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Unleash the Cagafuego!

In my previous post I lamented too small cannon, so I wanted something bigger. Remembering I had just the thing in my bits box, I got to work. 554 more words


A New Age

Yes folks, the New Age is upon us!

Back in September last year, the Old World of Warhammer was shaken up with the End Times, which brought back Nagash and saw the destruction of the cities and peoples of the Empire by the forces of Chaos, headed by Archaon the Everchosen. 330 more words


Modeling - Brother-Sergeant Pyrrus of the Clan Khorvaak 1st Assault Mock-Up

Finished Klamos and wanted to do another jump pack soldier so took a shot at Pyrrus.

Pyrrus leads the 1st Assault Squad of Clan Khorvaak. Armed with dual hand flamers, he leads 4 of his battle-brothers into combat. 52 more words


Mock-Up - Reclusiarch Klamos of the Iron Chorus Mock-Up

Had some time tonight, been messing with the Reclusiarch Command Squad Chaplain. Combined him with some Sternguard bits (the shoulder), a Vanguard jump pack, and some other minor bits to make Reclusiarch Klamos. 119 more words


Desert Tablescapes complete

I have now completed all 16 desert-theme tablescape boards. Together they make a single 4′ x 4′ table. I will let the images speak for themsevels. 268 more words


Main structure complete - a big day. Time for paint ...

I finished the final structural parts of the elevator today. There is a side tower, and originally, there was an additional tall structure. By the time the Germans got to the elevator, … 65 more words

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