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Like a giant toy
A giant toy
Bright yellow as a child’s toy
– Here we go! –
And there it goes
Bright yellow, whirring brightly… 6 more words


Minimal Living: 7 Benefits of Minimalism

Earlier this year I have started a new movement called the minimalism. It is a simple living that gives space in the important things in life and organizes your way of living by keeping what matters to you and eliminating the things you least need to. 636 more words


DIY All-Natural Sunscreen! Guest Post from Well With Abigail

Hey, everyone! Sorry I’ve been pretty MIA lately. Lots of really exciting things coming up that I can’t wait to tell you about! But today, I have a guest post from a wonderful yoga friend of mine named Abigail. 585 more words


Thinking: The poor straw

So recently, there has been a get-rid-of-the-straw movement brewing.

I did some googling, and found that the first straw was patented back in 1888. So now, after more than 100 years, we somehow decided that it is the cause of all the environmental issues we have, and that it should literally be the “last straw”. 316 more words


Money and minimalism

I have been grinding for years

To avoid bankruptcy.

Even though bankruptcy isn’t as bad as it is stigmatiser to be

I feel it is a lot of hassle… 799 more words

B.*s Diary

Hey, Folks at The Wall Street Journal: We Found Out We Don't Need Much

Darkness sells. Especially if it’s about the grim future for grandma and grandpa.

So, it’s predictable The Wall Street Journal would frontline an article that we between 55 and 70 are screwed financially as we enter retirement age. 624 more words

Career Paths

Yurt AC Upgrade - Part 1

It’s time to make the yurt more Brutal Texas Summer resistant!

The best solution to Texas summer heat is to leave. We should all GTFO, and arguments to the contrary are, basically, garbage. 1,277 more words