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Hawaii Aug-Sept 2019 packing list

Islands and Duration: Oahu (4 nights, 4.5 days), Kauai (5 nights, 5 days)


pack as little as possible without sacrificing comfort

Since I’m still dabbling in minimalism, a few of my recent subreddit obsessions are… 1,166 more words

The Latte Factor vs. Healthcare

Which has a bigger impact on your quest to live a frugal life: the little things (the latte factor) or the big things (like healthcare)? Watch for my take on this important question.


2 Feet Apart Podcast Artwork

Custom Artwork For 2 Feet Apart Podcast

Wanna Buy A Print? – I sell all of my line illustrations as well as custom prints over on my social media accounts. 26 more words


Minimize: Self Care of Deleting Contacts

I just deleted a contact. The back story is not important. For about four weeks, I avoided a “friend” and months prior distanced myself.

Last night I turned to my husband and said, “she called again.” He knows the back story. 67 more words


Fake self -The latest social Paradox

We have come a long way from slow primitive lifestyle to a rapid occurring world. But what did really change from our early occupations? ; Nothing. 753 more words


There are definitely different extremes of minimalism. I find myself battling how far I can go with it. You can put minimalism to anything like the amount of food you eat, how often you look at your phone, or how much stuff you own. 309 more words


Lối sống tối giản của người Nhật

Đấy là tên một quyển sách tôi đang đọc dở trong những lúc nghỉ giữa giờ ở cty. Thực ra nếu ở tiệm sách thì chắc tôi không bao giờ nhặt quyển này lên vì đơn giản là ở đó có quá nhiều sách, và chủ để lifestyle kiểu này không phải là thứ tôi thích lắm. 476 more words