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Minibeasts in our Garden 2

We have found so many Minibeasts in our gardens this week. The wonderful #studentphotographers have emailed in their photos so that they can share them with the class. 86 more words

We Are Photographers

Minibeasts in our Gardens

This week for news KC are finding Minibeasts in our gardens and taking a photo. They are so clever that they are emailing the photos in to school so that they can show the class during news time. 44 more words

We Are Photographers

Mini-beasts by Pepper

This term at school Pepper is learning all about Mini-beasts in her classroom and out in the school yard. She was upset to be missing a school excursion to the museum to learn more, but soon discovered that her new backyard while in Ubud, Bali could teach her hands on so much about insects and arachnids in Indonesia. 144 more words

Snail Artworks

This term we are learning all about Minibeasts. We started with an investigation about snails.  We created an artwork about snails and decided to incorporate the artwork of a famous artist as well. 44 more words


10 on 10- October

It’s OCTOBER? When did that happen? This past week the first grade went on a field trip to the Bug Museum! Also known as BugWoods, but with the Korean translation who knows what it is really called. 114 more words


Aaaarrgghh spider!!!

All spiders just want to belong………… and want to be a pet! “Aaaarrgghh spider!” by Lydia Monks is a great story of how a spider goes to great lengths to become a pet, and dare you actually let a spider become your pet what may happen! 255 more words

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Winter is coming

Farewell August, it was nice seeing you again. September is, however, still a fantastic time to experience nature. Dragonflies are now in their abundance and I find misty early morning walks awe-inspiring. 360 more words