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Imperial ogres - and a golem with a greatsword

Getting ready using my Warhammer greatswords as foot guard in Kings of War. To make the unit a horde of 40 I needed some fillers. I put the ogres (who really are great orcs from Foundry) on long bases. 27 more words


INFINITY Yu Jing Guilang...

These are actually the models that got me into the game. My favorite being the Combi-rifle model. I stripped the original models and repainted them spending a little more time messing around with feathering and subtle highlighting. 87 more words


A Dollop of Nurgle and a Dash of Khorne

I have almost settled on taking a Khorne-based force with me to the GW Age of Sigmar event later this month, but that has not stopped me from at least making the option of doing Nurgle… 338 more words