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Lego Star Wars- Corporate Alliance Tank Droid

Now that I settled into a new home, it is time to crave out a nook for my stuff. I have been having this old Lego set, with me which I was yet to open. 185 more words


The Many Faces of LEGO Batman.

I only picked up 4 sets from the first wave of LEGO Batman Movie sets. Three of them contained Batman.  This was part of my plan. 132 more words


Lego Disney Mini Figure Series 2: RUMOUR!

Hi guys!

I came across an interesting Youtube video from Zebby Bricks, giving the new Series 2 lineup of Disney Mini Figs. Like most of you I have been eagerly awaiting the second series, and I really do not know what to do with myself until they are released. 189 more words


Last Cat On Mars Presents: Island In The Selfie Stream

Too soon to revisit Selfieville and its strange inhabitants wherever they may find themselves? I think not. And the sooner little Brutus realises that, like Hermia in  54 more words


TIE Pilot

Just a little minifigure I’ve been working on:

Star Wars

Bringing New Life To Board Games

Here’s a quick and easy idea to breathe some new life into the tired old board games your kids want to keep playing over and over. 140 more words


Art Therapy

“Draw what you feel,” the Dark Counselor had told him during his Dark Counseling sessions.

So TK-910 picked up his brush and painted, drawing his desires streak by streak until he stepped back and looked at a terrified Luke Skywalker, caught right in his crosshairs, unable to escape. 28 more words

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