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Saga: Fantasy 2nd edition- Red In Tooth and Claw

Just an update with more of my reskinned Saga battleboards for Warhammer Fantasy.

The next two aren’t rivals. Instead we have the woshippers of Chaos, first the Unidivided Marauder tribes, and the other faction the devoted warriors of Khorne. 869 more words


77450: Invisible Wizard

Sprayed down with matte sealer, then washed with thinned down blue ink.



What a gorgeous model. I am very happy with how he turned out, though I could have spent a little more time on the wings. Standard Legion nephilim colors. 51 more words


Flesh Eaters/Hex Hunters

Raging Heroes Dark Elf Flesh Eaters, intended to be used as proxies for Blighted Nyss Hex Hunters.

Standard Legion colors, the most interesting thing on that front is that much of the blending on the butt-capes was done with my new Sotar 20/20 airbrush.  62 more words


21 into 6 Won't Go - scenarios for Mission Command: Normandy

10:00, 6 June 1944
The evening for the Germans has been unpleasant. Although our weather experts had suggested that the invasion was possible during 5 and 6 June, the weather hasn’t been particularly good, so we hadn’t really anticipated it. 198 more words


Shaken or Stirred?

I love the Blood Mary, though I must confess, when I read its ingredients, I was less than impressed. My affection for beer is quite famed, I get to taste every kind with my beer buddy who happens to be my brother. 25 more words


Droughtcheckers! A 2 or More Player Checkers Hack

So, I have been working on a heavy checkers “hack” (modification, taken from the virtual equivalent), which I just finished writing up the 1-page “rulebook” that can be found here on Google Docs:  223 more words