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Flint and Feather, Scissors Paper Stone!

I have been looking to expand the range of moves in the Lunge, Cut and Thrust duelling game created by Gerard De Gre (published in Donald Featherstone’s Solo Wargaming).  931 more words

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Black Powder ACW - Piedmont 1864

This weekend the local HMGS-South group played a Black Powder Civil War game. The scenario was loosely based on the Battle of Piedmont, June 5th, 1864. 229 more words

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Waterproof Garden Games Terrain?

Tipped off by some blogposts about the delights of the “Home Aquarium” section of pet stores and garden centres, I recently popped into a Pets at Home branch and spotted a 3 for 2 offer (buy 3 get cheapest free). 908 more words

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Heroscape Duelling in the Garden

I stayed in the shade of the trees surrounding our garden during  the very hot and sunny Father’s Day  weekend. We raided several starter Heroscape packs for hex tile and figures for a knockabout duelling game  in the garden using versions of the Lunge, Cut and Stop Thrust duelling rules. 681 more words

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Heroscape duelling figures

Whilst they may not have come from a pound store, these plastic Heroscape figures were sort of free.

I bought two or three cheap bashed Master Set or Starter Kit boxes of Hasbro / MB (Milton Bradley) Heroscape: Rise of The Valkyrie for the interlocking plastic hex terrain pieces and along with two of the sets were the original 30 pre-painted figures per set. 620 more words

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I've Made a Big Mistake

So, the new Warhammer 40k Dark Imperium set came out on Saturday and I’ve been working away assembling the Primaris Marines models from the box. I’ve rather stupidly decided to try a different colour scheme for the models and it’s proving more annoying than I expected. 85 more words

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Battle Kiwi Terrain

I picked up some more Battle Kiwi terrain recently. I’m very excited to get these new buildings painted and set up. I picked up the newly released Holo Billboard set and The Club. 58 more words