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We have making so much progress in our sessions! Today Sky, the little mama, did so great on our ground drive. She does very well as long as we are moving, but when we stop, she melts down into a temper tantrum. 427 more words


There are many ways to wean a baby. (Or a yearling!) When we had the farm we tried a few different ways. First we tried taking the baby away, cold turkey, and moving it across the farm as far away from the mama as we could. 793 more words

How to Not Give a Damn

I’m a second year college student, which means I know the ropes to the school pretty well but I’m still not great enough to hate on everyone yet. 385 more words

They are here!

After a very exciting trip in which my transmission went out of my truck, (half way to the Bitterroot Valley) which resulted in my Uncle (The White Knight) having to come rescue me and the horse trailer, then my Mom having to drive 2 1/2 hours to get me and the trailer at my Aunt’s house. 200 more words


(Delilah is “expecting”).  :-)


There’s a horse in my coffee shop - Is that okay?

“I saw a cat at my coffee shop.”

“There’s a small horse in the grocery store.”

“Do I have to let dogs into my bakery?” 552 more words

Environmental Health

Thinking About Breeding Your Miniature Horse?

You’ve seen the photos and videos on Facebook and Pinterest. You saw that foal at the fair last summer and it was SO CUTE. Really, why wouldn’t you breed your mare? 452 more words