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Finish Strong

This weekend, my wife, father-in-law and I ran in a 10-mile race as part of the OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon Miler Series. This was our third of three races preparing us for the mini-marathon, which takes place the first weekend in May. 288 more words

Monday Memo: Build The Tribe

Heart Mini Race Day

Hi all! This post is a little bit later than I expected it to be, but I wanted to update you on how my race went. 312 more words

Training for the Heart Mini

In high school, I ran cross country (and by ran, I mean trailed behind). Our races were always 5k or 3.1 miles, and I thought  271 more words

OOTD 2.29.2016: Fitness Edition 

As I’ve continued my training for the Mini Marathon, one thing I learned pretty quickly (other than the limits of my asthmatic lungs) is that there’s a good reason all of that fancy workout gear exists. 407 more words


Ready to Run...Sort of...

The month of May in Indianapolis is a pretty big deal. The city spends the whole month celebrating the 500 Festival, which is capped off at the end of the month with “the greatest spectacle in racing,” the… 594 more words


Winter Wonderland

Not many people like the cold, and to be honest I’m not a huge fan either, but I love what the cold weather brings: crackling fire, hot chocolate and tea, and, best of all, snow! 330 more words


Author: Slchhunga Gooner

Nimin ni 23/1 inrinni zingkar khan India Republic Day vawi 67-na lawmna leh ram leh hnam tana inpekna kawnga in fuihtharna tura Project Pushpak-in a buatsaih Mini Marathon, ‘Run For India’ chu Lammualah neih a ni a. 383 more words

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