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What is Digital Minimalism?

There is a new trend out in the simplistic community were people are deleting their social media applications all together. This new idea of “ 554 more words


5 Benefits of Cleaning Out Your Books

I love a good book. As a kid I read all the books I could get my hands on. Nowadays, I don’t have quite as much time to devote to books as I’d like to.  382 more words


Why Not Now?

Why do a majority of people wait to change something about their life around January 1st?  If this change is so important, why not attempt the change in the now? 439 more words


Leading A Lean FIRE Dream

What’s the kind of life you want to lead?

A million dollar yacht? Living in Thailand partying with a different girlfriend every night? Looking back on the last 10 years of my life, I’ve been dreaming of traveling on a shoestring budget on my trusty Honda Motorcycle. 332 more words

Lean Fire

Q1: How were you introduced to veganism and what made you commit to eating this way? (Also do you just eat plant-based or do you incorporate other vegan practices such as buying cruelty-free clothes and makeup?) 1,046 more words


14th of December

Minimalism is different for everyone. some people want 100 items, others just a clear, uncluttered space.

As I’ve written before, my minimalist journey started after I relapsed the first time in 2010. 302 more words

Grape seed oil for hair and skin

I can honestly say that I have tried every “natural” moisturizer out there from Shea butter to Emu oil.  I hope this provides some clarity and saves you time, money and frustration.   299 more words