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Swift Naturals- Herb Derived Medicine

I’ve had the pleasure of being able to try some products from Swift Naturals, and I am very excited to share my experience with you all! 254 more words

Calcium: Sources and Health Benefits

Calcium is an essential mineral in the human metabolism, that has a widely known role in bone structure and teeth health. Moreover, calcium is used to help control muscle and nerve function and helps regulate the acid/alkaline balance and maintain a normal PH level (around 7.2-7.4) in the blood stream. 411 more words

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It's not rocket science...

The minerals in Alkalize To Go put into distilled water will raise the pH of that water to over 10.5!  It’s the natural ionic minerals with the water as nature’s delivery system which move the body’s pH from acidic to alkaline. 25 more words


Interview: Hannah

Today we’re joined by Hannah. Hannah is a truly phenomenal artist who makes some of the most gorgeous jewelry. Using natural gems, fossils, and minerals, she creates stunning work. 439 more words


The Salt of The Dead Sea

Have you been swimming in the dead sea? .. Me neither, although it is something i’m still yet to do.

So you must of heard people rant and rave about how amazing the salt of the dead sea is for you.. 172 more words

The Plant of Immortality

.. Is what the Egyptians referred to it as.

The Aloe Vera plant provides magical healing properties leaving your skin smooth and clear.

Aloe Vera is fantastic for sensitive skin and you can purchase it in many forms- the raw form of aloe vera juice from the leaves, organic aloe vera gel and aloe vera is now used in many skin care products. 111 more words