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As a minimalist, there is a very simple mental flowchart for “stuff.”

If I love it or use it, I keep it.

Otherwise, I sell, donate, recycle or trash it. 455 more words


365 Days of Carpe Diem Wrap Up

This is the final wrap up of the 365 Days of Carpe Diem project. The journey has been incredibly life transformative, but so much has happened that I can’t seem to tie it up with a neat and tidy bow. 1,823 more words

P/N Update

Four Walls 3

…and another two wall photographs…


30 Days of Minimalism | XXX

Day 30 is finally here! There were moments where I thought it would never come, and yet here we are. I didn’t do a full thirty (oops!) but I’ll be talking more about that tomorrow when I do a little post to reflect on the experiment. 558 more words