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Sample collection from the Nkamouna Deposit in Cameroon | CoG3 Consortium

CoG3 project member and University of Manchester PhD student Sulaiman Mulroy reports back on a recent fieldwork trip to Cameroon in West Africa.

In June 2016 I travelled to Cameroon to collect samples from the Nkamouna laterite, one of a number of lateritic ore deposits formed on top of lenticular serpentinite rocks, which cover around 240km2 in the East of Cameroon. 889 more words

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A Hidden Gem: The Mineralogy and Petrology Museum, University of Alberta 

Late last month I found myself in Edmonton, with a free day prior to the Three Societies meeting (22-25 June). Touring the University of Alberta campus, I  wandered into the basement of the Earth Sciences building, to discover the Mineralogy and Petrology Museum ( 331 more words

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i have been immersed in the world of jewelry for exactly a full year; 14 full moons rose, started building my my big girl ward… 266 more words


The Underground Reader

Kebi never told anyone he met in Goria why he had come there from Zemlia. He kept the reason to himself as an awkward personal secret. 2,519 more words


Geologic Nuclear Waste Storage

by Zoe Dilles

Nuclear energy has enormous potential to alleviate the energy demands of the future, but poses a challenge in its production of nuclear waste. 428 more words

Nuclear Power

American Indian Chert Projectile Point/Knife

I had planned my next SiO2 post to feature colorful amethyst but it proved surprisingly hard to photograph, like most of the rocks and minerals in my small new collection. 386 more words

A curious structure: a leaf or a crystal?

If I would ask you what you see in the picture above, some of you might see a leaf, a fossil leaf that fell from its tree 50 millions years ago. 658 more words