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Living In The Now - Did You Get The Most Out Of Today?

Life is a long journey, however if we spend too much of it focusing on future plans, goals and fears, we won’t leave much time left in the day to just enjoy and experience it. 771 more words


Minimise Your Makeup Collection And Feel More Confident

I found it easy to minimise my wardrobe, and still rotate 33 items on a regular basis for a refined capsule, functional collection.

Same with my possessions. 770 more words


And the Cleaning

When I cook I invariably make a mess.  In fact, we have a standing joke that I cook and GMan cleans up.  I must admit he is very good at doing the dishes and I think he spent the majority this weekend washing dishes. 208 more words


The Sharing Economy

Sharing is one of the things that I believe is central to living a simpler life.  Sharing can take many forms from inviting someone for a meal, giving away excess produce or sharing a burden by simply being there to listen.  278 more words


New Homes

Just as it is wise to be conscious of your consumption when buying stuff, I try to be equally thoughtful when it comes to letting go of possessions that are no longer required. 352 more words


These Three Questions Will Help You Know If Your Home Is Too Cluttered

Let’s play a quick game. I want you to scan the room you are currently reading this in, assuming you are at home, and quickly ask yourself three questions about what you see in front of you. 683 more words


Within These Walls

I curl up in bed at night with my fluffy IKEA clearance bin comforter and a half-read library book, the sounds of my husband tapping away on his work tablet in the living room and my daughters’ sleepy thick breathing comforting me, like a solid rain pummeling our old window panes. 415 more words