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Why Sprout or Grow Fodder?

What is Sprouting & Fodder?
Sprouting is the process of taking seeds through the germination process by first soaking the seed in water for about 8-12 hours, then draining water from the seed into trays, the seeds are then rinsed morning and evening for 5 days.  144 more words


More than 40 Incredible Uses for Honey

In our age of western medicine, the society has turned away from the natural health remedies that were greatly used by our ancestors. We often rely more on the modern chemically produced pills than all natural traditional medicine. 589 more words


Plantbased Zinc

Whilst people are quick to question whether you can source protein,iron and calcium on a vegan diet – what people never seem to have at the forefront of their minds is one mighty micronutrient: Zinc. 577 more words


The Regale of France: Henry VIII’s lost ruby

Glittering jewels, precious metals and religious relics – ranging from a spine from the Crown of Thorns to a twig from the Burning Bush, and sundry relics of saints – were important to all medieval monarchs as physical symbols of power, pomp and religious expression. 856 more words


Health Tip #17

Eat your veggies!  How many times have you heard that?

As children many of us weren’t naturally drawn to vegetables.  Instead we preferred dense calorie sources such as sugars and fats.   234 more words

2017 Health Tips

The Fire Stones

Though the predominant focus of most bestiaries is animals, many include plants and minerals in their pages as well. These serve the same purpose of moral instruction as the rest of the entries, containing clear allegories of sinful and virtuous behavior to instruct the reader. 396 more words

Bestiary Entries

What is a Raw Vegan Diet?

When developing a raw vegan diet, or any diet for that matter, you should focus on choosing foods that provide your body with the five most essential types of nutrients: carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, and vitamins. 788 more words

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