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Geo-pic of the Week: Accessory Minerals

(FOV approx. 2 mm, photo by Corbin Cannon)

Accessory minerals are minerals found in igneous rocks that are not used for the classification or naming of the rock. 153 more words

GeoPic Of The Week

The importance of being an unglamorous collection | Curator of Micropalaeontology

Most geological collections we hear about in the news are the prettiest, oldest, youngest, largest, smallest, rarest, most expensive or have some exciting story related to them that ties them to the evolution of our planet. 1,117 more words

Curators And Researchers

Mineralogical introduction

Metal-Aid focuses on the development, synthesis and application of mineral components as reactants to remediate soil and groundwater, which are contaminated by heavy metals and/or organic solvents. 324 more words


Geo-pic of the Week: Brookite

(FOV approx. 1.5 mm, photo courtesy of Stephen Stuart)

The metallic crystal in the center of the photo above is a mineral known as brookite. It was collected in Magnet Cove, AR. 188 more words

GeoPic Of The Week

021617: Overlooked

Today’s images come from shooting I did at the Museum of Natural History in Florence. These particular images were originally passed over when I chose my “selects” from this project. 279 more words


Entrance to geology museum

Taken while inside Jardin des Plantes, with an entrance leading towards the Mineralogy and Geology Museum within the gardens.

You may be interested in more; … 8 more words


Shungite and Crystal Healing

Like many rocks and minerals on this magnificent planet, shungite has been around for a very, very long time, over two billion years in fact and it’s known to contain something called  920 more words

Stone Mania