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Dreams of Children by Ralph Dartford

Dreams of Children

Walking up the hill to the poetry class,
talking to myself as if a mad man, of how
tonight I will encourage the students… 189 more words

Celebrating Change

New Model Army "1984"

Gosh golly me (posh English accent) I’m feeling militant today.

Peace D

(Suddenly though I have forgotten how to sing, maybe because everyone else is screaming to much on our net and the only thing we have left is steel and ‘service’ industry. 6 more words

Mental Patients Have Opions Too

Power to the people

English protest songs have inspired generations of people to unite together and change history.

They have stirred movements, from suffragettes to strikers, giving a collective voice to the voiceless. 851 more words

A Brief Introduction To...

The Cinderloo Story

For the last few months, Andrew Howe and Ted Eames have been working with an enthusiastic and growing group of people in and around Dawley, Telford on the development of a community project to commemorate the Cinderloo Uprising of 1821. 921 more words

Workshops And Events

Wonderland Review

*Warning* contains East Midlands vernacular. If yer don’t like it, then Bogger off!


Nah then, yo Boggers know just how likkle I manage ter write on this blog. 542 more words


Thatcher's War

thus it went
from pit to pit
man to man
Britain’s scar
from Thatcher’s war
on working men.
her ideology feast,
from most to least, 68 more words


Solidarity with the miners rally 1985

Council leader Ted Knight, Tony Benn MP and Jeremy Corbyn MP, speaking at a rally during the miners’ strike, held at Brixton Town Hall, 1985

Ted Knight