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Word Cloud Project: A Scandal in Bohemia


Word clouds or tag clouds are visual depictions of word occurrence that offer greater importance to words that appear more frequently in a piece of text.   416 more words

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Mini Project : Buku2 Malaysia

It is time to get acquainted with our talented writers in the local scene. Hence, I couldn’t thank enough lejenpress for restoring my faith in reading Malay genre books after… 293 more words

Mini Project

Kitchen Cabinets

Labelled plastic bins in a kitchen cabinet can be useful to help you simplify and find what you need quickly. In this case, there was a LOT of tea and a LOT of oatmeal.   144 more words

Mini Project

Sponges, etc.

This is a good way to keep extra sponges, brush refills, dust cloths, etc., neat and organized.  I picked up a cardboard desk organizer, two stick-on hooks, and four plastic zip ties (we already had the zip ties). 250 more words

Mini Project

Visual Arts Mini-Project

Week of 2/23/15

For our visual arts mini-project, we had to create something that implicated our bodies and changed our experience of the world in some way. 287 more words

A week of trains

Last week was a very train themed one.  Seb requested a trip to the National Railway Museum in York and we thought, why not?

Both of my boys love trains, our wooden trainset is out most days and we have quite a big collection of it. 432 more words


An attempt at #mincibento

I am a fan of anything or anyone close to Kawaii (cuteness). That I have to constantly remind myself ,

“Minci..for gods sake. You are 31. 321 more words

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