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IMO 2009 Q6 mini-polymath project: impressions, reflections, analysis

The mini-polymath project to find solutions to Problem 6 of the 2009 IMO is still ongoing, but I thought that, while the memories of the experience are still fresh, it would be a good time to open a parallel thread to collect the impressions that participants and observers had of how the project was conducted, how successful it was, and how it (or future projects) could be made to run more smoothly. 1,018 more words


IMO 2009 Q6 mini-polymath project cont.

Well, participation in the IMO 2009 Q6 polymath project has exceeded my expectations; it appears that the collaborative effort has scored some partial successes toward a solution in the first 24 hours of its existence, but is not quite there yet. 280 more words


IMO 2009 Q6 as a mini-polymath project

The International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) consists of a set of six problems, to be solved in two sessions of four and a half hours each.  Traditionally, the last problem (Problem 6) is significantly harder than the others.  815 more words