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EU RARE-kkut nalunaarusiaat.

Nunatta namminiilivinnissamini pisariaqartippaa periarfissarititaasut tamaasa isumatusaartumik atorluassallugit – aamma qaqqatsinni pinngoqqaatit qaqutigoortut atorluartariaqarput. Taamaammat una EU-mit nalunaarusiaq assut soqutiginarpoq – ilisimasariaqarlunilu.

Extended abstract

This market report, which is a result of the EURARE project, maps and contextualizes those industrial activities within the EU that are based on producing or consuming rare earth elements (REE). 37 more words

Aningaasatigut Tunngaviit


Chemical Formula: C

Color: Silvery gray or black

Hardness: 1-2

Importance: Main use is for the “lead” in pencils. Is highly conductive, making it useful in electrical circuits. 68 more words

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Chemical Formula: Mg3Si4O10(OH)2

Color: Usually white or grey, but may also have a tint of green

Hardness: 1

Importance: Powdered talc is made into talcum powder, which is used in cosmetics and baby powder. 101 more words

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Increase your rate of haemoglobin by going Vegan!

It is said that eating spinach increases the iron content of the blood. But spinach has Calcium too because of which it hinders the absorption of iron and vice-versa. 187 more words


Are vitamins and supplements really helpful?

This article is written by Edward Alain Pajarillo, MSc, Ph.D. Research Associate @ Florida A&M University.

Recently, I saw a post on social media about a friend of mine buying so many supplements from this well-known company (that I was also subscribing to). 288 more words


Vitamin D in a Day

         Vitamin D is necessary for its immune-boosting health, specifically bone growth after 6 months of age and thereafter; it helps with calcium and phosphorus absorption. Food alone cannot provide the source of Vitamin D that the body can use. 176 more words

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Geo-pic of the Week: Accessory Minerals

(FOV approx. 2 mm, photo by Corbin Cannon)

Accessory minerals are minerals found in igneous rocks that are not used for the classification or naming of the rock. 153 more words

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