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Minimal Matters: Burning Man Proposal

Inspired by the highly symmetrical and optimised physical properties of a triply periodic minimal surface, ‘Minimal Matters’ aims to create an explorative, meditative and interactive experience for visitors. 298 more words

Triply Periodic Minimal Surfaces

A minimal surface is the surface of minimal area between any given boundaries. In nature such shapes result from an equilibrium of homogeneous tension, e.g. in a soap film. 653 more words

Repetitive Structures

Type: Dissertation
Titel: Repetitive Structures
Design and construction of curved support structures with repetitive parameter
Year: 2018
Authors: Eike Schling,
Advisors: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Barthel, Prof. 334 more words


The Repository

I started this little blog in late 2015 while being Director of Graduate studies in our department in order to keep sane. This proved (for me) to be very useful but a little irritating to the casual visitor who saw posts alternating between photography and a mild dose of mathematics. 102 more words

Minimal Surface

Math-Art series, July update

“Boy singular surfaces” –  Math Art series, vol. 6,  is now available on the AppleStore and on GoogleBooks. A black and white version is also available on Amazon-Kindle.

Minimal Surface

Fake Diamonds

Below is something rare. You see two minimal surfaces in an (invisible) box that share many properties, but also couldn’t be more different.

Let’s first talk about what they have in common: They share lines at the top and bottom of the box, and they meet the vertical faces of the same box orthogonally. 148 more words