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Creating a Minimalist Wardrobe

I have been trying to determine for years what my individual style looks like. When I look at my closet I see many items that fit into many different categories. 554 more words


Slimming Down My Interests and Hobbies: My Phone

Slimming Down My Interests and Hobbies:

My Phone

I think that I can start my journey to having less is by deleting apps on my phone. 577 more words


How to Get Started with Minimalism: Assess Your Personality

I am no expert, nor am I a perfect or pure minimalist. Truthfully, there is no pure or perfect; there is process. Process is about experience, learning, trial and error. 1,868 more words


The Minimalists

  Episode: 8 Relationships

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Minimalism is a growing trend in North America as a philosophy to simply one’s life. I would ascribe it as a response to the mass consumerism of not just goods but the information that is overwhelming us.   226 more words

Reflection: Why do we buy stuff we don't need?

Why do we buy stuff we don’t need?

When I went through my kitchen, cleaning it out, so much of the items in it were unnecessary. 499 more words