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Less is more

Unknowingly, I have been practicing minimalism.

As I grow older, my needs and wants become lesser. I no longer feel the desire to own more clothes, bags or other unnecessary material goods. 318 more words


Sowing Simply: An Epically long Simple Living Post

If you’re one of my peeps, you know I’ve recently embraced a minimalist lifestyle.  What that means for me (it is important to identify what it means for you), is that I’m sick of spending all my time cleaning, picking up, sorting, arranging, planning and handling food and stuff.  1,230 more words

4 Books to Add to Your Reading List (if you're simplifying your life)

We all would do well to simplify our lives. Stress and overwork, extra stuff and disorganization lead us to live lives where we can’t enjoy the moment, where we can’t do our work the best it could be, and where we’re as miserable at home as at our over-busy work. 339 more words

Changes & Plans

Wow, posting every week really did not work out for me so far, but hopefully this will be a new start. Anyway, I’ve had many new thoughts latley or old thoughts with more follow through. 416 more words


Stick my hands through the cage of this endless routine
Just some flesh caught in this big broken machine
– Trent Reznor –


Tightwad Tuesday

I think I created a post a couple of years back about frugality but it bears repeating. We live in a culture where everything bigger, or more of something, is better. 1,192 more words