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What I Packed For a Weekend Away

Having a mid-week weekend is one of life’s little luxuries. My boyfriend and I booked tickets to go and see the Less is Now Tour by The Minimalist’s. 419 more words


Move to Sydney, Australia

We moved to Sydney, Australia in January. Well, actually, my partner Brett moved us there. I had been in America for the past two months taking care of my mom, who had been diagnosed with a large aneurysm and had thought she’d be getting surgery on it. 511 more words


Why I'm a Minimalist

I hear this question a lot: “what is your why?” I didn’t understand how to answer that for quite some time. Now, it’s all I ever talk about. 369 more words


learnings from a leaf

I was on my lunch break just now, feeling overwhelmed by work and a big weekend, and decided to sit in the park and hide from the world for a little while. 167 more words


It's all in the little things...

I woke up Friday morning to a text from a dear friend, in which she said “…you seem to be your happiest and healthiest right now…” . 2,849 more words


This time of year in the northeast, there is more than one type of madness!  While March madness is in full swing, Spring is starting to tease us by dangling just out of reach.  298 more words

On Time and Efficiency

When it comes to minimalism, one thing that people talk less about is time allocation. While deliberating on what to throw/give away and what to stock up, one loses the time he/she could have well spent on studying, working, or doing more meaningful things. 164 more words