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Scale: From Miniature to Massive.




It is all a question of SCALE.  

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Photography Of Horses

Aztec: Senior Miniature Gelding of 38 inches tall



  • Miniature Gelding
  • Likely undersaddle
  • He is a senior guy with a lot of love and personality.
  • Can we say ADORABLE?
  • 38 inches or so…
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Sketchbook: Baby Mini

Compressed Chalk

Don’t use my art without permission. See disclaimer.

Sketchbook And Drawings

Pasture Management

As part of our commitment to keeping our environment as healthy as possible, we have, for many years, rotated our fiber animals (plus two donkeys and a miniature horse) between two pastures.   328 more words


Be My Shade

I depend on my mom for many things. Sometimes, the sun is so bright it hurts my eyes. That’s when I ask mom to be my shade.

Nature Photography

Puppy Update

I can’t believe that Ayla has already been here for a little over two months. She has grown so much and hardly resembles a puppy any more, but rather a small dog. 554 more words

08/21/2017: I failed.

A year go today, I brought Piper home. And today, on the anniversary of saving her life, I failed.

I pulled Piper from a yard of horses bound for slaughter in August of last year, exactly a year ago today. 871 more words