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In Class Comic #16

She does kinda look like a minifigure in that panel.  It wasn’t even intentional I just drew the legs too short and the head too big. 21 more words

Rosa Maria

What's in the Box?

This is a Space Lorry, which is just like a regular lorry, only in space! This one, complete with a magnificent back story, comes from the unique mind of… 49 more words


Model A Rat Rod

This year’s Creations for Charity event continues apace. It’s a great opportunity to help do some good via the hobby of Lego building (like reading… 62 more words


And Now for Something Completely Different

Unijob Lindo’s Photostream is full of strange, amusing things; just like our Elvish workforce. It includes a tank driven by parrots and these vehicles, which are charming in a violent way; just like our… 39 more words


An Elegant Weapon From a More Civilised Age...

…to paraphrase Obi Wan Kenobi. Marc R.unde has produced this 6-wide Ferrari 275 GTB. It recalls a more elegant age of sports cars, with its flowing lines. 21 more words


Boxing Clever

We’re used to featuring far more glamorous vehicles here at The Lego Car Blog, but the humble forklift and pallet trolley really do deserve your appreciation. 86 more words


Mr. T

Long before jibba-jabba was quit and fools were pitied, Mr. T was rather different. Here he is doffing his cap to a lady on the sidewalk while taking his splendid new automobile out for a drive. 19 more words