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Pound shop transport for pound store figures

Lovely charity  shop find, this one was  found on its own amongst lots of other no doubt highly desirable collectibles (to someone else). One slightly battered, slightly wonky of wheel Matchbox Ford Model T 1912 lorry, only 99p and some careless previous owners. 820 more words

Pound Store Plastic Figures

Bronte Imagi-nations Maps

I am still slowly piecing together the complex history of four sibling’s imaginary lands and islands.

Christine Alexander the Bronte scholar has imaginatively sketched in where the kingdom of Angria should be, seen here in close up: 845 more words

Toy Soldiers

Fimo Figure Failure Fun

Brian Carrick, blog author of the brilliant Collecting Plastic Soldiers blog, http://toysoldiercollecting.blogspot.co.uk  wondered whether the Prince August 54mm chess toy soldier pawn figures that I featured this week would work in Fimo polymer clay. 585 more words

Toy Soldiers

Prince August chess pawn toy soldiers

A special  offer or ‘promotion of the month’ for March 2017 on the Prince August website led me to try these Alamo Chess set pawns at a reduced price, which I bought alongside their American Civil War and Napoleonic chess set pawn moulds. 438 more words

Toy Soldiers

Army Red and Blue home castings simply painted

Back around January the 25th (Burns Night) I tried out some new vintage metal home cast moulds including this Highlander firing.


He got stuck in the mould, despite using release powder, but cleaned up nicely. 346 more words

Toy Soldiers

[30K] Burning of Prospero - Unboxing & Readthrough Review

I cracked, didn’t I?

First impression, which will be obvious to 95% of more of you reading this – the Burning of Prospero game is an afterthought. 775 more words

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