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Battle of Chios, 201 BC

Saturday the local HMGS-South group played a game of Hail, Agrippa!. The Hail, Agrippa! rules are a modification of Hail Caesar published in Issue 66 of ‘Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy’ magazine. 360 more words

Miniature Wargames

D.B.A. El Cantar de Pedro the Cruel Parte 2

Cruel Inheritance

The deceased King of Castile left his son with a kingdom and a whole host of problems. The young Pedro had taken the advice of his father’s trusted chief minister, Juan de Alonso de Albuquerque but the relationship was becoming strained. 415 more words


Coffee Machine Episode 2


Starting into the Hobby

Starting into your first game

Ways to buy into the game

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Wings of War AAR

This weekend the local HMGS-South group played a Wings of War (aka Wings of Glory WWI) game. Two Bristol F.2B on a bombing mission are escorted by two Camels. 137 more words

Miniature Wargames