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Grey Greebles

Flickr’s Febrovery is in full swing, and this oddity by previous bloggee pirtatecox is one of our picks so far. There’s more to see of his twelve-wheeled Classic Space-esque rover via the link above.


Wild Ride

Tim Schwalfenberg‘s superbly-built mini-figure rollercoaster is just like your Mom; we can all have a ride but we might feel a bit sick afterwards. Anyway, enough about your promiscuous mother – there’s more to see of Tim’s ‘Wild Ride’ on Flickr – click the link above to join the queue.


Crushing Copper

We don’t know what this is, but we like it. There’s more of the inside of Moko‘s mind available to view at his photostream – click the link to make the jump.


Toys are changing for the better

Finally major toy companies are listening to the public in introducing diverse toys!

Recently Lego developed a disabled mini figure in a wheelchair with a helper dog. 284 more words


Town Ferry

This lovely Town-style car ferry was discovered by one of our Elves on Flickr. It’s an unusual build for TLCB, but we like cars and the most interesting places to drive them are often on the other side of some water. 56 more words


Gyro Transducing

This is Ilya T‘s ‘Rover SCP-1’, and it’s apparently “equipped with a new kind of wheel consisting of an independent system of pneumatic shafts with fifth-generation gyro transducers”, which all sounds marvellous. 20 more words


Balloon Shop

And it’s not even a shop that sells balloons. You can see more of ‘The Flying Erwin’ airborne kiosk by Flickr’s Jonas on, er… Flickr. Float on over via the link.