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Why does this text matter? (Part 3 - The Filial Founder)

It is interesting that the only time the word 明 is used in the Imperial Tomb Tablet of the Great Ming (大明皇陵之碑) is in… 687 more words

Zhu Yuanzhang

Lines 91-end

(In this 10th and final installment of this blog’s Huangling Bei 皇陵碑 translation, Zhu Yuanzhang establishes a proper cemetery for his parents and contemplates their suffering. 227 more words
Zhu Yuanzhang

Parallels between the Ming dynasty and Xi Jinping's "anti-corruption campaign"

Of all the civilisations of premodern times, none appeared more advanced, none felt more superior, than that of China.

Its considerable population, 100-130 million compared with Europe’s 50-55 million in the fifteenth century; it’s remarkable culture; it’s exceedingly fertile and irrigated plains, linked by a splendid canal system since the eleventh century and its unified hierarchic administration run by a well-educated Confucian bureaucracy had given a coherence and sophistication to Chinese society which was the envy of foreign visitors. 443 more words


11th March 1998 - Hong Kong blurs into China as we train in.

We had a two hour train trip to Guangzhou and after hearing many stories about trains in China full of ducks, hens and bikes…we were not entirely sure how great the train might be or what food and services might be like in China. 1,281 more words


03.09 — City Wall at Night

I love cities at night. Love the constellations and patterns of lights, grids tessellating and twisting and torquing and spreading in formations that seem almost  289 more words


Lines 81-90

(In this 9th installment of this blog’s Huangling Bei 皇陵碑 translation, Zhu Yuanzhang’s armies pacify China as he settled on Nanjing as his capital city. … 328 more words
Zhu Yuanzhang


Currently CHINA is dealing with the expansion of Empire and exploring the options involved.

The good ol’ Empire usa that is (click) . 1,660 more words