scribble it down in the margins. This means I end up with something really inspirational; “geologists are ultimately really interested in the passing of time” next to the chemical formula for olivine or an illustration of a sedimentary structure. 260 more words


Basalt: A Source of Beauty and Wonder

Further adventures of our mineralogists in Cambodia: follow museum scientists Paula Piilonen and Glenn Poirier on their hunt for minerals for their research.

In Ratanakiri province, and many other regions across Cambodia, the land is covered by a dark orange red, iron- and aluminum-rich soil called laterite. 577 more words


Betweentimes a quartz crystal

An unusually clear and beautiful rock/berg crystal.


The Geology of Star Trek: I. Minerals, Crystals and Alien Life Forms

According to Vulcan philosophy one should respond with grief only if a life was lost in vain. The loss of Mister Spock – more precisely of actor Leonard Nimoy – last week was followed by worldwide reactions, remembering him both in his role as a real person. 52 more words


Mineralogy Adventure in Cambodia: Looking for Topaz in Takeo Province

Museum mineralogists Paula Piilonen and Glenn Poirier are in Cambodia, looking for minerals relevant to their research. Follow along on their first trip to Takeo province, near Vietnam. 718 more words