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FilmQ04d_The Ming Dynasty and Cheng He

FilmQ04d_Ch19: Cheng He & The Ming Dynasty

How to Use Video as a Source

Step #1: Familiarize yourself with film questions prior to viewing the film. 851 more words


Why does this text matter? (Part 1)

It’s an old text that is virtually unknown in English. So why bother reading the Imperial Tomb Tablet of the Great Ming?

My answer is that it’s a rare insight into the anguished heart of a remarkable man, the only peasant who founded a dynasty in imperial China. 666 more words

Zhu Yuanzhang

The Princess and the Pavement

Most of my favourite fairytales as a child I found in Russian story books, stories of the ferocious baba yaga, who lived in an ambulatory hut with chicken legs, books filled with watercolours of severed heads dripping blood and strange moon-faced peasants. 167 more words


Ain't no punctuation, baby!

Or, as this phrase would have been chiseled into an actual stone stele in 1300s China: aintnopunctuationbaby
For English speakers new to classical Chinese, it is most disconcerting to realize that the original texts contained no punctuation. 311 more words

Zhu Yuanzhang

Lines 21 - 30

(Click on “Annotations to Lines 21-30” to see notes on this section, which is the 3rd installment in my translation of the entire… 167 more words
Zhu Yuanzhang

[Buddhist Art] The Cult and the Iconography of the Water-moon Guanyin

A Study of a Water-moon Guanyin statue at the Metropolitan Museum of Art


Guanyin, is the Chinese name for Avalokitesvara, the Buddhist deity of compassion, who was created by the end of the sixth century as independent figures because Guanyin became a deity to lead souls to afterlife, to give prosperity, and more importantly to give childbearing.   3,297 more words

Indian Art

TDISH: The Forgotten Dynasty of One

On April 25, 1644, a former shepherd and blacksmith, Li Hongji, defeated the armies of the Chongzhen Emperor of the once mighty Ming Dynasty in the Battle of Beijing.  189 more words

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