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For My First Trick

If you met me a year ago and asked me if I’d ever be interested in writing my own blog, I would not be keen on the idea. 615 more words


Brothers, Mothers, Sisters and Fathers

My baby brother buried a pet recently. Now, you are probably assuming, since I said “baby brother” he is, at the very least, young-ish. However, he’s not really; he’s fifteen. 2,459 more words



  • been a chronic daydreamer since i was 6 years old
  • once threw a 2-liter bottle of soda at a guy’s head
  • can’t stand the smell of bacon…
  • 300 more words
Cathey Franke

Shortie (a micro-bio!)

This started life as a practice blog. Then I realised that I had just written my first piece of micro-fiction! Long winding version here.

The nice thing about this micro-bio is it applies pretty much to anybody under five foot two …

Short Stories

An introduction, of sorts

I am the symbolic fusion of Celtic and Viking bloodlines; a peace treaty that went sour. After two years of living under one roof, my feuding parents approached the front lines, inciting old blood from archaic times. 348 more words

Thoughts of a Teacher

I clock in and  go to breakfast duty.  Next, I  rush to my classroom, and ensure my date is on the board.  My title reflects the curriculum and my objectives correlate.   753 more words


About the Admin

I just realised I haven’t actually said anything about myself. I’ve said why I started this blog but not about who I actually am.

I’m a 20 year old female. 206 more words