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Epilepsy and Electrolytes

It’s a situation often mentioned but rarely understood – the effects electrolytes have on seizures.

But a simple blood test can detect the danger of unbalanced electrolytes. 396 more words


The Juice Craze

Are you fed up of feeling bloated and tired straight after eating a meal? Are you fed up of wanting to get in all your vitamins and minerals, but don’t fancy eating a plateful of rabbit food? 116 more words


Geoscientist's Toolkit: Heavy Liquid Separation

When purifying a mineral from whole rock, one of the most useful separations is by density. Water, being less dense than most rock, is not especially useful for this. 314 more words

Geoscientist's Toolkit

7 Nutrient Deficiencies That Can Make You Sick

Tired? Depressed? Always under the weather? You might not be getting the right amount of these vitamins and minerals.

By: Melissa Breyer   January 25, 2013… 1,412 more words


Managing in winter - Brian Frost

The new run off

Well, Frostie finally got his dream run off for the farm. We have been looking for a support block since we moved back to the North Island in 1999 as Brian loves to be able to have control of all the stock.  613 more words


The Straight Up Truth: Do Vitamin Supplements Do Anything?

Flintstone vitamins were my jam.  I remember them as being a significant highlight to my day.  Those vitamins had a distinct crack as I crushed Fred, Wilma, or Dino’s various fruit flavor with my molars.   1,337 more words