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Day 14: Enchanter Vivienne

From Dragon Age: Inquisition, First Enchanter Vivienne, Madam de Fer etc etc.

A couple more pictures, below the break. 34 more words


Day 11: Weapon Bench

Following on from yesterdays minifigure, a weapons modification bench, along a with a chair and desk.

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Day 10: Tela Vasir

From Mass Effect 2 (well, the ‘Lair of the Shadow Broker’ downloadable content) we have Tela Vasir, an asari Spectre.

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Day 3: Ancient Ruin

An ancient ruin for some so-called archaeologist to loot for trinkets.


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Day 2: Lara Croft

Today, we have a minifigure: Tomb Raiders Lara Croft, aka the worlds worse archaeologist.

I went for the more ‘classic’ look for here

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Lego Minifigure

Realistic highpoly Lego minifig template.



Wrapping Up October!

Halloween weekend sure was a treat for us, again, this year!

At school on the Friday before Halloween, the 1st grade classes celebrated with some fall-themed activities. 632 more words

Family Traditions