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Getting Started

I’ve been back from vacation for three days now. While I was away, I fantasized about going through accumulations of office supplies, old paper work, books, clothes… anything I no longer have a need for. 591 more words

Grad School

Frustration and Hope

So, I recently finished reading A Matter of Honor by Anthony Summers and Robbyn Swan. I read a lot of military history, and while generally familiar with the story of Pearl Harbor I was surprised at how little I knew about the events surrounding the principle characters involved. 437 more words


A Frugal Grocery Tip: The Last Stop to Produce Heaven

Recognize this?

You’ve seen one similar I’m sure. It’s the reduced price shelf found in the produce section of your grocery store. The shelf where produce goes before it dies – AKA: The last stop to produce heaven or to put it more bluntly – the last stop to the trash. 494 more words

Day 22, what's left to do?

I’ve now realized that our family is so materialistic, we could literally get rid of 496 things from each ROOM and still have plenty. I’ve been trying to get rid of things from all areas of the house while my kids focus on their rooms, but I keep returning to my own room and closet for second, third and fourth rounds of purging. 155 more words


Deep Graffiti

A year ago I stumbled across a roughly-scribbled inspiration on a dilapidated trail sign:

“Búscate a ti mismo y pregúntate: ¿Quien soy?  Vive en el camino y encontrarás la respuesta.” 94 more words


Project Pan- what is it and why am I doing it?

Project pan is when you stop buying beauty products until you either hit pan or use up a certain number of products.

The rules I am placing on myself is that I am not allowed to buy beauty products until I have completely used up 10 products. 84 more words

Why Zen Houses Easily Appeal to Pinoys

Just one look and it appeals to your taste and captures the imagination. In fact, it’s been a hit in Philippine home design. A lot of Pinoys prefer their homes to look like it, a bit Japanese a bit contemporary a bit conservative and a bit extravagant. 396 more words