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Book Review: Ming Art, People and Places by Jessica Harrison – Hall (British Museum Press)

Interest in Chinese culture has grown considerably in the last few years, however Chinese history is still shrouded in mystery for many in the West. The Ming: 50 years that changed China exhibition at the British Museum is illuminating some aspects of Chinese history  and this book accompanies the exhibition, yet goes further by covering the whole Ming period which is often referred to as a ‘golden age’ of Chinese culture. 860 more words


Book Review : Ming, 50 years that changed China (British Museum Press)

The recent growth of China as a world superpower both economically and politically has bought renewed interest into China’s imperial past. The current British Museum exhibition, Ming: 50 years that changed China, explores the early Ming period in the years 1400–1450. 1,270 more words


Porters From a Paris Auction House Have Been Jailed For Operating a Secret Crime-Ring

A French judge has jailed 30 porters who worked at one of Paris’ leading auction houses for the theft of artifacts and artwork worth millions of dollars. 31 more words

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Lines 51-60

(In this 6th section of the Huangling Bei 皇陵碑, Zhu Yuanzhang divines that he should join the Red Turban rebellion, but he discovers that working with rebels can be difficult. 253 more words
Zhu Yuanzhang

In Pictures: 48 Hours in Beijing

Other than the Great Wall, nothing about China has ever really screamed “COME HERE AND SEE ALL THE THINGS AND EAT ALL THE FOOD AND SPEND ALL THE MONEY” at me. 493 more words


Gansu Province (3) : Jiayuguan

Dear reader,

My journey continues as I take the train from the oasis of Dunhuang to the city of Jiayuguan.  I like the Chinese rail system.   2,398 more words


The Great Wall of China

Who knew that it ended at the sea? It does, at the Yellow Sea, just athwart what we now call the Korean Peninsula. It is over 13,000 miles long, running from east to west. 98 more words