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This is why skatelady is crazy aka glimpse to my Monday

I work as a freelancer, and to a certain limit, I can fix my own schedules. I worked on Saturday, Sunday was too wet to skate, so I decided Monday morning would be my perfect skating time – miniramp would likely to be empty at that time, and skateboarding would give an energetic start for the new week. 386 more words


Easy come easy go

Morning carve and afternoon wooden miniramp. Thought it was time to try drop in. Got a ramp an hour away with lots of different levels and a spine. 40 more words


Pat Casey Destroys The FISE Spine

Yep – the video title says it all. Mongoose‘s Pat Casey completely mullers the Spine contest at FISE in front of a gigantic crowd which just appears to be endless. 15 more words