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The Five Rules: Walking Down the Path of the Musician

When people choice to walk the path of the musician, we get lost because we forget it is a path, not a destination. You don’t say you accomplished anything when you go for a walk in the woods and don’t find anything. 1,385 more words


Why I Became a Minimalist! (And How You Can Too!)

One night I was in my couch browsing through Netflix, you know as one does. I usually go for scary movies or the same show I’ve watched 50 times like, The Office, until I get bored and fall asleep. 778 more words


Getting My Shit Together: Decluttering Books

Hey, you guys!

So, in my previous post I talked about how I try to get my shit together by tidying up my favourite or go to places: bedroom and bathroom. 320 more words


The REAL Golf Stylistics.

Think this piece might be a tad controversial with some golf fans but it’s only my blog, and it helps me feel like I’ve got stuff off my chest. 386 more words




Looking up: streetlight with contrails and cloud.  The side of the light is just catching the glare of the sunrise.  The square structure below the light is a shield to prevent it shining into houses. 85 more words


Travel like a Minimalist

I guess by now you know how I like to simplify things. Travel is no exemption.

When I travel, I try to not bring too many things. 901 more words


The Poetry of Silence.

“The Poetry of Silence” is a mini-series created for a space in which a friend of mine runs a zero-waste shop. This series aims to suggest that we might find a certain unexpected beauty in things that might, at first, seem very simple. 11 more words