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December 5. – 339

MathMod & Morenaments. The flight of the owl. Variation on Maeder’s owl – A minimal surface found by Roman Maeder, author of the book Programming in Mathematica, the standard reference for programming… 11 more words

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Scherk's Minimal Surface

In mathematics, a Scherk surface (named after Heinrich Scherk in 1834) is an example of a minimal surface. A minimal surface is a surface that locally minimizes its area (or having a mean curvature of zero). 387 more words



October 31 – 304.

The Kuen kabuki. In mathematics, a Zoll surface, named after Otto Zoll, is a surface homeomorphic to the 2-sphere, equipped with a Riemannian metric all of whose geodesics are closed and of equal length. 41 more words

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October 27 – 300.

Celebrating image # 300 (65 more to go!) – from – very old (the background tiling) – to very new (the abstract shape)… 109 more words

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October 24 – 297.

JavaView – In differential geometry, the Henneberg surface is a non-orientable minimal surface named after Ernst Lebrecht Henneberg, a German mathematician and professor of applied mechanics. 16 more words

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October 21 – 294.

JavaView – The Chen-Gackstatter surface was the first completely immersed minimal torus of finite total curvature, discovered in 1981. It is an isolated surface with one Enneper end. 25 more words

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October 14 – 287.

JavaView – Triunduloids on a cloud. After H.B. Lawson’s description of a minimal surface whose existence was proven by Nick Kapouleas. From a script by Karsten Große-Brauckmann and Konrad Polthier. 15 more words

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