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Mini hearts added to veins and used as supplemental pumps to treat circulatory problems

When someone has chronic venous insufficiency, it means that because of faulty valves in their leg veins, oxygen-poor blood isn’t able to be pumped back to their heart.

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Valentine Mini Hearts

I made a bunch of these cute mini hearts for valentines day. They are made usingĀ this pattern with slight variation for each. I made one for each member of my family with their initials on them (D, C, S and 2 A’s) as well as some patterned ones for my mom. 36 more words


Jar of hearts and other heart stuff

So this is an update of yesterday’s post.

Yesterday, I ended my post with a picture of crochet mini hearts and left a question about how am I going or what am I going to make of them. 223 more words

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