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Imperial Doctress (女醫 明妃傳) Episode 1 Recap

Hello everyone! I recently started watching Imperial Doctress because I’m such a HUGE FAN of ancient Chinese dramas and the big production palace series are almost always well done. 1,876 more words


The Early Ming Zaju Play Journey to the West

I have previously discussed the 13th-century precursor to Journey to the West called Master of the Law. This 17 chapter novelette differs greatly from the final version. 3,736 more words

Ming Dynasty


Ang Pidan o Century Egg, thousand years eggs ay kilalang kilala sa bansa ng mga intsik. Noong panahong ng Ming Dynasty. 

Paraan ng paggawa ng Pidan: 177 more words

Monsieur Spoon: The Coffee spot

Monsieur Spoon is a bakery in the middle of Canggu with a French twist. Sometimes when you are far away from home it’s nice to have a little bit of a homely feeling. 23 more words


Trump's Folly: the Delusion of a Working Wall

Despite the Democrat inspired laws on Sanctuary Cities and the Border being so bad and one sided, I have instructed the Secretary of Homeland Security not to let these large Caravans of people into our Country. 875 more words


The Origin of Sun Wukong's Magic Hairs

I’ve written at length about Monkey’s staff, armor, golden headband, and tiger skin kilt, but the one thing that has puzzled me the most is the origin of his magic hair. 425 more words

Sun Wukong

The Worship of Sun Wukong in Wanfu Temple: Initial Findings

Note: I plan to update this article in the near future with a conclusion and additional information

As a historian of Journey to the West… 3,084 more words

Sun Wukong