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Team Yankee AAR - Soviet vs West Germans

I played my second team yankee game today, this time versus west germans. The game was fun but a total desaster. We played 40 points to test out some new unit types. 229 more words


Quick Review - Baku Museum of Miniature Books, Azerbaijan

This should be pretty simple…

The Baku Museum of Miniature Books…

It’s a museum of miniature books ranging from Shakespeare to popular magazines.  All in varying degrees of size ranging from tiny to pretty small. 204 more words


Pohon tunggal / single tree

Background story

Pohon ini merupakan salah satu karya pertama saya. awal nya terbayang banyak element yang ingin saya masukan kedalam karya ini. tapi setelah jadi, akhirnya saya lepas semuanya dan saya putuskan untuk tetap minimalis. 80 more words


Rumah tepi pantai

Background story

Terpikir banyak pot bekas tanaman di rumah, saya mencoba membuat rumah di tepi pantai. lalu dengan mengunakan ranting tanaman kering. saya coba membuat suatu karya yang simple tapi cukup bermakna oleh saya. 138 more words


Queen Ariad from Descent 2E

Queen Ariad has to be the most unattractive miniature I have painted thus far! The figure represents one of the Lieutenants from Fantasy Flight Games’s Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition. 699 more words


Sylvaneth- Spite Revenants WIP

Now that the house move is complete it’s time to turn back to 40K and Age of Sigmar.  Inner Circle was time consuming and burned me out.   291 more words

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Detroit Inspired, Part II: THE HOUSE

I returned home from Detroit last week, after sharing a beautiful visit with my friend, shimmering with inspiration from two very basic-sounding, but nonetheless, deeply profound entities— 1,137 more words