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Racing Against the Clock

How does minimalism apply to time in our lives?

One of my biggest pet peeves in life is feeling like I am constantly racing the clock. 813 more words


Lessons about Stuff

The idea of placing your whole life into a suitcase is weird. All of your memories, experiences, clothing, sentimental items….in the same place. My whole life, I never traveled much. 200 more words


Style Systems: the Jeans + Tee Uniform

So here’s a not-so-secret for you…in my most ideal minimalist life, I would wear jeans and a simple t-shirt every single day of my life. That also means that in my ideal minimalist life it’s 70 degrees all year round… 458 more words


The 0% Law

Like the ever undulating ups and downs of anything committed to in our lives, I have had strong momentum with living a minimalist lifestyle and I have had expected setbacks. 635 more words


Half Way to My Goal Checking In

This year instead of lofty or repetitive goals for the New Year I had one simple goal.  Meditate everyday for one straight year.  I started in November for very practical reasons.  555 more words

Decluttering my life: Part 1

If you have been following for a while, you probably know that I recently moved into a smaller place. Let me tell you that it has been super challenging to adjust to my new space. 150 more words


A New Challenge

This Friday, May 26, 2017, is the beginning of a new challenge. One in which will change the way I live my life. One that will undoubtedly be frustratingly difficult. 110 more words

Fresh Start