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How to make an herbal salve for natural skincare

In my Etsy store I have recently started listing a few of my favorite things: salves. It’s taken me a few months of running to post them because I’ve been cold infusing olive oil. 517 more words

What Do You Think? - Decisons Aren't Easy

Hi everyone! It’s been a LONG time since I’ve last been here, but I’ve got something I’d love to hear your opinion about so please do leave a comment if you feel like it. 717 more words


Why less is more

Note: the content of this article is available also in video, in Croatian language (link). Here I have it summarized in English.

Plenty of people are surprised to hear that I change my entire wardrobe once a year and that I can fit all of it in one suitcase. 885 more words

minimalism: music declutter

A few months ago, my mom unearthed my old cd collection. This is good, because it means she finally cleared out enough of her own stuff to return what was left of mine. 171 more words


Day 2: The Day When We Had an Organic Fair

August 20, 2017

I have been organizing Trade Fairs for seven years now as part of my job to promote Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in our Province. 137 more words


Beautiful Days - A Day in My Life

I’ve been working a lot since I got back from our past trip to the Netherlands, so yesterday I took some time off to meet up with a new friend and enjoy some yummy vegan food in Berlin’s wonderful Frederichstein/Kreuzberg neighborhoods. 336 more words