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The Ultimate Guide To A Minimalist Wedding

With everything that comes with weddings these days, it is often hard to remember what the day is really about.

The average couple now spends around £20,983 on their perfect day, according to a survey ran by You and Your Wedding in 2014. 1,490 more words


My Cup Runneth Over

When we saw this trailer overflowing with bicycles galore, I thought, Holy cow, that’s a lot of bicycles! I don’t know who owns them or why they have so many, but clearly their “cup runneth over.” 62 more words


Five Habits You Need To Break

As you make an effort to live more meaningfully, to minimise the clutter and focus on your happiness, you start to appreciate the good things you are doing to make this change. 925 more words


10 Minimal Personal Things Which Enrich My Days

To often we are focused on the big picture things. Getting through the week to enjoy Friday plans. Countdowns on your phone until your next holiday. 869 more words


What is Hygge? A Minimalist’s Guide To Living Happily

Picture the scene. You are at home, snuggled in your pyjamas in front of a toasty roaring fire. You have a glass of your favourite tipple at your side. 778 more words


6 Questions to Help You De-Clutter

A few years ago, my roommates and I overflowed an entire dumpster upon moving out.  It was astounding to see how much *crap* had accumulated in one house.   405 more words

Tiny House

End Your Year Right: A Minimalist Year

It’s the time of year when evenings are getting darker, scarves are dug out from winter storage, and leaves litter the street. Autumn is here, and soon it will be the end of another year. 729 more words