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Minimalism - Decluttering toiletries : 6 months empties

I have talked previously about decluttering toiletries, and mentioned how long it can be sometimes. At my tiny scale, living in my parents’ house, I have found toiletries were the things I should definitely tackle. 333 more words


Marie Kondo - The Life Changing Magic of Tidying

I’ve been aware of Marie Kondo for a few months now, especially her book The life changing magic of tidying, and today I went ahead and bought it (via iTunes so It’s safely contained on my iPad as opposed to the bookshelf). 456 more words


Book Review: Clutterfree with Kids

Here’s a book for all of us with kids looking to simplify our lives. In the possibly unlikely event you’ve never heard of him, Joshua Becker runs the minimalist blog… 936 more words


Minimalism is a Process: Mentally, with a Pinch of Emotionally

This is the second part of my Minimalism is a Process series. Missed Part 1? It’s right here!

Ever since childhood, I’ve been told by teachers, friends and family that the organization and cleanliness (or lack thereof) of your space, like a bedroom or desk, is a direct reflection of the state of your mind. 600 more words

The Twenties Life

Simplest DIY Lip Scrub

Hello everyone! As a girl in Northern Ireland, it’s cold here a lot, and thus my lips are constantly chapped and cracking which is both visually unappealing and painful at times. 415 more words


How To Dress Well Without Breaking The Bank

The beginning of my minimalist journey coincides perfectly with the beginning of my college. Clothes must be purchased! Money must be spent! I am already failing at this minimizing thing. 410 more words


Wrangling the multimedia

I mentioned I was embarking on a massive clear out of books, DVDs, CDs… I started that today, by organising!

I have an app on my macbook called Delicious Library which uses the web cam to scan barcodes on the back of items and searches for the RRP, suggested trade in/resale value and splits everything into categories. 77 more words