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28mm by Statuesque Miniatures

British Statuesque Miniatures has a range of miniatures from Resistance Fighters (see pictures below) to Pulp Fiction characters – many different heads are also available. Ordering from their webseite was convenient and the shipped miniatures were very well protected. 190 more words


Beach diorama with Hasslefree miniature

For my first diorama, I wanted to create some water effect – with glue that dries transparently. I glued some flat left-over wood pieces together to make an elevated area, which I smoothed with hardware store’s putty (by hand as it’s non-toxic)  and I put down some model train stones as well – for the texture. 149 more words


Playtest 26-2-15

So last night we play tested:
the new dice mechanic again – still really easy and quite satisfying.
The new equipment deck – nicely varied and seems to be quite balanced. 93 more words


Netizens awed, charmed by company's insanely detailed culinary miniatures 【Pics】

Japan clearly has no shortage of incredibly realistic miniatures. Only recently, we’ve covered Ginji, the wise hamster behind the world’s smallest izakaya (may he rest in peace… 310 more words


Twinkle Twinkle Little Orchid

While I was at the nursery with Shannon, I might have found a really cute orchid.

A really super cute oncidium orchid. It’s one of the Twinkle miniature varieties. 28 more words