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Black Friday

“Black Friday is the day we trample people for things we don’t need, the day after being thankful for what we have.” -Steven McQueen

The holiday is a time where many of us are joyful, thankful, and generous. 229 more words

Black Friday

The Dispossessed

I posted a few days ago that my Mum died on the 16th of November. The funeral is tomorrow and I’ve been thinking a lot about the stuff she’s left behind. 529 more words



I’ve been writing a lot about minimalism lately – how it applies to my closet, my parenting, and the holidays. I thought I’d change it up and talk about an area where I’d rather not be minimal: hospitality. 980 more words


The Black Thursday Compulsion

I do not support Black Thursday.

I am not a retail worker. I have never experienced the insanity of Black Friday — or its sibling, Black Thursday — from an employee’s point of view. 394 more words

Ballroom Dance

Lessons From A School Fair

Today I spent the day at my children’s school and kindergarten annual fair, on both sides of the cash register. In the morning I wandered around as a punter and from noon onwards I was helping to sell toys, clothes and baby gear. 908 more words


The Minimalist Waldorf Baby

*Most* Waldorf moms now have read Kim Payne’s books, Simplicity Parenting and Soul of Discipline and if you HAVEN’T, I couldn’t recommend them more. This post won’t be a cliff notes version, but consider it a personal testament to their wonder. 2,301 more words


Capsule Wardrobe - The Shoes Edit

I am slowly killing my shoes, wearing them again and again and again each day until they give up and beg for retirement.

The goal is to get new ones that I am going to wear all the time and hopefully keep for a long time. 50 more words