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Brain Dogs

“It’s literally a brain on legs.”
-Bex Shea

Intellect devourers are one of those rarely used monsters that come up maybe once every other campaign. They have a long pedigree that stretches back to the early years of D&D.

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Vintage Wardrobe Ebay find

So I found this vintage wardrobe on Ebay and thought it would be perfect for the San Franciscan! I couldn’t stop myself from bidding and…. I won! 287 more words


Creative Juice #19

Fourteen recent articles culled from the web to spark your creativity:


November Challenge Wrap-Up

It’s officially December, and so my attempts to improve my game & comics organization is technically over. However, I’ll be continuing to work on the projects I started last month for the next couple of weeks. 482 more words


More Reavers: The Midnight Vultures

Last summer I read through the Night Lords book trilogy, and I always appreciated how each little warband, squad and formation had its own name and lore. 293 more words


Steam Wars - New Gun Carriage - Mortar

This little gun carriage should get me a quick win.  This was done a few months after sending the deck gun sets to Black Pyramid.  No news yet as to the progress of that project (hopefully a few deck gun casts will be ready to be made up at some point in 2017). 49 more words



Meet Bella, one of my favourite steampunk creations.

The ballgown I fashioned for her has a black brocade skirt, trimmed with metal beads and cogs.  The bodice and sleeves are made from pale grey leather and black lace, heavily embroidered with watch parts. 207 more words

Steam Punk