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Mini-photoessay: Czech minimalist interlude

Inner fire

In the spirit of the subject and post, no words today. All images are available as Ultraprints on request; please shoot me an email… 145 more words


Photography and the 'gear obsession'

As photographers, we often run the risk of making our tools into ends in themselves. We covet new gear — lenses, bodies, flashes — thinking these will transform our craft. 471 more words


The Missing Forks

My roommate and I have a lot more silverware than necessary (we joke that we have 77 spoons), but my roommate apparently took my comment about only needing one fork per person at face value, and freaked out earlier today, even though I had promised to only get rid of actual trash, or things that belonged to me. 60 more words

Art and Minimalism: 465 Day 4 & 5

When it comes to decluttering their lives, a lot of minimalists turn to this quote by William Morris for guidance:

“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

229 more words

At The Pool

Growing up I spent an awful lot of time at the pool and it looks as though I’m going to be doing so again, although not in the water this time. 47 more words



Over the past few months, I have been evaluating a lot of decisions I would normally make without thinking about it. This can range anywhere from how much should I be saving? 476 more words


Earlier today, I was listening to Rob Bell’s weekly podcast. He had a couple of guests on today–they call themselves the minimalists. It’s definitely worth a listen. 294 more words