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Why you are here

I personally have no idea why you are here, but welcome nonetheless. I decided to start this as a way to improve my writing, and maybe share some interesting opinions to any who end up here. 99 more words

Name: Devin Ian Mikael Schramm

DOB: January 5th, 1998, Texas

Occupation: Entertainer

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: 37.5% Italian, 62.5% English

Jerry Horton mini bio

Jerry Horton was born on March 10th 1975. He is the guitarist for the band Papa Roach. He discovered Papa Roach through his ex girlfriend. Jacoby  shaddix managed talking Jerry into joining the band even though Jerry doubted that it would work out because he was more into heavy metal and at the time Papa roach was a funk punk band. 60 more words

Papa Roach

Jacoby Shaddix Mini Bio

Jacoby Shaddix is the front man of Papa Roach and the inactive band Fight the Sky. He has 3 sons Makaile, Jagger, and Brixton. He is married to his loving and supportive wife Kelly who played a Dominatrix in the music video Almost Told You I Loved You. 450 more words

Papa Roach