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Skora Form - second update

After 418 miles, my Forms have reached the end of the road. I have worn holes almost completely through the outer edges of both shoes. At this point, experience tells me I will ruin a good pair of socks trying to get one last run out of my shoes. 87 more words


a shoe review

I would love to study the history of shoes, especially running shoes. I find it so fascinating, how important they are to running form and injury prevention, yet they are something we invented recently. 1,371 more words

Black Lab

New shoes

So look what arrived the other day!

They’re called OESH. Developed by Dr. Casey Kerrigan, a Harvard M.D. who spent over twenty years studying the effect of shoes on human motion and forces during walking and running, they boast to be the only shoes designed from inside out in order to minimise the negative stress and strain that footwear inflicts on a woman’s muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints. 136 more words

Skora Form - first update

I have run roughly 240 miles in my Skora Forms. My longest run in them has been 16 miles. Overall, the Form been a great shoe to run in. 365 more words


Maximum and Minimum

This is the conclusion of my original post on this topic, “Maximal vs. Minimum: Not Opposites”. Here I will now discuss the actual structures of the shoes involved. 446 more words

Running And Racing

Maximal vs. Minimal: Not Opposites

In running lingo, the maximalist and minimalist movements are not opposing forces. Maximalism followed minimalism; you might think that maximalism is a reaction to minimalism, similar to how Stalin’s brand of state-sponsored realist art was a reaction to early 20th-century absurdist art. 299 more words

Running And Racing

Almost Injury

I have been running for many years now.
I have never had a major injury.
But this week, I almost did.

But first, let’s examine the issue of running injuries. 423 more words

Running And Racing