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Why I Stopped Thrifting

Four our five years ago, while I was still in college, you could usually find me at Goodwill on the weekends. You could usually find me shopping the sale racks at super-cheap mall stores too. 612 more words


Frugal Ways to Hang Out with Friends

Does your social life suddenly end when you decide to start living a more frugal existence? Of course not! I had a young friend ask me how she can save money and still maintain those important relationships that usually revolve around eating out. 998 more words


My week 08/02/16

Last week my spending on groceries was £33.50, so I managed to keep below my £35 target. It did feel strange having such a high spending limit compared to any week in January, but a lot of things won’t be needed to be repurchased for a while, so that will keep future spending back at the normal amount! 370 more words


6 Benefits of Becoming a Minimalist

As I transition into minimalism, I continually am astounded by how it benefits my physical and mental self. Here are 6 quick reasons why minimalism is the way to go. 292 more words


Dumb Phone Challenge Recap

I may be a millennial, but I think I’d survive without a smart phone. I spent all of January doing a Dumb Phone Challenge where I only used my phone for calling, texting, and a few other features. 1,155 more words


Simplifying Those Post-Its

Minimalism isn’t only about simplifying your possessions, but it’s also how you go about life. Today’s topic is digitizing. I don’t know about you, however I find myself writing notes to myself, over and over. 522 more words


3 Easy Steps to Live a Simple Life

Isn’t weird and frustrating how our life is becoming more complicated as we move toward future. We are constantly adopting, replacing and transforming our lifestyle day by day to keep up with the time! 652 more words