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Hello world!

My name is Kelli, I’m your not average Scottish 21 year old, I am an art and makeup lover. Which may seem average but to top things off I am officially a Cat Nanny at Maison De Moggy in Edinburgh. 506 more words
All About Me

DIY Test Tube Vase

Trying to get our mindsets back into the swing of all things DIY, we decided we’d use our relatively free and un-busy weekend to take on a little project… 607 more words



Projection mapping:

Escaping princess from the storybook. 6 more words


Economical "Veterinary" Treatment

Vets seem to be for pets. 
Hmmmm... there might be an exceptional case in Lingnan. 
We also visit one particular vet near campus.
It's kind of ridiculous that we call it vet because of its low 
cost and convenience. 101 more words
Deviant Use Of Facilities On Campus

Contemplation in the Noise

Screaming in the common areas in hostels, people talking 
on phones, irritating noises from the cars driving 
on roads......
Sometimes it feels like no one would ever stop talking,
and a moment of silence is necessary. 182 more words
Deviant Use Of Facilities On Campus

Paradoxes in Equality

Something suddenly appears on campus recently,
but they come up without any notification.
It may be too early to judge now,
until more people get to be exposed to them. 136 more words
Deviant Use Of Facilities On Campus