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Minimalist Insider: 4 Personal Questions About Appreciating Life’s Moments

Too often we let the day rush by without taking a moment to stop, think, unwind and appreciate the wonderful little things that it has contained. 617 more words


How We Fit Our Stuff in 300 Sq Ft

**News Flash** Thinking of going tiny?  We are offering a Tiny House Workshop AND tour on April 22!   

We’ve been working on making storage space for our belongings – not an easy feat!   239 more words


Why Minimalism Matters: A Thought

What about someone who is a mess and stressed? – Minimalism is not always about materials. It’s about having control over Thoughts, Habits, Finance, Health and every other thing can be named. 325 more words



Hey Friends!

If you’re a Christian you have probably heard about Lent, and you might have even given up chocolate or soda or cussing or something when you were younger. 542 more words


These Boots Are Made For Walkin'

A minimalist, not only do I live light, I pack light too. For my three-month sabbatical I brought two pairs of jeans, four 3/4-length sleeve shirts, a down vest, a down jacket, jammies, and under clothing—including woolly pulleys. 184 more words


Minimalist Mothers’ Day Present & Gift Ideas

Too often we gift because we think we should, because there’s that obligatory expectation to deliver a hand-wrapped token of love for whatever occasion is marked on the calendar that day. 864 more words


Living In The Now - Did You Get The Most Out Of Today?

Life is a long journey, however if we spend too much of it focusing on future plans, goals and fears, we won’t leave much time left in the day to just enjoy and experience it. 771 more words