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(Showroom) A Portable Office Computer?!?


Quick exercise before we begin: Picture an office computer in your mind.

If you are anything like me, you’d probably have thought of one of those big, bulky computers, or perhaps a laptop. 1,080 more words


How to Install Win 7 on Intel Skylake and Kaby Lake Mini PC

As per OS updating, now win 10 is main OS supported by Microsoft, and so the latest intel cpus also designed for win 10, if you still want to use win 7 on 6th gen or 7th gen intel core i3 i5 and i7 mini pc, you will find problem, mostly the USB port cannot work, so your keyboard mouse cannot use, and without keyboard and mouse, we are surely cannot install win 7 correctly. 57 more words


Greetings from BIOSTAR!

Happy New Year 2017!

As we see the passing of the year and the crossing into the new year in 2017, we at BIOSTAR would like to show our appreciation towards everyone who has been with us in our journey thus far. 166 more words


Z83-II Mini-PC (Quad core 8350)

Another departure from the ESP8266, but for something that ESP8266-hackers might find interesting.

Over the past couple of years I’ve been ditching most of the big, ugly, power-hungry desk-top and server machines which used to run my mighty empire (aka “the house”) and replacing them with machines that are a lot smaller and a great deal less power-hungry.   1,707 more words


Picture Working

Several days ago I visit one of our agent, show the intel 6th gen and 7th gen mini pc sample, and mean time learning why their sales get down compare to previous months. 221 more words


All I Want For Christmas Is A MINIX NEO Z83-4

Looking to get one of these mini pc’s for Christmas (like I need another tech toy)… It is called the Minix NEO Z83-4. My intention is to set this up as a connection to my TV.   118 more words

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Palm-sized Mini PC Core i3

Many buyer want this small mini pc with core i3 cpu, but we seldom promote it this year, main reason is short of CPU, too difficult to get haswell i3 cpu now, only supply this product to several special customers. 311 more words