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Art Dump #74

It’s Sunday and that means Art Dump day.

As noted in our last update we haven’t really dived back into the 3d sculpting again yet, but I thought I’d put up a pic to remind you how far we’ve come so far. 209 more words


Miniature (77 mm.) - Miniatures (77mm.)

Iniziai a dipingere le miniature in metallo piuttosto tardi e per caso, o per curiosità. Rimediai dei vecchi colori olio, che molti anni prima aveva usato mia madre per dipingere su tela. 152 more words

Model Building Pictures

Prize giveaway: pocket watch pendants!

Hi all! Inspired by the Etsy seller whose merchandise I previously blogged about here, I decided to make a few “Christie text” pieces of my own. 185 more words

Fun Whatsits

Last of the Beastclaws

The final nail was put into the coffin of the Christmas Project this week (only a few days late)… the last three models for the Beastclaw Raiders. 136 more words


With Blood and Sweat: Antenna Field

So I took the opportunity to field my Shock Army after some time, having finished painting the Tikbalang this morning I wanted to run it, and my opponent wanted to run his finished Iguana. 981 more words


Age of Sigmar: Dracoth

Roar! The Stormcast Eternals get a commander on a honkin’ big dragon-thing to lead their army. This is a Lord-Celestant on a Dracoth; the model comes from the Age of Sigmar base box. 331 more words


Showcase | StuG Assault Guns (Flames of War)

The StuGs from the Open Fire! kit are great figures, I had a few annoyances when assembling them with things not quite fitting right but once you get there they look great. 69 more words