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For Your Eyes Only

The James Bond movie franchise is back to its very best at the moment, being dark, slightly brutal and a bit lonely. Which is exactly as it should be. 133 more words


Inside 7-Wide

LEGO’s┬ádiminutive 4-wide town vehicles are kinda cute, but they are also a bit┬álonely for the poor mini-figure at the wheel, as they can only fit one mini-figure inside (and even then only with the windows down). 48 more words



Yubnub‘s 6-wide Ferrari F50 is the definition of Nice Parts Usage! You can find the hot dogs, spanners, elephant tusks and more on Flickr at the link above.



…Batman! And Robin we guess, but he’s the Scrappy-Doo of the franchise so we’re going to ignore him in the hope that he quietly goes away. 32 more words


Red in the Rearview

There are a few vehicles that you don’t want to see looming in your rearview mirror. If you’re Mad Max, the first of today’s two creations is one of them; the lead chase car in Mad Max 2 ‘The Road Warrior’. 199 more words


Joker # Item 037

Joker Lego Minifigure with Bumper Car

It’s nice to see the Joker get his own polybag figure from Lego! This set includes a bumper car and a pie, which would go well the Jokerland set.


Mad Moves

This gloriously nuts Mad Max-esque RV/Truck/Armoured Car, entitled ‘Clan’s Moving House’, was discovered by a delighted TLCB Elf on Flickr today. It’s been built by… 46 more words