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introversion & minimalism

As an introvert, I’m easily overwhelmed. Put me in a loud, busy, crowded room and my brain quickly becomes fuzzy and sluggish. Similarly, if my place is cluttered and messy, it’s hard to find peace of mind. 526 more words


Create a Powerful Environment

Your home is supposed to be the most comfortable place for you. If your stuff affects your mood or interferes with your feeling productive, you may be waiting for a mood swing that makes you feel powerful. 1,670 more words


Quality lovers

Slighty we are getting over of the “fast fashion- trend” and I could not be more happy. With “fast fashion” we think of the primark, cheap, cheaper, cheapest filosophy. 358 more words


Lines of Thought 


The traveling survey of Agnes Martin’s work that debuted this summer at Tate Modern in London offers an opportunity to reconsider an artist who seems easy to know. 79 more words

Artist's Morgue

My 31 Day Inspiration Mornings Photo Blog: Day 23/31!

31 Day Inspiration Mornings Picture Blog:

Day 23 of 31

I am sure I am not the only that has turned to a life of health eating, but one of the biggest challenges is always finding texture in your food. 259 more words


Living In Transit

What’s a week away from home when you’re homeless (houseless) anyway? The past week has brought home to me the difference between travelling and “living in transit”. 887 more words

Alternative Living

Don't buy me things. #minimalism

When I decided to rejoin the Twitter-sphere a few months ago, I stumbled upon an account that I loved — @TheMinimalists. Each tweet was insightful and resonated with me, so after a while, I decided to do some research to find out exactly who these guys were and discovered that they also had a podcast. 721 more words