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All Speed Ahead!

Being inspired is great; it’s all you can think about, so many new doors open, ideas come flooding in, as does the need to do something! 272 more words


Balancing hormones naturally through nutrition.

Hormones play essential roles within the body. Sometimes they can upset the way we feel, how we sleep and whether we gain weight. Keeping our hormones in balance can sometimes be challenging, but there are many natural ways we can live more harmoniously with our hormones! 1,189 more words


Dry Winter Skin? Hydrate From The Inside Out

It’s here. The cold. The dry. The itchy. The inevitable, it seems. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Keeping your skin hydrated is a process, but it’s one that can start from the inside out. 591 more words

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How Field Inspired Subject

During my field term I looked into loads of designers, completed masses of research, and pushed myself to try and further my ideas; the only problem? 399 more words



Fluorite is the mineral term for calcium fluoride. It is a halide mineral with the chemical formula CaF2.It has a hardness of 4 on the Mohs scale and tends to form isometric cubic crystals, though more complex crystals are not unheard of. 72 more words


Super Smoothies & a Little Change of Pace

I’m currently taking a course called Principles of Plain Language as part of my educational objectives for work. It’s a really useful course, not only work-wise, but also because once I become a nutritionist (knock on wood), a huge part of my job will be to write assessments for clients. 871 more words



Vitamins and minerals… most people are familiar with the two terms. But what exactly are they? And what is so important about them? Today, I’m going to address these basic questions and, over the coming weeks, I’ll be discussing the science behind each and every vitamin and mineral. 584 more words