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First Run in Hokas - A Terrible Review

I have a history of conducting really bad science when it comes to fixing myself. For starters, I’m balls awful at self-diagnosing, whether it’s writing or running or dadding or whatever… see, to fix a problem, you first have to know what the problem is, and I’m pretty bad at that. 1,672 more words


A Milestone at 7 Miles

Yesterday was the first time my life I have ever jogged seven miles without stopping to walk. That’s a big accomplishment for a 40-yr old female meso-endo like me who ran begrudgingly in her 20’s and loathed it! 256 more words

Test and review Salomon Sense 4 Ultra

Very excited to receive these red hot out of the box. Brand new from Salomon, the latest revision of their excellent Sense shoe. Minimalist, light, durable and designed for long distance races. 21 more words

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Should You Try Minimalist Running?

Minimalist running, natural running or barefoot running, is a running trend that has become increasingly popular. Barefoot running isn’t just for our ancestors anymore, elite runners are tossing their sneakers or opting for minimalist shoes. 490 more words


Running update

In the middle of March I plan to run the Tobacco Road marathon in North Carolina.  Today marks the end of my long training runs and the start of a three-week taper.  221 more words


Running Tip

Take your shoes off and wiggle your toes! A healthy aligned body starts at your feet. If you are lacking flexibility here, it can affect everything above. 101 more words

Icebug Spirit4-L olx

Having reviewed the Acceleritas3 and 4 and loved the supreme grip their RB9X outsole offers, Icebug assured me that the RB9X grip is surpassed only by their studded shoes. 645 more words

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