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Ollie goes trick or treating and Oreo gets a Coggins...

It was a big week for the little minis. Oreo would like to speak to the management about his schedule, however. While Ollie got to enjoy traditional Halloween festivities including trick or treating and eating perfectly manicured suburban lawns, Oreo had blood drawn for a Coggins. 469 more words

Training The Minis

Sketchbook: Baby Mini

Compressed Chalk

Don’t use my art without permission. See disclaimer.

Sketchbook And Drawings

Endurance and Dressage...

There are two groups of horse people that have changed my horse ownership experience vastly for the better, and my horses would thank them if they could. 654 more words

Training The Minis

Be My Shade

I depend on my mom for many things. Sometimes, the sun is so bright it hurts my eyes. That’s when I ask mom to be my shade.

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UNDER THE RADAR: mini horse - "Thriller"

UNDER THE RADAR: mini horse – “Thriller”

Michigan trio, minihorse recently released their excellent debut EP, Big Lack, through the Friendship Fever label. This week after a successful stint wowing the crowds at SXSW, the band have shared the video for one of the EP’s stand-out moments, Thriller. 50 more words


hello horses, goodbye goats.

We said goodbye to Latte + Milky Way last week. It wasn’t an easy decision but they are now keeping a mama llama company while her baby is weened. 58 more words

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