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One of my mini summer projects that I set out to achieve was to create a new logo for my photography.

With a massive thank you to one of my good friends Jack Quinton (who also has a blog: … 77 more words

Mini Project: Fake Neon Signs

Neon signs are really cool, but they are also really expensive and big. I decided to develop a method to emulate the effect of neon signs while being cheaper and more accessible to the average person. 311 more words


Hello Kitty Murder

Hi, here is Rui Feng. My friends call me Rui. I come from Hang Zhou, China. I am a freshman at Foxcroft Academy. I have lots of hobbies, like playing piano and guitar, dancing, drawing and playing cosplay. 7 more words

True Crime

Le Thanh Van

I am Andy, but my actual name is Hieu Nguyen. I am from Vietnam I like to play games and my dream is MIT :) 6 more words

True Crime

Monkey King

I’m Hannah Wang. I’m from HuNan China. I’m in grade 9 right now at Foxcroft Academy. I have an elder sister and a younger brother. I like to dance, and I have been studying dancing for nine years. 6 more words


Bai Ze

Hi, this is Frances. I come from Shanghai, China. I’m a boarding student in US, a sophomore in high school.

Frances’ Mini-Project:

Bai Ze



My name is Yao Li and I come from a city of Northern China. I am a freshman. I like to read books and do sports like swimming and tennis. 15 more words