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9 Easy Steps to Become an Eco-friendly and a Minimalist Mommy

Being a mom is tough. It takes up almost all of your energy and time and you barely have time to think about other things. But, when we think of our babies’ future, we need to think of this planet’s future, too. 1,169 more words

Perfume as luxury, art, and consumer compulsion

When political prisoner Ingrid Betancourt was released after six years of captivity, she was asked how the experience had changed her. Her complicated response included a commitment to “always have flowers in my room and wear perfume.” The experience of being brutally treated, and, she emphasizes, isolated from most of the human cultural forms she had taken for granted, helped her to appreciate how blurry the line separating luxury from necessity can be. 494 more words

The Problem with TrashTag: Why I Stopped Supporting Clean-up Drives

I recently got attacked by some trolls over Instagram for commenting over a social media influencer’s post. Just because pointed I out how ironic that they sought for plastic-free province yet they used plastic bags to collect the trash but anyhow, this has inspired to come up with this post. 731 more words


Digital Minimalism : More brain, less google

I try to do this very discreetly, but once or twice a week, I go into the bookshop, pick up the same book, read a chapter or two, put it back and walk away. 299 more words


How I Started My Minimalism Journey

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” – William Morris

Last year, while unemployed, I had a lot of spare time to read self-development books and watch motivational YouTube videos. 444 more words


You're in Your 50s - It Looks Bad - But There Is Hope You Can Retire

They are everywhere: Rational men and women who wake up one day and recognize they will never have enough to retire or stay retired. They are probably in their 50s. 295 more words

Funding Semi-retirement/Retirement

The Shattered Perception of Stuff

For a finite length of time, the road to simplicity can feel exhausting because it involves so much soul searching and decision making. Not only that, but like with doing anything that’s outside the ‘norm’, you will probably encounter ridicule from others before they understand the benefits of what you’re doing. 430 more words