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FireForge Foot Sergants

A full box of FireForge infantry assembled as 1 unit (24) of Hospitaller Spearmen and 1 unit (24) of Crossbowmen. A variety of colors were used in the painting of these units, I wanted to avoid any strict pattern to support the dirty and mercenary background of these troops.


Paint and Glue

Continuing my trend of getting easily distracted by other things like videogames, I have not done as much hobby work as I planned during February but I can so some progress on the F-16 and a completed Necron C’tan Nightbringer. 534 more words


How plastic miniatures are made

Renedra have been posting an interesting set of videos showing their manufacturing process for plastic figures. The example they are using are the forthcoming Light Cavalry box from… 101 more words


Warmachine Objectives, Reaper Kobolds - Airbrush Basecoat

I got a preliminary base coat in with the airbrush on a few pieces but I will need to get a few more down. These are the Warmachine objective markers and Reaper Kobolds in Game Color Plague Brown. 42 more words


Painting - DDM4 "Fettered Dracolich"

I’ve been very happy collecting D&D pre-painted miniatures. They are light and aren’t likely to damage each other in my figure boxes, they are generally good quality available at a low price and they come in full colour! 472 more words