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Onward and Possibly Upward

Spring has sprung. We’re knee deep in it actually, and yet my pie crusading has been a bit slower over the last few months. Maybe that fall/winter rush of obligatory holiday pie baking sent me into a mini hiatus, I’m not entirely sure. 617 more words


Mini fruit pies 迷你水果派

It’s the fruity season again, strawberries and blueberries are all over the markets and there are a lot of ways to enjoy these anti-oxidants rich fruits, and making pies are one of the yummy ways. 320 more words


Dump Cakes 

Ok so here is a quick simple recipe for when you have a pie craving. I don’t know why the call it dump cake (probably because you can dump any fruit in and cake mix and it comes out a winner) because it is more like a cobbler. 276 more words


Mini Banana Creme Pies

If you frequent my blog you know I love making mini food, why? I love the presentation of it. These mini creme pies are no exception. 182 more words


Mini blueberry pies

Baking smaller versions of tarts in a muffin tin can be great fun. I have uploaded proof of this on this blog when I made… 545 more words


I Love You Cherry Much

Tired of making the same old heart shaped sugar cookies for Valentines Day? Well here’s an easy fix. These mini heart cherry pies will make you look like the ultimate cook while spending only an hour to make. 202 more words


Mini lemon pies

It’s lemon’s season, so if you don’t know what to do with them… just continue reading!

Maybe it has happened to you as well: suddenly I was coming back to Munich from Barcelona with tons of lemons in the trunk of the car just because my husband’s aunt has a lemon tree. 770 more words

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