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Mini Project in Adobe Premier

Well, I have made my first mini video as a time filler. I have used my own photography but used a very well know track and used a few quotes. 16 more words

Side Project - Weather Widget

I was browsing through a site I recently heard about called CodePen (Click here to check it out) where you can create or search for “pens” which are small html/js/css snippets that make really cool front end examples. 350 more words

Raspberry Pi 2

Mini Project - Visit All Nodes (Travelling salesman problem)

So, I haven’t got any topics to talk about for Grelk: Swiftness or Thal Gate this week, but I do have something for you. I was writing simple programs in Lua and I’ll be showing one of them off now. 336 more words

Mini Project

Word Cloud Project: A Scandal in Bohemia


Word clouds or tag clouds are visual depictions of word occurrence that offer greater importance to words that appear more frequently in a piece of text.   416 more words

Spring 2015 Blog

Mini Project : Buku2 Malaysia

It is time to get acquainted with our talented writers in the local scene. Hence, I couldn’t thank enough lejenpress for restoring my faith in reading Malay genre books after… 293 more words

Mini Project

Kitchen Cabinets

Labelled plastic bins in a kitchen cabinet can be useful to help you simplify and find what you need quickly. In this case, there was a LOT of tea and a LOT of oatmeal.   144 more words

Mini Project

Sponges, etc.

This is a good way to keep extra sponges, brush refills, dust cloths, etc., neat and organized.  I picked up a cardboard desk organizer, two stick-on hooks, and four plastic zip ties (we already had the zip ties). 250 more words

Mini Project