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#journalminci : street smart

I’m starting my #journalminci to commemorate my 33rd birthday next week. LOL..

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Planneraddict project : Exchange Gift Kuchingites!

This is a sticky post. Kindly scroll down for new posts, if any. 

yah.. sampei juak kitak urang ke sitok. Hehe..

Here are the rules and regulation for this Exchange Gift project; 258 more words

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Finish 5 by September

I’ve recently discovered this life-changing (well, at least for me) thing in the Youtube beauty world — the anti-consumerism trend. I know, it sounds big, and serious, and very very… 217 more words


Mini Project - Video

Assessment 2 – Mini project

Sofie Billstam Ahmed Alzayer Stephan Kögl

We were asked to investigate the visibility of Matauranga Maori (Maori knowledge) on the Unitec campus. 431 more words


Mini Project : Hantar Kad Raya

When was the last time you receive an Eid Card? Because I would like to send you one since I’m feeling quite festive this year. 154 more words

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Parcel Kasih Sayang : Edisi Ramadhan 1437H

These parcels are my token of love and friendship to these girls. Who are professionals in their own field expanding their career. Who are also Mothers and Wives in their own rights. 92 more words

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Intelligent street lighting


Researchers are focusing mainly on automation and to save energy. This project is combination of both. The aim of this project is to design a application of switching mode of transistor.This project is based on  LDR-Light Dependent Resistor and npn transistor which are combining  in the form of voltage divide biased circuit, street light sensor can be made. 212 more words

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