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Mini Project: Wire Spool Rack

I store most of my components in drawers on my desk – passive components, microcontrollers, ADCs, motor controllers, connectors, switches etc. and even some small motors. 139 more words


Mini Project: Infra-red Repeater

As part of a larger project I’m thinking about, I wanted to see how easy it would be to make a TV remote control repeater. What it needs to do is listen for a TV remote control command, learn the command and then repeatedly send out that command. 414 more words


Mini Project: Home made Stick-Vise™

This is a Stick-Vise™. I first came across one on Dave Jones’ EEV Blog. It looks useful; a nice way to clamp a circuit board while you solder it and give it a bit of weight to stop it sliding around. 464 more words


F.O - Pin cushion tutorial - vintage milk jug

Seriously love this Pin Cushion idea from House of NicNax.

I’m in the process of buying my first home. This home will have a second bedroom which will mean – for the first time  ever – that I have a permanent crafting space. 210 more words

My Finished Objects (F.O)

Hello Again...

Been completely awful at blogging recently! Having this break between starting uni again has been really difficult to keep on top of my graphic design shenanigans; full time work has taken over! 196 more words

Graphic Design

3D Printing

Being at the PCMI gave me the opportunity to work with and learn how to use a 3D printer. Moreover, we had some great workshops where we also learnt how to design using… 531 more words




This time I decided to contribute to a project via the KL Braille blogsite. 

Using the money through my sales of the Sampul Raya… 554 more words

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