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Konmari of my clothing 3/26/15

Tonight I took on Konmari.

I tackled clothing. I feel so liberated! I didn’t realize that I had left so much last time I had tried to tidy up the bedroom. 456 more words

promo sports bottles

It’s spring! And the season for charity-sponsored sporting events, which in the WISTful household’s case are bicycle rides. We’ve seriously cut back the number we’re doing this year, but last Saturday we allowed ourselves a favorite, the… 180 more words

Daily Shed

How the Japanese Garden Can Teach Us to Write Better

In Japanese aesthetics, the term Shizen means naturalness, or the absence of pretense or artificiality. The principle of Shizen is used to design Japanese gardens whereby natural elements are intentionally arranged to mimic, but not copy, nature. 641 more words

Japanese Aesthetics

How The Backpack Move Started

In May 2014, I moved out of the apartment I had been staying in for 3 years. The move involved a lot of packing and throwing away of old things I never even knew I still had, and it involved multiple trips to send out some of my old things for storage. 433 more words


Eye-candy - couple wonderful tool cabinets

The perfect gift for the craftsperson in your life.  You could go a long way with a selection of tools like this.


Switching to more sustainable alternatives

I’m always looking to make sustainable switches now I’ve learned about going Zero Waste. Here are a couple of examples. I’ve used up the last of the green nylon scourers I always used to purchase without thinking. 341 more words


Choosing less in hopes of more

What do you do when you have bought everything you wanted and you still feel nothing? It is a odd epiphany to have at 26. The feeling that you have already reached a plateau in every part of your life. 562 more words