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Last Cat On Mars Presents: The Importance of the Portable Glue Stick

Perhaps I’m a tad biased, but I’ve always said that our canine colleagues lack a little something, empathy wise. But then, nature will out, won’t it? 13 more words


Kowloon Walled City Mini Figure Model Expo World Tour

They are not real but recreated by a Hong Kong model expert! This model set has been display in Hong Kong a while ago. As the real Kowloon Walled City is no longer exist, the scene really able to refresh our memory of this special place. 21 more words


hard at play...

“So,” she asked as the shoot was winding down, “what’s the deal with the Lego?”

When I’m not playing with fire, pouring paint on models and shooting candids on the streets and cafes of Seattle, you can probably find me stooped on the edge of someone’s front yard taking pictures of Lego. 528 more words


Mark Stafford Killed Teal

LEGO Colour 107 , Dark Turquoise or Teal is a lovely colour.

Mark’s first set as a LEGO designer, was the Exo-Force Dark Panther. He had the choice of making it in either Purple or Teal, and whichever colour he chose, the other would be cut from the LEGO colour palette. 9 more words


Smoothly Rolling

One of this  author’s childhood heroes was the recently deceased John Noakes. Whether he was free-fall parachuting or climbing Nelson’s Column with no safety gear, John was the daredevil hero of the BBC’s Blue Peter. 79 more words


How do you like your LEGO hotdog cooked?

There are a few different ‘flavours’ or ‘cooked states’ of LEGO hotdog now.

Sand Blue – frozen

Flesh – raw

Red – cooked

Dark Red – well done… 28 more words