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How To Minimise Waste (And Save Money In The Process!)

In a previous post, I discussed our disposable culture and its impact on our planet. It’s easy to feel powerless against such a massive issue, but there are many things we can do to reduce our impact. 830 more words


A Great Minimalist Compliment

The best compliments in life come from someone you respect. Ringing true by validating a part of you or your work, you take pride in. One you may not realize, others see. 284 more words



I typed in “minimalism” and waited as the results started to appear on the screen.

I scanned the titles, and then one popped out at me. 125 more words

Don't Panic! -Spending Fast Week 4

It’s hard to believe this is the 4th week of the spending fast. A whole month of spending money on needs only. I am utterly taken aback at how much saved money I have been able to put towards our debt: $4,943.47! 575 more words


The Beginning...

After another long day in a job I hated, I walked through the door, wanting nothing more than a big cup of comfort and a funny tv show to erase the day’s memories – and all I saw was junk – everywhere. 209 more words

less is more. (part 2)

In continuation of the minimal poster brief I received as part of my picture, symbol, icon module, we were asked to develop our ideas by mocking up posters using photographs of everyday objects displayed in new and unique ways. 262 more words