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October 4 – 277

JavaView. Discrete Helicoid. The helicoid is a minimal surface. For any point on the surface, there is a line on the surface passing through it. 20 more words

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October 1 – 274

JavaView. Discrete catenoid. A catenoid is a 3D minimal surface. Its unique property is that its mean curvature is zero everywhere. It was discovered by L Euler in 1744. 87 more words

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July 28 – 209

Mathematica 10.1. Scherk’s surface are periodic minimal surfaces – a singly and a doubly periodic surface. The two surfaces are conjugates of each other. 18 more words

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July 20 – 201

Mathematica 10.1 A Costa surface on a wall. Costa’s minimal surface is an embedded minimal surface discovered in the early 1980’s by Brazilian mathematician Celso José da Costa. 21 more words

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Minimal Graphics (Spheres IX)

This post in the Sphere Series is motivated by the recent Circles post. It’s easy enough to conceive a generalization where we place spheres with centers at the points with integer coordinates in space, and set the radius so that something interesting happens. 345 more words

Minimal Surface - Hyperbolic Paraboloid Folding

   Triply Periodic Minimal Surfaces

  Minimal surface is an area minimizing surface whose mean curvature at any point is zero, and is often represented by the shapes of soap bubbles that span wire frames. 96 more words


Soap Film and Minimal Surface

The geometry of soap films and soap bubbles

If we dip two wire rings into a solution of soapy water, then what is the surface formed by the soap film ?  445 more words