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Work In Progress from Pound Store Plastic Rambos to Spear Warriors

These are some of my WIP  Work-In-Progress on the painting table.

One of the more awkward of the 12 figure poses  for conversion from the Poundland tub of £1 for 100 36mm plastic figures is this Rambo style bare-chested machine gunner figure, a figure beloved in different scales of many pound store toy soldier makers. 421 more words

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Donald Featherstone's unusual take on Casualties and Campaigns

Medical Science
The part played by medical science in the treatment of injuries to footballers is the subject of an interesting article by Mr Donald F. 780 more words

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Seekrieg 5 – Gulf of Finland 1916

This weekend the local HMGS-South group played a WWI naval game using the Seekrieg 5 rules.

May 15 1916,  07:30 Western Gulf of Finland
The Russians launch a heavy raid against the German patrols/ blockade of St Petersburg.  368 more words

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Quick wrapping paper grid game board

As it is fast approaching Christmas, there is lots of wrapping and dispatching of parcels in our house at the moment.

I noticed on this Sainsbury’s brown wrapping paper with  festive shiny red dots that they have a handy small square… 626 more words

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More pound store plastic warrior packaging

Some very familiar poses here, having been converting my Poundland sourced versions of these twelve poses of 36mm figures over the last few weeks.

One difference in this Combat Mission 100 Soldiers bag is the mixture of green and pale red figures, which are almost tan brown colour compared to the Poundland deeper red version. 210 more words

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Donald Featherstone Tabletop Generals Daily Herald article, March 21, 1961

Tabletop Generals – Daily Herald article, March 21, 1961
A group of men who take toy soldiers seriously prepare for a council of war – article written by Jon Akass. 1,278 more words

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Donald Featherstone's BBC radio talks 1962 1963


All we need to do is build a time machine and head back to the morning of Thursday the 19th April 1962 and tune in or listen in to “This is the BBC Home Service …” we could have heard Donald Featherstone on the radio. 589 more words

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