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Why I've Never Made a Capsule Wardrobe

I have too many clothes.

I remember thinking this over and over again as I walked down my rickety apartment stairs towards the car. I was carrying two 50-gallon trash bags filled with clothes – and that wasn’t even all of them. 696 more words


Baby steps..oh who is kidding? Vroom!

conventional wisdom says to work on one habit at a time.

Yeah. This Sagittarius laughs at that. We are known to rush into things after all. 424 more words

Amature Hour at the Sewing Table


So as part of my personal journey towards living a simpler, kinder life, I decided I would like to take up sewing. Sew some baby clothes she said….. 284 more words


KonMari-ing My Parents House

I’ve written before about my parents complete inability to tidy up.

Or clean.

Or part with rubbish.

So, in spite of being 4 months pregnant, today I decided to ditch work and try to apply some of Marie Kondo’s magic to their house. 343 more words


Konmari With Kids

Having kids brings a whole new dimension to tidying and decluttering. OK, so ‘new dimension’ is a bit euphemistic; what I really mean is, some days you live in anarchy. 1,489 more words


Live More, Spend Less

Sounds simple, right?

We hear it all the time – consumption, material goods, “things” = bad

                                         – experiences, relationships, “actions” = good

….. and the research backs it up. 242 more words


An unusual "Dream Closet" ♡

Unlike a lot of ladies I know who dream of big closets just for their shoes, one version of my “dream closet” looks something very similar to this: What does your dream closet look like? :)