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Freddy Fazbear

It’s Freddy Fazbear! Another character from the popular game series. Five Nights at Freddy’s by indie developer Scott Cowthon. This figure was made in polymer clay and wire for a friend and stands about 6 inches tall.

Polymer Clay

Classy Space

The Elves are feeling spacey at the moment, which is giving us a bit of a headache. A – because they’re running around the office making ‘pew pew’ sounds (but we’ve all done that), and B – because TLCB staff are well out of their depth when it comes to describing anything science fiction related. 63 more words


Tough Transport

As regular readers will know, we are not a sci-fi blog, and frankly we struggle with anything that doesn’t have wheels in multiples of two. However this brilliantly designed Transport Shuttle is too cool for us to pass up, and it’s staffed by some of the meanest-looking mini-figures that we’ve ever seen. 27 more words


Pass the Pigs

This neat little farmer’s pick-up truck comes from Сергей Антохин of Flickr. It’s only 6-studs wide but some clever construction means that two mini-figures can fit inside the cabin, whilst their three pet pigs ride in the back. 97 more words


Cube My Ride

We’re not sure what’s got into the Elves today but they’re bringing some weird finds back to the office.

This is Seattle’s new noise control enforcement agency, tasked with ridding the city’s streets of the obnoxiously loud motorbikes that seem to be ridden by scumbags the world over. 93 more words


Cyber Snail

And now for something completely different. No, we don’t know either, but you can see more of this courtesy of Karf Oohlu, the mind of whom we imagine is like one of those Salvador Dalí paintings with all the melting clocks.


Double Decker

We don’t feature as many Town scale vehicles as we do large Technic creations here at The Lego Car Blog, as it often takes more to impress at a smaller scale.* … 90 more words