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Yesterday‘s blogged builder has the unusual privilege of featuring here twice in a row, thanks to another gorgeous Town-scale hovercar, this time targeting the well-to-do family man. 92 more words


Float On

2015 is the year Marty McFly and Doc Brown travel forward to in Back to the Future Part II, but we still don’t have a hovercar. 46 more words


Proper Job

This neat recreation of the humble ATR-42 passenger plane was discovered by one of our Elves on Flickr. It’s been built by previous bloggee Yubnub… 35 more words


Lego Walking Dead -Daryl Dixon

Lego Walking Dead – Daryl Dixon

The Mix:

  • Torso from Lego pirates of the Caribbean Joshamee Gibbs set 4184
  • Legs from Lego Star Wars Kashyyyk trooper set 75035.
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Custom Lego

Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold

Things seem to be getting serious on Ice Planet. Back in ’93 and ’94 – the two short years that Ice Planet featured in the LEGO range – its citizens were a peaceful, inventive and scientific race. 201 more words


Red Letter Day

It’s a red sort of day here at TLCB with two awesome claret creations to publicise. First up (above) is Redfern‘s ‘V8 Speedster’ which subscribes to the ‘More is More’ school of thought. 75 more words


A Big-Ass Spider

This curious looking ‘Octan Spider Tanker’ was found on Flickr today. It’s been built by TLCB debutant BobDeQuatre to ‘move quickly on rough terrain to gather samples of liquid or deliver water or fuel’. 24 more words