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Minimalism: The First Step

My family is a pack of hoarders, more by habit than by nature. We don’t go on shopping sprees or collect antique dolls, but our five bedroom house still feels small. 235 more words


Changes - Part 2

Well thats the blog renamed!

I’ve changed the theme too but I’m still not 100% happy with it, needs some tweaking but it’ll do for now. 262 more words


Why I've fallen in love with capsule wardrobes

Have you heard of capsule wardrobes? This trend mixes fashion with minimalism, organization, being eco-friendly, and being budget-conscious. It brings the mantra of “quality over quantity” to personal style, and offers an awesome antidote to the fast fashion movement that’s so harmful to our environment and wallets. 465 more words


M: Minimalism

Minimalism is an idea that fascinates me. If you know me well, you’re probably laughing right now. I’m the kind that embraces clutter a little too easily. 564 more words



I didn’t really know what I was doing when I started this blog. I’ve just sort of posted whatever I feel like!

I’ve decided to change that though. 68 more words


Bedtime Blogging 4.14.15

…I wish I could sleep as easily as my furbaby! I swear she can sleep anywhere!

The past two nights I feel like I have been stuck in that place where you know you need to sleep and you are tired but it is impossible to do get your mind to stop racing for more than a few seconds. 993 more words


Project 333 - Follow Up

As I mentioned back in October of 2014 I had read about Project 333. The concept is simple and I was a little nervous about “limiting” myself to what seemed like so little clothing options. 570 more words