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Brutal Emmisary

I know the new emissary models are looking cool, but as I only plan on running Hoff, makes sense to use his awesome avatar model…minus the wings


Some initial progress with my 30k marines

So the last two weeks have been busy, busy, busy…

I managed to almost wrap up doing my Death Company (turned out I started doing them and never prepared close combat weapons for part of the squad), so basically I still have to do like 3 chainswords to be 100% done and need to put some static grass on their bases. 319 more words

Imperial Fists

Now Rolling: Star Wars: Imperial Assault: Skirmish Mode

I think it is safe to say that I play a lot of board games. Heck, if you are reading this, you probably do as well. 1,007 more words


Thunder Warrior Update

A rough mock up of the mini, testing the head (I’ll a bit for the head, as I’m waiting for an order and would like to have more options). 15 more words


Mini(ature) Me!


Remember the hilarious, if sinister, Mini Me, Dr Evil‘s sidekick/henchman from the wonderful Austin Powers films?  Any spoof of the James Bond franchise was welcome indeed – and this one, with its brilliant take-offs of famous Bondian titles ( 400 more words

Daily Prompt

Building renovation

While celebrating my 34th birthday last Saturday, I visited a children’s flea market – lured in by a Playmobil pirate ship in the window. While I already have two ships, I left it there, but happened upon a nice piece of (I assume) aquarium scenery for five euros: 209 more words


New figures - Victor Zsasz and the Arkham Lunatics

These are figures I got early into my Batman miniatures buying, and I was nervous about painting Zsasz. He’s got a distinctive gimmick with the hatch marks. 8 more words

Painted Miniatures