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Short but Sweet

Hi everyone!

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted on the blog, life has continued to be a bit crazy on the Sunshine farm. I do have a sad announcement to share, although I’ve been hesitant to do so. 960 more words


Introducing the rest of the herd

I am fortunate enough to not only have the privilege of owning Hope, but to also be able to call three other horses mine (well, technically 2 horses, one is a pony). 1,013 more words

Justin is Making Friends!

So over the weekend Chris spent hours outside in the rain tightening the electric tape fencing and clearing away weeds. This made it possible for us to turn out Justin in the big pasture while Faelynn, our new Thoroughbred mare, is turned out in the small pasture. 472 more words


04/12/2017: Miniature Horse Project

I’ve made a post in the past about a shelter for my new pony, Piper. I got her in August of 2016, and I still have her. 541 more words


Monday Minstrel: The Miniature Horse

Miniature: A thing that is much smaller than normal. A plant or animal that is a smaller version of an existing variety or breed.

The miniature horse is very diminutive in stature, with height less than 34-38 inches (86-97cm) measured from the ground to the withers. 194 more words

The Monday Minstrel

Pay Attention

When you are desperate for attention, what do you do?

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