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Last Cat On Mars Presents: The Beauty of the Literal

There’s something most wonderful about a language that allows for such variety of interpretation and misinterpretation, don’t you think? English: gotta love it, loathe it, lust after its every symbolic scratching… 43 more words



Put together for Scott Hetsko of News 8, WROC in Rochester, NY, upon his return to work after a heart transplant.

Eric Stevens

I have a dream... 04 Feb 16

23rd August 1963.

Standing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC, Martin Luther King Jr calls for an end to racisim in the defining moment of the American Civil Rights Movement. 53 more words


Bricking Around: LEGO's new 'Ghostbusters' set looks fun, and SPOILERY?

Yeah yeah yeah, we know, BUT IT’S A REBOOT WAHH WAHH WAHH!


Now that that’s out of the way, images for LEGO’s first set based on the new Ghostbusters reboot have surfaced online. 78 more words

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Last Cat On Mars Presents: A Fairly Inconvenient Reading Light

I don’t know about you, dear reader, but I had a lot of trouble with Moby Dick. Could be that I’m in need of spectacles. 146 more words


LOTR minifigures

Many years ago I became a bit obsessed with painting Warhammer figures. I never really played the game, but found the figures to be incredible. The only catch was that you couldn’t buy them assembled and painted. 87 more words