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Seekrieg 5 – North Sea Encounter

This weekend the local HMGS-South group played a WWI naval game using the Seekrieg 5 rules. Initially the game was set up with a four ship division on each side, but we scaled it down to two ships on each side due to the low holiday weekend turnout. 117 more words

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The Old Toy Soldier Remount Department

There are old soldiers and there are bold soldiers, but there are no old, bold soldiers, as the saying goes.

I always feel a bit sad seeing the lead graveyard of damaged toy soldiers that is sometimes EBay. 664 more words

Toy Soldiers

Bolt Action - Leyte 1944

This weekend the local HMGS-South group played a Bolt Action game. It was loosely based on the efforts of the 1st Cavalry Division to secure Hill 215, southwest of Tacloban, Leyte on October 22, 1944. 315 more words

Miniature Wargames

More Peter Laing Scots

In my recent posting of rebased and reflocked 15mm Peter Laing 17th and 18th Century figures, there were a few Scots figures missing from the first line up. 196 more words

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Funtastic Caballeros or Knights

They came with a strange two horse waggon not shown here.

These figures would do very well in Ancients games or Fantasy and Science Fiction scenarios. 55 more words

Pound Store Plastic Figures

Peter Laing Happy Halloween Fantasy!

Maybe the closest Peter Laing ever got to a 15mm fantasy range are his Ancients, Dark Ages and Medieval figures.

This very handy Priest with Cross F913 from his 900 Medieval range crops up in several of Peter’s suggested “Dual Use Items” such as using the Priest with his Feudal and Dark Ages range. 150 more words

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