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My 3 goals for October

I don’t do New Year’s promises. They are usually overly ambitious, and realy on the idea that we should only try to improve once every year. 171 more words

Graduate Student Life

Declutter 101: 7 tips to begin a minimalist journey

This weeks post is motivated by a comment on last weeks Reflections and Discoveries: Is it fit for purpose? and gives 7 top tips to begin a minimalist journey. 1,453 more words


Stephanie's Sustainable Tip #5


It used to be that I loved getting snail mail.  I would keep a stack of catalogs on the coffee table and peruse whenever I wanted and dog-ear pages.   205 more words


How I got hooked to minimalism

I was talking in my previous post how life doesn’t wait for us to take ownership of our time. So, how do we do that? I guess it’s different for each individual but I will share my story and how I intend to do it. 199 more words


I'm A Sucker for the Sunk Cost Fallacy. And You Probably Are, Too.

For me it was books; reading books I really wasn’t enjoying because I had already invested in the first 50, 100 pages. That is, until this summer, when I told someone, “I’m reading… 719 more words


The Price of Cheap

My mom always told me to buy quality clothing. While this didn’t necessarily mean pricey, it did mean thinking about the lifespan and value of a shirt before buying. 239 more words


Life doesn't wait

As sad as it might sound, life doesn’t wait for anyone to feel better, get out of depression, start working out or make that big change that will make you happy. 329 more words