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Women and Beauty: Part Two

I’ve gone ahead and seen my dermatologist. My skin now tastes of medicine, but that’s okay– bring on the medicine. My dermatologist laughed when she looked at my record and pointed out that I’ve got a habit of scheduling an appointment exactly every 3¬†years. 973 more words


Blogs that come and go...

I used to read a lot of different blogs. Some about simplicity, some about minimalism, some about organizing, and lots just about life and peoples different experiences. 535 more words

1-month update on "no shopping year"

I am 1 month into this “challenge” that I put upon myself (and my mother). I do not yet regret this commitment, I actually am growing more and more confident that it is the right thing for me to do at this point in my life. 312 more words


Gratitude 5.21.18

This morning I am grateful.

I am grateful for sunny days.

I am grateful for the cooling breezes.

I am grateful to have new friends. 72 more words


When You Realize You Are Not Living Your Best Life

It is time to make some changes again. Stagnation has entered into my daily life and it is taking a toll on my overall well being. 332 more words


Maxxi Museum, Rome

You must be wondering how is a Zaha Hadid building on a minimalist blog? How can it be considered a minimal design? I will be sharing my perspective about how this deconstructive building is truly minimalist in its essence. 173 more words