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Beauties of the Emperor - dropped

After watching three episodes of this horrible drama, I have decided that it is just not worth sitting through 32 episodes of rubbish. Three episodes may seem a little too quick to pass judgement but when you find yourself cringing your way into episode 2 then dragging yourself towards episode 3 only to go into a cringe spasm, I think it is safe to say this drama is just not for me. 727 more words


[Drama Review] Ying Ye 3+1 - Taiwanese drama

Hehehe! Here is a very classic drama that you may have watched or may have not. For all the Ming Dao/Chen Qiao En lovers out there, you probably have watched it because they are just so cute as first love high schoolers together! 703 more words


Series Throwback

Classes (as an undergrad) has just ended (forever) a few days ago. I still have this weird feeling in me, such that I can’t really describe; but I’m guessing has sprung from my difficulty in moving on from different chapters of life. 702 more words


Beauties of the Emperor 《王的女人》recap & review so far (till ep 12)

Watching this chinese show that stars actress Chen Qiao En who plays the lead, Ming Dao and Luo Jin!

Link to the show on drama wiki is –>>> … 817 more words


[TW DRAMA] Knock Knock Loving You

warning: may contain spoilers

A drama about business and affluent families. 596 more words


Halfway Mark Thoughts on Beauty World (唐宫美人天下)

Just started watching this drama and I am happy to say it was above my expectations. Didn’t expect much from it due to the lack of posts about it in the blogosphere, I assume many were not interested or it wasn’t that good and so people didn’t review it, but I was really pleasantly surprised. 219 more words