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Everything is Epic

I’m sure it’s the job of the advertiser to try and make their product seem like a conduit to greatness. If you buy this soda, you will magically be transferred to a beach, surrounded by friends, where a lively game of volleyball may breakout any moment. 331 more words


Giving Myself a Pass

I HAVE MADE IT ONE MONTH!! I have not shopped ‘new’ retail for clothing, shoes, or even accessories in over a month! The first month of my new plan concluded on 7/8/2017. 196 more words


The Collie, The Switch, And The Wardrobe

Guys. Let’s talk about moving. Not moving on, just moving your stuff. From one location to another. It’s hard. It’s awful. It’s one of those things that borders on impossible, until it’s finished. 1,195 more words



I hit fifty days of my challenge on July 20.

It actually went by without my really noticing. I was busy with other things on my mind. 146 more words


A simple life, an abundant life

I was raised with everything I wanted. A lawyer dad married to an incredible woman, and a mom married to an optometrist who owned his own practice. 625 more words


The simplicity of one project

I know I’m not alone in having had many, many hobbies over the years, and for each of those hobbies I had multiple projects on the go all at the same time. 517 more words

Hobbies And Interests

“Minimalism is not the lack of something. It is simply the perfect amount of something.”
Najahyia Chinchilla