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Namesake Minerals #12

Another high pressure quartz polymorph features in today’s post, but this one is even more extreme than coesite. Stishovite has a similar history to coesite – it was first created in the laboratory and a natural occurrence was discovered soon after. 323 more words


Forever Aloe Gel

This is a truly remarkable plant with so many benefits.

Detoxifying. Aloe juice is full of amino acids, vitamins and minerals which makes it a very efficient cleanser. 118 more words

JAMIE'S BLOG - YEAR 7 - KINDNESS DAY 48 :: a day in the capital 


History. Herstory. So many stories.

Today was spent among the Smithsonian Museums. Which always impress. And blow my mind in so many ways. My intentional act of kindness today was taking a photo of a family at one of the museums so they would have the memory to keep. 55 more words


Face and hair care

I suffer with spots and have very fine, limp hair. Last year these two catalysts, along with my escalating interest in sustainable products prompted me to overhaul my beauty products. 221 more words


What the supplement companies don't tell you...

The supplement industry was estimated to be worth £13.5 billion worldwide. The Foods Standards Agency revealed that 1 in 3 people in the UK take vitamin and mineral supplements of some description. 871 more words


Geo-pic of the Week: Brookite

(FOV approx. 1.5 mm, photo courtesy of Stephen Stuart)

The metallic crystal in the center of the photo above is a mineral known as brookite. It was collected in Magnet Cove, AR. 188 more words

GeoPic Of The Week


Project: Arthier Lithium Pre Feasibility Study

Owner: Sayona

Consultancy: Bumigeme (Canada)

Location: Quebec, Canada

The +/-25% study has shown that the project is technically and financially feasible.