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Raising Children To Have A Minimalist Mindset

Nurturing anything is a gamble, be it your career ladder, retirement plans or a child. We can all do our best to raise children mindfully, but it does not guarantee that the individual child would follow in your footsteps. 826 more words


The Life of Less Convenience

  • In 2015, I found myself highly addicted to a cacophony of obsession inducing app games and social media.
  • In 2016, UBER was installed on my phone.
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My kind of gem

As you might know I’m a book lover & I love to have more books but at the same time in mist of minimalism lifestyle which means I need to carefully select the book I bought back home so it won’t end up… 53 more words


How I curb the urge to shop

It may come off as a surprise to learn that I actually work in marketing and yet I spend copious amounts of time in a day to curb my appetite for impulse purchases and spending. 402 more words


welcome to erebus

dearest reader,

thank you for visiting erebus. your presence, either through intent or accident, is most welcomed. i am hemlock—the mind behind this blog—and i would like to start by letting you know what you may expect to find here. 197 more words

Crucial Questions Before You Purchase

As a purveyor of the Minimalistic Gent lifestyle, you need a foundational understanding of the criterion you must adhere to before making your next purchase. 647 more words


Cardigan - Capsule Series (3 of 5)

This piece is a special number that has played with my heart since moving to Finland. While living in the southern part of USA, this is not by any means a staple item. 356 more words