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PerspectiveUnder the watchful eye of Shanghai-based Dariel Studio, four 19th century Ming-style buildings in Zhouzhuang metamorphose into the Blossom Hill boutique hotel

“When we first arrived at the site, it was a total mess and almost destroyed,” recalls Thomas Dariel, CEO and design director of Shanghai-based Dariel Studio. 278 more words


Tithing and Tale of an Ungrateful Lover

“I’m going to give ten percent of what I earn in the future to the church.” I can’t say how for sure, but one way or another my friends and I had slowly shifted our conversation towards finances. 1,214 more words


Sailing the Ocean Blue

July 11, 1405: Zheng He receives an imperial edict. Zheng was a court eunuch, mariner, explorer, diplomat, and fleet admiral during the Ming Dynasty. He made seven voyages with Chinese treasure ships – large wooden ships which were said to have been between 400 and 600 feet long, more than twice the size of concurrent European ships. 692 more words


Using Jesuit Archives for Chinese Military History

by Ken Swope

One of the great joys of any historian is finding new or under-utilized sources. And it’s even better when the sources are discovered in surprising places. 1,043 more words


How to identify dragon features on Ceramics?

Distinguishing Dragon Image Features on Ceramics


The dragon features on ceramics usually reflect its production period and this help collector to distinguish age of ceramics claimed by owners. 512 more words

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