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I have recently moved and am already so happy with where I am. Although I loved my flat, I am now in a house with a garden! 379 more words



Today I found a snail

So delicately small

So tiny

It’s antennae looked like two small dressmaking pins

It’s shell

A swirly intricate thing

It looked unreal. 156 more words


Slug update

When I was walking a dog (sadly, not mine, though I adore her) yesterday, I noticed that there were an inordinate number of slugs around. I noticed it first when I nearly trod on one and then slipped slightly sideways, into a bush on which a great deal more were feasting. 344 more words


30 Days Wild 2016

For those who haven’t read my earlier posts, 30 Days Wild is a month long campaign run by the Wildlife Trusts throughout June to encourage people to get outside and reconnect with nature. 1,043 more words



I opened up the door on a rainy day to let our dog out, she was less than impressed by the weather. But I noticed she had to avoid the snail creeping across the doorstep so thought I may as well call the kids for a closer look. 100 more words


Spring in the Garden, 2016

We’re now well beyond the solstice and into the season of summer, so this is coming a bit late. But here’s a quick look back at some of the things I found in the garden during spring this year.  259 more words


Small heath butterflies

At least, I think this is a small heath. It is a very common butterfly across Eurasia and North Africa, found in a range of habitats, not just heathland. 249 more words