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Lady Liberty Miniature Horse

Lady Liberty born on July 4, 2016. She is a Falabella Miniature Horse. I have wanted to train a therapy animal and have been reading on what it takes. 313 more words

Adopting Mustangs

An Awakening - A Year of Milestones

I can’t quite believe that the day has come, I never really thought that it would. Of course it had to, I suppose it was inevitable. 276 more words

Equine Oral Hygiene??

Cowboy, the Standard Poodle, giving Rio the Mini some freshening up during a break.


Katie Drawing

Drawing of Katie!  She is a Miniature Horse (essentially a Shetland Pony).  I think I overdid the hairiness, but Shetland Ponies sure are furry!  She has Catfish-like whiskers, so I added those too.


Miniature Horse Drawing (Later Today)!

(Photo used with permission.)

I’m going to make another drawing today, this time of Katie, a cute and furry Miniature Horse mare from The Katie Chronicles ( 109 more words


In the morning quiet

The silence is broken as the alarm sounds of in the darkness that is our bedroom.

It is 5:45 one of my days off as I have this week booked off from work. 454 more words

Bite Back to Reality

The smallest horse in my barn continues to teach me the biggest lessons.

It was early morning a week or so after my husband Aquila’s surgery… 514 more words