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Bachelor Ben: Week 1 ...and it begins

Ready for a walk down memory lane?????? And thus begins the recap of last seasons…well, recaps.


Ben= adorable. Biggest fear = he’s unloveable!? Benny boy, what horrible wench of a woman broke u? 369 more words

American Girl lost in the Nether Netherlands!

Ok. You would think the life of traveling around the world and living in different countries and cities would be so very glam and exciting.  Well it is. 451 more words

Charmed: The Story of the Little Silver Charm Silk Mini Horse

It was finally time to dig into a project that had long been swirling around in my imagination: a new line of kids’ Derby hats to benefit… 1,037 more words

Old Friends

New rule: Only Crazy People Allowed to Apply for Bachelor Contestant

Listen, people think that Higgy is boring. And those people just need to stop it. Right now. Just because he isn’t groping upper thighs and shoving his tongue down the nearest throat on night # 1 doesn’t mean he’s boring, okay? 1,196 more words

Chris Harrison

What you missed on this week's episode of The Bachelor: A unicorn, a mini-horse and a bachelor walk into a bar...

Everyone’s favorite documentary/piece of science fiction/comedy/drama, The Bachelor, is back. (The genre is up to the discretion of the viewer) 1,466 more words