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German M35 Helmet Cover

The M35 helmet was the original design of German helmet used by the Germany Army in the early stages of the Second World War and one that while it had later designations such as the M1940 and there were later variants such as the M1942, it was the design of helmet that we most directly associate with the German Armed forces in WW2. 81 more words

Flames Of War

Seeing red again......


So I had my new toys. No messing around with layer shading and washes. A limited number of matching colours and any complicated detail gets left off. 471 more words


Seeing red........skins!

Day two dawned and then it hit me! After many exhausting hours of “research” on the iPad, I found inspiration……..

Why do we wargamers always strive for the unobtainable? 248 more words


Trieres Conversions

Decades ago I used Valiant Enterprises ‘Ramming Speed’ 1/900 scale pentakonters as 1/1200 scale aphract trieres.  Since I could now use more cataphract trieres, the models are being converted by filling in the exposed benches with strips of paper. 39 more words

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Daddy day-care....

A theory persists that wargamers cannot multi-task. An assumption is made that wargamers are feckless and only concerned with there miniature heroes. I hope this article helps to dispel this slur upon wargaming. 284 more words


How to win friends and influence people

This week I am seeking advice from the blogosphere. God knows wargaming has a bad reputation but sometimes, just sometimes, I wonder if it is because we are too tolerant. 300 more words


Welcome To WW2 Wargamer

Inspired by the recent articles in Henry Hyde’s excellent Miniature Wargames magazine I decided to follow his advice and become a wargamer who embraced Twitter and the Blogosphere. 92 more words

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