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The Royal Botanic Garden

On Tuesday 31st October, Year 2 visited the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney.

During the excursion, the students were able to explore the Botanic Garden and learn about minibeasts and much more! 110 more words


Smelting and melting...

Last week we embarked on two Wild Days Out with a difference, exploring autumn and the changing seasons through alchemy and art. In particular, we had a go at smelting pewter with the older children and wax with the younger ones, pouring the molten metal and wax into molds made out play-doh which we had pressed natural finds such as acorns, sycamore seeds and pine cones in to. 400 more words


I spy butterflies - Readilearn

Learning about butterflies in the classroom, especially when observations of the life stages with a live learning kit are possible, is almost magic for children. The growth of the caterpillars is obvious and children can watch as they moult and pass through each instar. 170 more words


The magnified and the magnificent at the Natural History Museum in Tring

As this is Yara’s last week before starting school, I wanted to make sure it was amazing and one she will hopefully remember. So when I got invited to the… 451 more words

katydids seem to be real shutterbugs

Saturday morning (August 19) I was half-dozing in my parkade sleeping spot and out of the corner of one sleepy eye I thought I saw, perching lightly on my right elbow. 301 more words


Much ado about nothing—aka silence of the gnat

On Thursday (July 13) I photographed a gnat walking daintily along a baby leaf at the tip of a blackberry vine. And gnaturally I wanted to post the photo but what can I possibly say about a… 631 more words


Day 24: Accidental minibeast hunting

On the eve on the 23rd we turned our house upside down in an attempt to clear our bedroom and staircase ready for the floorboards to be sanded and varnished.  26 more words