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Feel Good Sunday: Mini and Pony Video Compilation

“Hold your horses, er, ponies; what else to bring a smile to your face but interesting video clips of the “lil” ones at play.  It’s a day of rest but why not expend a chuckle or two over these bodacious little guys having one heck of a good time.  20 more words


Drizzle on the farm

Into each life some rain must fall,
Some days must be dark and dreary.  -Longfellow

Very little to report on 2018. It slunk in, brought influenza and rain. 389 more words

Mini Horse

What not to feed your horse

Horses eat grass, right? If you’re a novice like me then you might think that.

Our pasture for the mini horse is roughly 60 square feet and contains Rye grass along with Kentucky tall fescue. 402 more words

Mini Horse

Our Mini Arabian Horse

… and why I’m pretty sure I can’t change her name.

China arrived on Christmas Eve in the back of our friends’ horse trailer. Stomping and thrashing against the trailer door to be let out. 465 more words

Mini Horse


It was an incredible year of learning, growing and loving every second we had with all the wonderful people who joined us here at Leaning Tree Trail Rides.   428 more words


Ollie goes trick or treating and Oreo gets a Coggins...

It was a big week for the little minis. Oreo would like to speak to the management about his schedule, however. While Ollie got to enjoy traditional Halloween festivities including trick or treating and eating perfectly manicured suburban lawns, Oreo had blood drawn for a Coggins. 469 more words

Training The Minis

Sketchbook: Baby Mini

Compressed Chalk

Don’t use my art without permission. See disclaimer.

Sketchbook And Drawings